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Lemegeton Part 6

To: alt.magick
From: (Gnome d Plume)
Subject: Re: Lemegeton Part 6
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 19:13:15 GMT

On 5 Feb 2002 10:30:27 -0800, (diox) wrote:

> (Gnome d Plume) wrote in message > *******David:
>> Although I haven't had a chance to study this yet, it appears to be
>> done on the same concept as my *Master Mandala* in *The Book of
>> Solomon's Magick*--in other words, an integration of the Goetia and
>> Alamadel systems with the Almadel Angels controling the Goetia
>> Spirits. In this case Aude appears to have constructed her "Mandala"
>> directly from the two Lemegeton books rather than revise the Almadel
>> by using the Four Traditional Quadrant (Circle) Angels the way I did.
>> Either way will certainly work, but we should point out that the
>> original Lemegeton was a compendium, not an integrated work, so Aude's
>> composite is not the recovery of "a lost link" but rather a very fine
>> blending of the two, which is entirley appropriate in Magick. My
>> compliments! It even looks as if it was done 300 years ago.******
>> Good Magick!
>> Gnome d Plume
>hello gnome and the others.
>you well saw the nature of this works.
>in fact it is not a fine blending of two books of lemegeton but the
>the oustide ring is the 72 king of the first book.
>the first ring is the 36 angels of the second book.
>then the 360 degrees angels of the third book. i didn't wrote the
>names because of the lack of space.
>then the 12 angels of the 12 signs that rule the 360.
>then the 24 angels of the hours.
>then the 20 angels of the almadel, book four.
>and in the center the almadel.
>that explain why it not useful to have a good picture of the document.
>i think it is better for each of us to draw their own.
>i can send by email a larger picture (and heavier).
>write me at :
>for the history, know that when i read the five book on september, the
>picture of the sixth rised in my mind as clearly as it was obvious it
>was hidden in the fives book.then the angels and the kings of
>lemegeton visited me and urged me to put that down on a parchment like
>medieval parchment.i had none of that at that time so i did the first
>one on the back of a wallpaper.then i tried to find a paper which
>could suit better.i had some medieval it was possible to
>finish.then i scanned the result and put it on my website,so it could
>reach the whole community.
>as a lemegeton text, it is anonymus, my name is nowhere on the text.
>as a lemegeton text, it is free to read it,to copy it and so on.
>i seek no fame or honnor, i am just one of the anonymus writer of this
>good magick!!


Great work! As I said, I hadn't the chance to really study it--but I
quickly realized that you had placed the Almadel in the center and the
Cora's of those Angels in an astrological "flat" disc pattern to
relate to the Goetia spirits in zodiacal sequence; very similar--at
least in conception--to my *Master Mandala.* As you know I opted for
the G.D. (Pentagram-Quadrant) Archangels and the 72 Shemehamphorash
Angels in my design, whereas you artfully combined the original
Lemegeton's separate elements. I think this is a marvelous effort and
I congratulate you. As for credit: you deserve it, not only for
personal reasons but to properly place this development in its time
frame--otherwise someone may later try to grab it and claim that it is
"ancient" and perhaps confuse beginning students. Certainly it is
inspired--but it is also yours and should be! ******

Good Magick!

Gnome d Plume

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