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pentagram ritual

From: "Christeos Pir" 
Subject: Re: pentagram ritual (semi-long)
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 16:05:29 -0500

>> I am wondering if anyone in the
>> mailing list knows why one is to point to certain areas of the body
>> during the Qabalistic Cross.... Also, any clues as to
>> proper visualizations during the QC?
>Oh foof...I have a short essay on "inner choreography" for the LRP, but
>only in hardcopy...the file didn't survive my transition from Mac to
>Win95 some years back. Lemme enter the high points by hand. This is not
>in terms of the right way to do it...there are many...but as an example
>of one magician's work.

Here's a little essay I wrote back in the old Fido/Beastnet days. All
standard disclaimers apply...



Part One: The Qabalistic Cross

Step One. Visualize yourself getting larger and larger, until the whole
Earth is miniscule, though still solid beneath your feet. Still growing,
your astral body expands until even the entire galaxy is a speck of light at
your feet. Now, far above your head, you become aware of a tiny, yet
brilliant, point of purest white light. This tiny particle of endless,
limitless light becomes a sphere of brilliance just above your head. Though
brighter than any source of light in the material universe, you know that it
is only a fraction of the limitless divine source of all light. Now point to
the sphere and draw its light down to your "third eye" in your forehead,
about an inch above your eyes. Feel/see the light filling your head with
divine brilliance as you touch that point. Take a deep breath and vibrate
the word ATEH ("Ah-TOH" or "Ah-TAH"; "Unto Thee...": in a deep, melodious
voice, intone the word, letting the sound resonate deep within yourself and
streaming out from your forehead to the very ends of the universe, holding
the sound until your breath is exhausted.

Step Two. Drawing the light down, touch your groin, visualizing the
brilliance coming down through your body, through your feet and down into
the earth beneath you. Vibrate the word MALKUTH ("Mahl-KOOT"; "...the
Kingdom..."), letting the sound radiate from your groin to the ends of the

Step Three. Draw the light up to your right shoulder, touching it, and see a
beam of light radiating out from the center of your chest, through the
shoulder, and on to the ends of the universe. Concentrating on this beam,
vibrate "Ve-GEBURAH" ("Vih G'BOO-RAH"; "...and the Power...").

Step Four. Draw the light along to your left shoulder, touching it. See the
light streaming from your center and out your shoulder to the ends of the
universe. Concentrating on this beam, vibrate "Ve-GEDULAH" ("Vih G'DOO-LAH";
"...and the Glory...").

Step Five. Clasp your hands together at your center, where the beams of
light all converge. Visualize a brilliant golden glow radiating about this
place. Vibrate "Le-OLAHM, AMEN." ("Lih oh-LAHM, Ah-MEN" or "Lih oh-LAHM,
Aw-MAIN."; "...unto the Ages, Amen.")

Part Two: The Casting of the Circle

Step One. Facing East, draw a pentagram (usually the Banishing Earth
pentagram -- see the end of this paper), seeing it in the air before you as
if made of electric-blue flame. Inhale deeply, feeling the divine energy
from above, and the earthly energy from below, flowing into you. As it does,
your hands draw up to the sides of your head, fists by your temples with
your forefingers pointing forward. When you can draw in no more energy,
perform the God-form of Horus, the Sign of the Enterer: step forward with
your left foot, and at the same time thrust your hands forward, palms flat
and facing down, fingertips pointed to the center of the glowing pentagram.
At the same time, vibrate the God Name "YHVH" ("Yay-Ho-Wow" or
"Yud-Hay-Vahv-Hay"), feeling the energy pour down your arms, out your hands,
and on to the very ends of the universe. When the breath is exhausted, bring
your hands back: right hand to your side, left hand to your lips in the
God-form of Hoor-paar-kraat as if saying "Shhh!" and stamp your foot at the
same time.

Step Two. Point with your right forefinger (or the weapon if you've been
using one) to the center of the pentagram. Now turn clockwise to the South,
tracing an arc of brilliant light as you do. Facing South, repeat step one,
vibrating the name "ADNI" ("Ah-doh-nye" or "Ah-doh-noy").

Step Three. Trace the arc around to the West. Repeat step one, vibrating
"AHIH" ("Eh-heh-yeh").

Step Four. Trace the arc around to the North, Repeat, vibrating "AGLA"
("Ah-glah" or "Ah-geh-lah"). Trace the arc on back to its starting point in
the East, making a complete circle about you. Visualize a brilliant sphere
of purest white light encompassing you, warded by the glowing pentagrams at
the four quarters and sealed with the God-names.

Part Three: Evocation of the Archangels

Step One. Standing at the center of Creation, facing East, spread your arms
so your body once again forms a cross of light. Before you, see a figure
dressed in yellow robes so bright they seem to have purple highlights. The
figure's robes move in the wind, a wind you, too, can feel. Intone "Before
me, Raphael" -- vibrating the Archangel's name ("Rah-fie-el").

Step Two. Behind you, see a figure robed in blue with orange highlights.
Feel the moisture of his environment blowing on you like a mist. Intone
"Behind me, Gabriel" -- vibrating the Archangel's name ("Gah-bree-el").

Step Three. On your right is a figure in scarlet robes with flashes of
green. Feel the heat from him on your body. Intone "On my right hand,
Michael" -- vibrating the Archangel's name ("Mee-chai-el" -- the "ch" is a
gutteral sound like the German "ach").

Step Four. On your left is a figure in greens and browns (or he may appear
to you in black robes). There is a feeling of solidity and stability, and
perhaps a smell of rich soil. Intone "On my left hand, Auriel" -- vibrating
the Archangel's name ("Or-ree-el").

Step Five. Move your left foot sideways until your feet are about 11" apart.
Visualize another beautiful blue pentagram superimposed over your body: your
feet are the two lower points, your hands the two upper points, and your
head the highest point. Intone "For about me flames the Pentagram..."

Step Six. Visualize a radiant golden six-pointed star (like the Jewish star)
glowing at your center. Intone "...and within the column stands the
Six-rayed Star."

Part Three: Repeat Part One, The Qabalistic Cross.
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