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Evoking Angels and Invoking Demons

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.christnet.demonology,alt.magick
From: (nagasiva yronwode)
Subject: Evoking Angels and Invoking Demons (was Angels and Demons)
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2000 05:49:15 GMT

50000317 IVom kali

Reuben wrote:
>> Why is it considered bad form to evoke angels?

because angels are "friendly spirits". this rudimentary description
system has been formalized into a dogma by religious for years. the
term 'angel' literally means 'messenger' and the idea is that the
friendly ones have messenges from their "superior" (this from a rather
hierarchic perspective, usually Judeochristian, but not always).

the 'evoking' is an intentional separation between yourself and the
spirit so called. to call them out, so to speak, is like calling your
mother on the phone when you're sitting next to her at the movies:
it could be considered 'rude' or 'harmful to your relationship with
the spirit'. some actually think that the mechanism is confining and
therefore painful to the entity evoked, even if you don't call them
into some triangular (or whatever shape) container. in this way it
would be like putting your best friend into a cage and grilling hir
to be sure she is "of no danger to you" during your interaction. it
would be considered highly rude.

Fate's Knight :
>Because generally the reasons people have for summoning messangers of God
>has to do with expansion of the ego and other manifestations of Pride.

this seems to fly in the face of most spirit-summoner descriptions.
usually the angels are summoned for assistance or protection, rather
than for egotistic purposes (which are usually the objective of
those calling up supposedly neutral or antagonistic entities -- I say
'supposedly' because I think that the propaganda surrounding certain
groups of spirits may be completely hype biased by the perspective of
the author of the codex spiritum).

>Angels don't resond well to that sort of thing.

what would be the problem with summoning them? I gather that the
Christian spiritual agents don't like egotistical development and
want their magicians humble and subservient to the chieftain god.
this would explain why they try to keep the fear-factor high.

>> I've been told that it is disrespectful, but if the conjuration doesn't
>> rely on threats and imperious commands...

when you can invite them to be with you (i.e. you can invoke them
and commune with them directly), and you are convinced of their
beneficence with respect to you (i.e. you have faith in the proper
deities, are reconciled to follow the proper religious rules, and
generally feel aligned with these battle-sides), then wouldn't it
look a little SUSPICIOUS to treat them somewhat like strangers?

>If you do it with a pure intent and try to maintain a sense of self and try
>to keep a good heart, then it can be a very rewarding experience.

good advice. most spirits, when approached in this manner,
would probably react hospitably, except the very wild ones.
of course it may depend upon your previous interactions,
what you smell like, who your friends are, etc. if you are
an anti-demon freak and you invoke Beelzebub, you might
not like the results.

blessed beast!
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