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From: nagasiva 
Subject: Evocation
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 02:36:54 GMT

50010811 VI! om Hail Satan! Hail Yes!

"Lyn McCloskey" :
|> i'd like to talk about evocation. 

sounds good. there are many usages of the term in occult texts. those who
are not consistent or verbally-oriented will sometimes mix up invocation
and evocation, for example, though the modern standard has become attuned
to the etymological significance of the terms: invocation being calling
something into oneself as magician, evocation calling one 'out' (of
oneself, out of hiding, etc.), sometimes into a vessel or magical area
designated for that appearance (e.g. into the Solomonic triangle).

|> i'm very interested in the theory 

let's talk about the theory. evocation seems most often discussed with
respect to Solomonic magic and the calling 'out' of spirits to a state 
at which they are visible to the magician doing the evoking. it can be
seen from within a cosmology that is hierarchical, with the spirits
previously occulted by their dwelling within some other (sometimes
infernal) dimension or residence. 

it can *also* be seen from a standpoint of materialistic psychology,
where the spirit is considered a previously hidden (occulted) portion
of one's own mind with which one has entered into conversation. from
this perspective one evokes the spirit out of one's subconscious mind.

there must be other theories about how it works. know about them or
variations on those above?

|> but doubt i have time to stand around performing LBRP
|> every day. 

my impression is that the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the
Pentagram (LBRP) is a Golden Dawn ritual derived from Jewish
religion that may or may not be important to the practice of 

|> recently i read a book called "My Life with the Spirits"

by Lon Milo Duquette I think. I was given that book as a gift 
not too long ago. it is a valuable personal reflection of a 
magician's work. truly a supplement to the modern magician's 

|> which i thought was excellent, and i am also reading a book re
|> evocation by a guy named "Konstantinos". 

anything you might tell us about the ideas and techniques given
within this text would be marvellous.

|> i have also ordered Poke Runyon's book on the subject.

some of Poke's ideas and practice may also be found in usenet,
where he posts regularly to alt.magick. some of this I have
archived for public benefit at
(just search on "Runyon" and possibly "goetia").

Ambrose Hawk :
> Frankly, I understand that you will have more success using
> Poke Runyon's material than Konstantinos.

why is that?

> Unfortunately, I've not had a chance to peruse either book.

so you are not truly aware of their differences.

> From repute only (and probably very, very flawed) I've been
> told that the material in Konstantinos is a compilation of
> the materials found in the classic sources.

classic sources like what? Key of Solomon? there are 
serious problems with the coverage by classic sources,
treated in a variety of ways by modern authors.

> [Runyon's] techniques do seem to provide quite
> verifiable results for the scryer who is engaged in occult
> workings.

based on what you've heard. when you say "verifiable results"
what kind of verification do you mean? how are they verified?
does it matter what kind of workings are being performed, or
are the results for all kinds of evocation verifiable using this?

blessed beast! 
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