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Enochian Files

From: "Charla J. Williams" 
Subject: Re: Benjamin's old NuitNet/PodsNet posts
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 22:24:31 -0800 (PST)

Hi Benjamin,

On Thu, 12 Dec 1996, Josh Norton wrote:

> >The sysop of the BBS Modem Magick out of the San Diego California
> >area archived a bunch of the NuitNet Enochian echo posts into a file
> >available for download.

> Thanks for the info. Um, we don't get the Magickal Link around here -- 
> could you give me the number?

There are a few BBS's around that have Enochian File areas.  Modem Magick
is one of them.  The phone number is 619-447-5010.  The sysop archived
the messages from the Enochian echo starting from day 1.  What isn't
archived is still available on her board on the Enochian echo proper.
Here's what she's got in her Enochian file area:

File area #  4 ... ** Enochian Text etc.
ENOCTABM.ARC  191872  Enochian Notebook,for printing & coloring
ENOCPENT.TXT    3072  Shar's Enochian Lesser Pentagram Ritual
ENOCHTAB.TXT   15360  Enochian Tablets in Ascii by Sharash
CALLS.TXT       8704  The Keys transliterated from Enochian
HEIRARCH.TXT   24832  Names from the Enochian Tablets
ENOCMETH.TXT   13824  Obtaining names from the Tablets.
ENOCHKEY.TXT   25600  AC's phonetic of Dee's Eng of the Calls
ENCOLOR.TXT     7168  Some Tablet coloring styles.
SIGILNAM.TXT    5120  Finding the Elemental Kings.
VISION.ARC    241024  AC's anotated Vision and the Voice
AETHYR.INV      6784  Class D ritual to invoke Enoch. Aethyrs
DR_DEE         11713  Excerpts from The Envoc. of Dr John Dee
EN_CHESS.ZIP    8098  Text file of Enochian Chess Rules.
E_NOX_IA.ZIP    7963  Enochian Rituals using NOX signs
AEONPERS.TXT   31248  The INRI/IRNI formulas and Set/Horus by Rowe
ALNOTES.TXT    35687  Random notes on the gematria of Liber AL
ETEMPLE.TXT    55868  "Enochian Temples" by Benjamin Rowe
LOWERTEM.TXT   17899  The Lower Temple. By Rowe
CACODEMO.TXT   13634  Invo. the Cacodemons with Enoc. Temples
FIRETEMP.TXT   44644  Temple of the Fire Tablet by Rowe
FIRSTKEY.TXT    8096  Analysis of the 1st Angelic Key
TEMABYSS.TXT    8242  Invoking the Abyss via Enochian Temples
SETHORUS.TXT   58578  Examination of the Set/Horus Mythos
ARCHER.TXT     20608  The Book of the Archer. By Benjamin Rowe.
HEPTAGRM.TXT   13791  Experimental Rit. of the Hexagram-Heptarchic
HEXRIT.TXT     27628  Experimental Rit. of the Hexagram - Enochian
INITSEQ.TXT    82640  Divine Creation and Initiation by Rowe
EMERALD.TXT     6780  Ritual of the Emerald Throne of 
DICT.ZIP       95488  Robert F. Caine's Enochian Dictionary
ENOCHDB.ZIP   102098  Enochian dbase with gematria values etc.
CALLS.ZIP     485796  Enochian Grimoire, Pagemaker doc by Rowe
ENTABLES.ZIP  225199  Enochian Tabs in Corel and EP format
T49.ZIP       136856  Tab of the 49 Good Angels in Corel & EPS
MACRORIT.ZIP  101627  An Enochian 'macrocosmic' ritual - B Rowe
GRTTABLE.ZIP  200027  The Great Table (1587 rev) in Corel & EPS
GODZILL1.ZIP   16358  Enochian Temples, Chapt 1 - by Ben Rowe
GODZILL2.ZIP  261868  Enochian Temples, Chapt 2
LOTUS.ZIP     154958  Supplemental paper to Enochian Temples
PR_CALLS.ZIP   34233  WP5 file - Call pronounciation
ENTOOL12.ZIP  100029  A study guide
ENOCECHO.ZIP  728865  Enochian Echo from day 1, not edited
ENOCH.ZIP       5710  Sepher Enoch...pronunc., dictionary, etc.
INTROEN.TXT     5427  A breif overview of the Enochian system

As you can see, ENOCECHO.ZIP is the archive of messages I was referring

> >As I recall Christeos Pir archived a bunch of posts of yours
> >from multiple echos.  Didn't he have 1.something gigabytes? ;)
> >Christeos also formatted some of your stuff into Word Perfect files.

> Heh. I figured that by this time he must have looked at it all, 
> decided it was stale news, and dumped it. 

I hope not.  I might want to ask him for copies of it someday ;)

All the best regards, Charla
----- End of forwarded message from Charla J. Williams -----

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