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Enochian alphabet?

To: alt.magick
From: Clay Holden 
Subject: Re: Enochian alphabet?
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 1997 00:35:49 GMT

In article <>, (WhtMagick) wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am not sure that such a font exists.

Why bother informing us of what you *don't* know?

There are a number of Enochian fonts available, both for Macs and PCs.

One that most people have not yet seen is the one I did, based on Dee and
Kelley's as it appears in _Quinti Libri Mysteriorum Appendix_, the sixth
"book" in Sloane MS. 3188. It is available currently as a Type 1 PostScript
font for Macintosh, and as a TrueType font for PCs.

It may be downloaded from the following address:

The Mac version is named "DEEnoch.sit.hqx", the Windows version is named
"DEENOCH.TTF". I am making them available free, but retain copyright. They
may be used for any non-commercial purposes, but may not be redistributed
or sold under any circumstances without my written permission.

> [...] The original Enochian was hand
> written/drawn by Meric Cassiubon (?) in his "True Relation" book
> concerning the experiments done by Dee & Kelley in England well over 100
> years ago.

This is inaccurate on several counts:

1) Casaubon did not write or draw any of the material printed in the _True
   and Faithful Relation_, and there is no complete transcription of the
   alphabet in that volume (only the plate of the "Holy Table" shows them).

2) The "Enochian" alphabet does not appear at all in the MS. material
   transcribed in the _True and Faithful_, but rather with the earlier
   Spirit Diaries in Sloane MS. 3188, specifically in _Mysteriorum Liber
   Quintus_ and _Quinti Libri Mysteriorum Appendix_.

3) The "Enochian" alphabet was first given to Dee and Kelley on March 26
   (and the revised version on May 5), 1583, 414 years ago. Casaubon's
   book was first published in 1659, 338 years ago. This certainly is
   "well over 100 years ago".

> I do know (from having compared the original) that the "Enochian" given by
> Regardie in the Golden Dawn books IS DEFECTIVE. 

Perhaps it would be useful here to note in what manner it is "DEFECTIVE",
rather than just saying so.

To wit, the names of six of the letters are in error:

       G.'.D.'.    Dee & Kelley
      ---------    ------------
        Pe             Pa
        Orth           Or
        Na-hath        na
        Drun           drux
  Vau            van
  Gisa           gisg

Aesthetic considerations of his version of the Angelic characters aside,
the Regardie version of the "Enochian" alphabet otherwise isn't that bad.

> Yes, a copy of "True Relation" is in the Huntington Library near Pasadena,
> CA. and that's where I saw it.

Copies of Magickal Childe's facsimile edition of the _True and Faithful_
can be found in better esoteric (and other) bookstores for around $75.

A trip to the Huntington Library, while certainly a worthwhile journey, is
not a necessary one to see this work.

(And lest anyone accuse me of huckstering, my payment for contributing to
this edition was one copy of the book, and inclusion of my Catalogue for
the now defunct "John Dee Society". I am not reaping any royalties from
its sale.)

Best wishes,


                                 Clay Holden
                                     ( - )
                   ( + )
                        "Super caelestes roretis aquae:  __:__
                         Et terra fructum dabit suum."     |
                                  -John Dee              /^|^\

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