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Some questions about Enochian

To: alt.magick
From: (Gnome d Plume)
Subject: Re: Some questions about Enochian
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 00:48:55 GMT

On 15 Apr 2002 12:54:44 -0700, (Spaceman
Spliff) wrote:

>As a newcomer to ceremonial magick I have been doing a lot of research
>on the Enochian system. I'm interested in trying it, as it sounds like
>a very potent means of getting results; however, the information I've
>been able to gain about it is rather limited. Most of the websites and
>books I've seen on the subject basically say the same thing (at least
>when they are not contradicting each other), and I live in an area
>where the idea of another practicing magician (particularly one
>experienced in ceremonial) is laughable. So, here are some questions;
>please try and bear with me:
>1. I've seen no definitive ritual for invocation or evocation; I know
>the GRH is to be used in the invocation of the Seniors, but that is
>about it. What other rituals should I know? I am aware of the Calls
>and the rules for when to use each one; but how are they implemented
>within the structure of the ceremony?

*******The basic ritual for opening the Enochian Tablets is called The
Opening by Watchtowers. Regardie wrote a short book on several
variations of it in 1980 called *Ceremonial Magic* (Aquarian Press).
This is beginning of all work in the most often and most widely used
of the several Enochian sub-systems. However, before you get started
with practical Enochian work you need to be aware that there are two
schools of Enochian: the first and most common is the Golden Dawn (to
includeThelemites) system and the second is what has come to be known
as the "Dee Purist" school, which rejects the various Golden Dawn
modifications. For G.D. type Enochian read the Schuelers, Zalewiski
and off course Regardie and Crowley. For Dee Purist read Don Tyson and
Geoffrey James. For something in-between read David Griffin.
But you need to learn the Watchtower Opening before getting into
calling Seniors, etc.******
>2. Has anyone experimented with different (i.e. unorthodox) methods of
>using the Enochian system or language? Is there a lot of room for
>experimentation within this system or is it too rigid?

***** Most practitioners spend many years just trying to get familiar
with one or two of the sub-systems before going into modification--but
nobody is stopping you.*******
>3. Is it completely necessary to have a full-fledged temple/altar for
>Enochian work? How about the Elemental Weapons?

****You will need to make your boards--or at least make some good
blown up reproductions (11"x17" color copies) to mount on foam board.
Regardie suggested using the top sigils while you were making your
tablets as a possible short cut if you want to start practicing WT
openings before you hang your tablets. Our wand of choice for Enochian
Tablet work is the G.D. Chief Adept's wand (This will certainly be
challenged by someone shortly. but we'll take that on when it
arises--meanwhile, work on your boards. Outer Order tablets are in
English alphabet; Inner Order tablets in Enochian. Take your choice,
but why not start with English letters and graduate to Enochian?)*****
>4. How long (with regular work) does it usually take to get noticeable

******That depends what you consider "results." Enochian is not a
system for personal aggrandizement, power over others, or anything
resembling what some might call "black magick."Use it for that and it
will probably destroy you--and quicker than witchcraft. It is, or
should be, used for mystic attainment, personal growth, wisdom and
profound insights. *****
>5. Most of the books I've seen begin with a warning to the reader that
>basically says, "fucking around with this will get you burnt"... how
>seriously is this to be taken? It's my understanding that most systems
>of magick don't involve a tremendous amount of personal risk; but
>then, Enochian is more potent. I don't intend to be careless in my use
>of Enochian, but it would be nice to know what I am dealing with.

****If you are using it for the wrong reasons (see above) you might
consider it on a par with Clive Barker's "Lemarc Configuration"
(Pinhead's puzzle box). Tyson went so far as to theorize that it was
originally intended to bring on The Apocalypse. This is vastly
exaggerated but a personal apocalypse is certainly possible. ******
>6. Are the beings summoned via this system more "equipped" to handle
>spiritual goals as opposed to material ones, or vice versa?

******Yes. They don't seem to relate to material goals and using them
directly in this regard usually backfires but they may help you to
attain spiritual power so that your life will improve.*****
>7. What conditions (internal or external) are beneficial to the
>practice of Enochian? I've heard a few things tossed around about the
>use of drugs, sleep deprivation, etc.; what effect do they have?

******No drugs! Enochian is precise, focused and complex. Its major
mechanism is verbal evocation (the sonorous, hypnotic barbarous names
principle) combined with scrying which requires auto hypnosis and
tratakam yoga to be effective. ******
>Any information, ideas, or rituals you could send my way would be
>greatly appreciated.

****You should check out our publication of "Book H", the 17th century
source manuscript for the Golden Dawn's Enochian system in *The
Seventh Ray, Book I, The Blue Ray.*  *******

Good Magick!

Gnome d Plume

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