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Enocian Magick before Dee: The Florentine Lodge

To: alt.magick
From: Sar Draconis <>
Subject: Enocian Magick before Dee: The Florentine Lodge
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 1997 23:58:20 -0700

The Enochian system of magic and its vehicle, the Angelical language,
are usually attributed to Dr. John Dee (1527-1608) and his Skryer or
clairvoyant, Edward Kelley.  However, in a Latin treatise published at
Venice in 1531, Vaorchadumia -- itself an Angelical word -- the script
of the Angelical alphabet is already to be found.  From 1475 onward, a
secret Lodge of the same name, with which Marcello Ficino is said to
beve been connected, was operating in Venice. 

 Chwolsohn, in his misleadingly named "Nabatgaean Agriculture" published
in German in St. Petersburg about 1860, also gives the Angelical letters
though it is not likely that he knew of Dee's investigations.  Madame
Blavatsky (HPB) mentions Chowolsohn's work but not Dr. Dee's: by her
references to Enochian literature in the "Secret Doctrine" she means the
apocryphal Book of Enoch.  Even considering the links that obtained
between the early Theosophical Society in England and the early GD, it
is not likely, though it is possible, that she gave MacGregor Mathers
and Wynn Westcott a hint to investigate the system.  However this may
be, they did so, using not only the resources of scholarship but those
of clairvoyance through the skrying of VNR (who might therefore be
considered the real founder of the Golden Dawn, if not the Secret Chiefs
of the Order). 

 Kenneth R.H. Mackenzie, who died just before the founding of the GD,
left manuscripts wherein the Angelical language was used; and if these
were accessible to the founders they would have provided further
incentive.  Mackenzie's documents are not to be dicovered in the
Brithish Museum Library nor, I am told, in that of the S.R.I.A., of
which he was at one time a member; instead they are hiding in some other
private Masonic collection.

Kenneth R.H. Mackenzie was instructed in the teachings of the German
"Gold und Rosenkreuzer," and the table of esoteric Grades (identical
with those of the GD) published in his "Masonic Cyclopedia" derives from
a secret manuscript of that Fraternity.  Certain of the ritual magickal
formulae utilized within the "Golden" Dawn system are said to have
derived from the "Gold" -und-Rosenkreuzer; but the documentation on this
question is said to be even more obscure that that of the MacKenzie
table itself.

The system of 13X12 squares composing the Angelical Tablets of John Dee
has not only the Enochian Tablets for their realization.  There are
others, including ones utilized within the highly secret "Vaorchadumia"
Lodge itself.  I am reliably informed of certain secret Cipher
Manuscripts still in existence to this very day containing certain
arcane formulae, which if put in effect by appropriately qualified
individuals ("adepti") would enable them to obtain through Angelical
Communication additional Tablets of the Enochian type, but which in
certain areas of Magickal working, could well prove more powerful
magickally than those of Dee themselves.

The Varochadumia also worked with 13X12 Tablets using characters in
other languages, such as Hebrew and Greek; and if legend could be
believed, a certain outpost of this tradition in India even attempted to
impose the Sanskrit alphabet on the Enochian tablet schema.

All of this was connected with the practical operative alchemical ways
within the hidden alchemical tradition; for certain theurgical formualae
utilized by the alchemical adepti employed the same.

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