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PZalweski: Enochian Magick

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From: (nagasiva)
Subject: PZalweski: Enochian Magick
Date: 8 Jul 1997 18:47:24 -0700

[from alt.magick: (Pat Zalweski)]

Recently I was reading a post by George Leake and the quote in that post that 
most books on Enochian magick were not worth the paper they were written on. I 
was not sure if it was george or petersen (I hope I have spelled the name 
right) who posted some work on a Dee site. It really gets to be a laugh and 
a giggle when you read all this. Many historians, and that's what many of them 
are, say you use the Dee system this way, with the inference that it cannot be 
done effectively outside of the framework set up Dee and the angelic being he 
contacted (through Kelley). If you use the Dee system you get angelic beings 
and you may as well buy davidsons books on angels and pick one for the desired 
task.Or better still pick one or two from old Book of Enoch. For that's about 
it. You have tabulations for functions, and places goverened as well as times 
to invoke the angel required and calls to call them. 

Looking at this from  and occultists perspective, the original system is very 
skelatonic.Those (like me) who use ad hoc variations follow general trends of 
fusing one system with another to give it more power and direction. The GD 
system is but only ONE example of this. I have also experimented with many 
more. I must say I have had good results from this and it works for me. 
Possibly the fellow down the road would use a different methodology. But if it 
works for him then fine. For some strange reason both magicians and historians 
alike get very defensive about Enochian magick with their publication or mss 
being authentic.Petersen may be a case in point and also Robert Turner who 
really kicks the shit out of his predecessors publications in his Elizabethan 
Magick. I was lucky enough to escape his venom as my book `GD Enochian Magick' 
came out after his. But I usually have a smile when I think of the 
contribution he made to the `Necromonicon' ( even I would not go that far) and 
its connection to Dee. But if it works for Robert then I say good luck to him. 
Some time ago I discussed this briefly with Enochian expert Clay Holden. Clay 

came upfront and told me about the errors in my book. I told him that the 
corrections I made to my copy would probably out weigh his.  

I just wonder how many of those Dee historians have actually worked the 
Enochian system magickly? To give Turner his due he has, but so have a lot of 
others. I worked it strickly according to Dee manuscripts and plus other 
versions.The bottom line here is not to be pedantic about what methodology to 
use,  but if the thing works. That is its bottom line. You have to recognise 
what does work in the Dee system and what does not, For that is the criteria 
in which the Dee angels should be judged. I even catergorise Gerry Scheuler's 
work under this criteria. His Enochian system may be so far off the planet 
that it by passed Pluto in orbit, but for Gerry it is a system. Dr. Rudd is 
another example of tampering. The first rule I ever learned in Magick was to 
gather as much potency around me as possible for a working, and with the Dee 
angels one can also add a great deal more. We will never know the full extent 
of the original system. Too much was lost or perhaps not given. There are 
hints of talismanic work and also by linking angels together from different 
structures to do ones bidding. But all of us who work the system should get 
their feet wet first before jumping on the pedantic bandwagon and dismissing 
everyones else's work as rubbish. There is too much of that in the halls of 
academia at present without its crossover into magick. 

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