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Skrying the 30 Aethyrs

To: alt.magick
From: Josh Norton 
Subject: Re: Skrying the 30 Aethyrs
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 19:37:52 GMT

On Tue, 30 Oct 2001 17:54:03 GMT, "Chris"  wrote:

>Hello Josh,
>I have read in your Skrying text that if one uses a dark mirror for Enochian
>skrying one should make a new mirror for each session. Is this truly

I don't remember saying that, but it would actually be
counterproductive. Since the "mirror" technique I described works
entirely on the astral level, a particular mirror you build there
should increase in effectiveness with continued use.

As far as physical mirrors go, I wouldn't see any point beyond
dedicating one mirror entirely to enochian work. OTOH, since the
amount of effort you put into an invocation (and the preparation for
it) tends to increase the effectiveness of the work, you COULD make a
new mirror for every ceremony as evidence of your "dedication to the
task". I've found that spirits tend to appreciate that sort of

>If I skryed the Aethyrs on my ussual dark skrying mirror, would it later
>effect my other skrying sessions or visions?

I doubt that there would be any long-term effect on the mirror. But
there might be a long-term effect on you. Enochian energies can't be
readily banished; you have to let them "cool off" at their own rate.
If you try to invoke powers from some other system while still "hot"
with Enochian energy, there will certainly be an influence of some

>I have been working with my dark mirror and trying to obtain visions, so far
>with limited sucess. I have found that it is a difficult practice. I
>ussually take corresponding oil, or corresponding colored grease pencils and
>draw the symbol of the force I am skrying on my mirror and put two candels
>beside it. I then pasively stare into the mirror. I find that it will go
>black within a few minutes and my reflection will come back as something
>else reflection, but so far That is all I have been able to obtain. I have
>not had any success with obtaining visions. Occasionaly I will see something
>dark or garbled and I say "I think that could be something..."
>Many times My sessions are disrupted by my eyes getting sore from being open
>and close to candel light, and I blink or they water. I am in trance when I
>am doing this, and my astral hearing kicks in, but I have not had any luck,
>any tips?

The whole point of any scrying technique is to disengage the
visual-interpretive parts of the mind from the stimuli of the eyes,
and to hook those parts into your imagination, which is the gate to
the magickal worlds. If you are having trouble with your eyes you are
definitely doing something wrong; you should become uninfluenced by
your eyes while scrying, so that you can open or close them, or blink
as much as you want without affecting the astral vision.  As far as
specific suggestions, try using many more candles, but set them away
from the mirror, so that they are out of your line of sight and the
illumination of your mirror comes from light reflected off the walls
and ceiling of the room. 

I personally think the "change your face" variation of the technique
is of limited or marginal usefulness. If it's not working for you, try
angling the mirror so that you _don't_ see your own reflection --
preferably so that you don't see any reflections of recognizable
objects, and try to imagine that the mirror is a window into a
separate magickal space. Invoke the energies into that space and let
them take whatever form they want.

Beyond that, unending practice is the best key to success. The more
you do it, the better you will get, like any activity with a learning

>Last question.
>When one see's a vision in a dark mirror what should the image "look like".
>Is it very dark and subjective passive shapes... or do the visions come with
>some realism to them, with some colors and motions etc?

This varies a lot from person to person; it isn't the intensity of the
vision that counts, it's what you do with it. Some people have rather
vivid astral visions, rich with visible details. Others -- myself
included -- don't; the details are more suggested than seen, most of
the time. It doesn't matter in the least, as long as you can get
something out of the vision.

One final comment before I re-cloak. The Aethyrs are probably the
worst possible place to start scrying in Enochian magick, especially
if  you are a more-or-less beginner at the practice. I guess it's the
Crowley influence that makes everyone want to start there, but it's a
big mistake to do so. The Aethyrs are all different from each other,
and there is little or no reinforcement when going from one to
another. You are essentially starting from scratch every time you
invoke one of them. OTOH, if you work with the regular hierarchies
contained in the Enochian tablets, each square or name you invoke
leaves a cumulative imprint that makes it easier to get an effect when
you invoke some other name. There are similarities between the angels
on various levels, and orderly flows of energy between levels, which
make the whole process of exploring their worlds much easier than the

Ben Rowe

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