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The Black Pullet

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From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: The Black Pullet
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 1998 18:50:58 -0800

a query from email:
> I have no idea what the Black Pullet is.   
> I have a book on it called the The Black Pullet by Elbee
> Wright, but it really gives no good explanation on what 
> it is used for.  I do no that people in New Orleans use
> is a lot.  One book mentions that it is used for Power.

As far as I know, the Black Pullet is a grimoire from the 
seventeen hundreds (18th century). Elbee is not the author, 
he's a modern editor who has copyrighted that version of
the grimoire. It has been in print continuously in America
since the early 20th century under other editors and
contains diagrams and seals similar to but different than
those found in the Key of Solomon (used for summoning and
evoking of spirits). 

I don't know of the Black Pullet's use in New Orleans, but 
I have run across it under the name Gallina Negra extensively
on soaps, candles, and sachet powders manufactured in
Mexico, Central America, and Venezuela. It often appears
in conjunction with a fish-goat or Capricorn figure called
the Infernal Goat (Cabra Infernale). For instance, in an
Exorcism of Saint Michael spell kit from Venezuela in my
collection there are two small offertory candles, one black
and one red. According to the prayer supplied with the kit,
the black candle is offered to the Black Pullet and the
red candle to the Infernal Goat. 

In African-American hoodoo, there are many wonders attributed
to black hens (not specifically pullets less than a year old).
The egg of a black hen can be used in a charm to jinx or
ensorcel someone. Their eggs can be used to jinx an enemy.
For this purpose, the egg may be blown and its contents
replaced with a "killing powder" such as Graveyard Dirt,
Goofer Dust, or a mixture of sulphur and cayenne pepper
powder. Alternatively, a small amount of such a "poison"
can be introduced into a black hen's egg and fed to an
unsuspecting victim. In the 1920s, Blind Willie McTell, 
a blues singer from Georgia, mentioned the dangers of
black hen's eggs in passing when he sang

	My momma told me, when I was a boy playing mumble-de-peg
	Don't you drink no black's milk, don't eat no black hen's egg

For more information on Graveyard Dirt and Goofer Dust,
refer to my illustrated web page at:
Black hens with so-called "frizzly" feathers (a genetic mutation)
are widely believed to have the power to remove jinxes, crossings,
hexes and other curses. The owner of a black frizzled hen may
loan it out to afflicted families to "scratch up all the bad
luck in the yard." 

Black hens -- and black roosters as well -- are also sometimes
listed among the flock of animals that one will meet when
performing a crossroads ritual, prior to the appearance of
the so-called "Black Man" or "Devil." For more details on the
crossroads ritual, see my illustrated web page at:

catherine yronwode

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