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Introductory bibliography of Enochian and diary MSS of John Dee

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Subject: Introductory bibliography of Enochian and diary MSS of John Dee
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            compiled by Rafal T. Prinke (
   While I have nothing against distributing this document and
   putting it on mirror sites, acknowledging the originator would be
   nice (and in the best Internet tradition). For the abuse of
   distribution policy and Netiquette see the OIT site
   (based on Peter French's bibliography, some comments come from
   the bibliography compiled by R. F. Buchanan (Azoth) 1992, some
   information, corrections and comments supplied by Adam McLean,
   Gionni di Gravio and Clay Holden)
   [see also the catalogue of Dee's MSS by Elias Ashmole]
   I. Libri Mysteriorum
          London, British Library: Sloane MS. 3188. Dee's 'Spiritual
          Diaries' from 22 December 1581 to 30 May 1583: 'Libri
          mysteriorum I-V'. Contains first part of 'Liber Logaeth'.
          London, British Library: Sloane MS. 3677. Elias Ashmole's
          copy of Sloane MS 3188 with the addition of some other
          records of conjurations of spirits, a largely unreadable
          treatise on invocation of angels, and the transcription of
          a conjuration using th e Enochian Kings, the Angel Ave,
          and invoking the Enochian three- four- and five-lettered
          names of God.
          Oxford, Bodleian: Ashmole MS. 422, art. 2. Notes copied by
          Elias Ashmole from Dee's fifth 'Book of Mysteries'.
          Peterson, Joseph (ed.), Mysteriorum libri quinti, or, Five
          books of mystical exercises of Dr. John Dee : an angelic
          revelation of cabalistic magic and other mysteries occult
          and divine revealed to Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelly, A.D.
          1581-1583, Magnum Opus Hermetic Sourceworks 20,
          Felindenys, Silican, Dyfed, Wales 1985, xvi, 293.
          Transcribed from MS. Sloane 3188; 250 copies;
          bibliography: p. 286; indexes; includes transcripts of the
          first 3 tables of Liber Logaeth with index verborum and
          statist ics of their texts.
          [A new edition by Joseph Peterson is forthcoming,
          incorporating ten years of additional work. No details of
          publisher or date known.]
          Whitby, Christopher, John Dee's Actions with Spirits: 22
          December 1581 to 23 May 1583, New York & London: Garland
          Publishing Co. 1988, 2 Vols ill, 24cm. ISBN 0-8240-6399-6.
          A reduced facsimile of the authors thesis from the
          University of Birmin gham, 1981. A complete transcription
          of Sloane MS. 3188.
          [Kluwer Academic Publishers Group, Order Dept. P.O. Box
          322 3300, AH Dordrecht, The Netherlands, Email:
, is planning yet another edition of the
          Liber Mysteriorum, under the eye of Dr Stephen Clucas.
          This will be a new transcription. E nquiry at Kluwer in
          July revealed that the typescript had not been received by
          them yet so no date of publication is set.]
          [Clay Holden is working on another edition, originally
          planned to be published in spring 1996 by Phanes Press but
          now the publlisher not known yet. It follows Dee's
          manuscript exactly, word for word, line for line, page for
          page, illustration for illu stration. The only editorial
          changes are standardization of the use of the letters u
          and v, and i and j. Latin words abbreviated in the
          manuscript are being expanded. Tables and illustrations
          are either scanned and cleaned-up from the manuscript, or
          recre ated based closely on the originals.]
   II. Liber Logaeth
          [Clay Holden points out that the correct spelling should
          be "Loagaeth" as in Dee's hand in Cotton Appendix MS.
          The TITLE of the Bok:
          | | |
          |- Loa= | |
          |- ga= -|/|
          |- eth | |
          | | |
          and that currently used spelling is the result of
          Casaubon's error. But as this usage became so widespread,
          I am leaving it here.]
          London, British Library: Sloane MS. 3189. Dee's 'Liber
          mysteriorum sextus et sanctus' in Edward Kelley's
          handwriting (1583). The clean copy of 'Liber Logaeth', 65
          folios containing 101 complex magic squares, 96 of which
          comprised of 49 x 49 cells cont aining Latin letters and
          Arabic numerals, and 4 of 36 x 72 cells containing only
          Latin letters (these in Dee's hand), plus 2 blank 49 x 49
          London, British Library: Sloane MS. 2599, art. 1. A
          partial transcription of 'Liber mysteriorum sextus et
          sanctus' in at least two different hands. One of them may
          be Ashmole's.
          London, British Library: Sloane MS. 78, art. 11. An
          excerpt from Dee's 'Liber mysteriorum sextus et sanctus'.
          A partial transcription of the first few leaves of MS.
          3189 without any tables. The same material is also to be
          found in 'Mysteriorum Liber Q uintus' in Sloane MS. 3188.
          [Still unpublished in its entirety. Individual squares
          reproduced in various books. The one printed in Casaubon's
          book contains a major error - the original of the same is
          reproduced in Robert Turner's Elizabethan magic p. 24.]
          Hay, George; Wilson, Colin; Turner, Robert; Langford,
          David The Necronomicon. Neville Spearman: Jersey, 1978.
          Reprinted: Corgi Books: London, 1980. (The book is an
          elaborate practical joke, presenting a "translation" of
          Liber Logaeth. One folio from Sloane MS. 3189 is
          reproduced. The "translation" part is available on WWW.)
          [Clay Holden is preparing a full transcription for future
          publication. No date or publisher known yet.]
   III. True & Faithful Relation
          London, British Library: Appendix MS. XVLI, parts 1 and 2.
          Manuscript of Dee's 'Spiritual Diaries' published by Meric
          London, British Library: Cotton Appendix MS. XLVI. Elias
          Ashmole's copy of Dee's 'Spiritual Diaries'.
          Oxford, Bodleian: MS. Ashmole 1790, fols. 1-19v. Dee's
          Latin copy of additional Spirit Actions.
          Oxford, Bodleian: MS. Ashmole 1788, fols. 37-64. Ashmole's
          copy of MS. Ashmole 1790.
          London, British Library: Sloane MS. 3645. A 17th century
          English translation of MS. Ashmole 1790.
          A True & Faithful Relation of what passed for many Years
          Between Dr: John Dee... and Some Spirits, ed. Meric
          Casaubon. London, 1659. Casaubon's own copy with his
          handwritten correction is in the Bodleian Library, shelf
          mark D. 8. 14. art. A cop y in the British Museum contains
          revealing marginal notes by contemporaries of Casaubon's,
          shelf mark 719. m. 12. I know of three copies in Poland:
          National Library in Warsaw (with copious marginal notes),
          University Library in Poznan (with many underlini ngs,
          especially in the Calls but no notes), University Library
          in Wroclaw (clean copy).
          Reprinted: Askin Publishers: London 1974;
          Magickal Childe: New York 1992. This edition prepared by
          Clay Holden includes additional Spirit Actions from Sloane
          MS. 3645, a new introduction, and descriptions of a number
          of Dee's works and related materials as part of a catalog
          for "The John Dee Society".
          'An Unknown Chapter in the Life of John Dee', ed. C. H.
          Josten, JWCI, XVIII (1965), 223-57. Translation of MS.
          Ashmole 1790.
   Related MSS:
          Oxford, Bodleian: Ashmole MS. 580. Elias Ashmole's copy of
          Meric Casaubon's edition of A True & Faithful Relation of
          what passed for many Years Between Dr: John Dee... and
          Some Spirits which contains copious notes by Ashmole.
          Oxford, Bodleian: Ashmole MS. 1788, arts. 1-18. Among
          other items: copy of Dee's Compendious Rehearsal; John
          Dee's 'Praefatio Latina in actionem in Latinam primum ex 7
          (habitam 10 die Aprilis Pragae) etiam in Latinam conversam
          semonem, an[no] 1 586'; letter from Dr N. Bernard to Meric
          Casaubon concerning his book of Dee's actions with spirits
          and Archbishop Usher's opinion of it, as well as Sir
          Robert Cotton's note concerning that statementt of
          opinion, and a letter by Casaubon concerning his bo ok
          about Dee's angelic conferences. Much of it is transcribed
          by Ashmole.
          Oxford, Bodleian: Ashmole MS. 1790, I-IV. 'Praefatio
          Latina in actionem'; papers relating to Dee's actions with
          the spirits; Elias Ashmole's observations and collections
          concerning Dee's religious magic; Elias Ashmole's
          correspondence relating to Dee.
          Oxford, Bodleian: Rawlison MS. 923, art. B. 10. Various
          notes on Meric Casaubon's edition of the 'Spiritual
   IV. Enochian Treatises
          London, British Library: Sloane MS. 3191, arts. 1-4. Four
          treatises by John Dee:
          1. 'Claves Angelicae' (Cracow, 13 April - 13 July 1584);
          2. 'Liber scientia auxilii et victoria terrestis' (Cracow,
          2 May 1585);
          3. 'De heptarchia mystica';
          4. 'Tabula bonorum angelorum invocationes'.
          London, British Library: Sloane MS. 3678, art. 1. Elias
          Ashmole's copy of Sloane MS. 3191.
          London, British Library: Additional MS. 36674. Magical
          treatises by Caius, Forman, Dee and Kelley, including
          'Compendium Heptarchiae Mysticae' with some differences,
          notably a table attributing planets to the Filii Filiarum.
          1. 'The Enochian Calls', ed. Donald C. Laycock, The
          complete Enochian dictionary, Askin Publishers: London,
          1978, p. 247-267. "This edited version [...] follows
          closely Dee's fair copy in the manuscript of the 48 Claves
          Reprinted: Weiser: York Beach, 1994 (with a new
          introduction by Stephen Skinner).
          [also in various other Enochian magic books]
          2. 'Sloane MS. 3191. John Dee: Liber Scientiae Auxily et
          Victoriae Terrestis", Sothis, Vol. II, No. II (1977), p.
          57-62. ISSN 0307-5370
          3. Turner, Robert (ed.): The heptarchia mystica of John
          Dee, Magnum Opus Hermetic Sourceworks 17: Edinburgh 1983,
          81 p. Collation of two MS copies in: Sloane 3191 and
          Additional MS. 36,674; 250 copies, bibliography: p. 81
          Turner, Robert (ed.): The heptarchia mystica of John Dee,
          with a contributory article by Robin E. Cousins; Latin
          translations by Christopher Upton; illustrated by Charles
          H. Cattell; Wellingborough, Northamptonshire: Aquarian
          Press 1986, biblio graphy: p. [125]-126. ISBN:
          0-85030-470-9 (pbk). 2nd enlarged edition of: Magnum Opus
          Hermetic Sourceworks No. 17. With many errors from the
          first edition corrected but still inaccurate as far as the
          original spelling, punctuation, word order, and use of
          capitalization is concerned.
          1-4. Turner, Robert, Elizabethan magic: the art and the
          magus, foreword by Colin Wilson; with contributory
          material by Patricia Shore Turner and Robin E. Cousins;
          illustrated by Charles H. Cattell and Jane O'Reilly;
          translations from the Latin by Christopher Upton,
          Shaftesbury: Element, 1989, xvii, 190 p., ill., maps,
          bibliography: p. 181-185. Contains a transcription of
          three of the four books of angelic magic, Sloane MS 3191
          (without 'De heptarchia mystica') with some errors,
          alterations and omissions. In "Claves Angelicae' #5 and
          #10 some Enochian words are added and the order of others
          rearranged. Accent marks used in Enochian words are not
   V. Miscellanea
          Oxford, Bodleian: Ashmole MS. 174, arts. 74, 77. A table
          of longitude; 'De temporibus opportunis ad magicas artes
          operandas'. [is it Enochian?]
          Oxford, Bodleian: Ashmole MS. 487-8. Two volumes in
          quarto, containing the Ephemerides of Stadius for
          1554-1600 (Cologne, 1570), and of Maginus for 1581-1620
          (Venice, 1582); on the margins of these, respectively, are
          written short memoranda, or The Private Diary of Dee from
          January 1577 to December 1600, and from September 1586 to
          April 1601.
          [I believe these were published as:]
          Diary for the years 1595-1601, ed. John E. Bailey.
          Privately printed, 1880.
          The Private Diary, ed. James O. Halliwell. Camden Society
          Publications, Vol. XIX. London, 1842.
          Reprinted: New York: AMS Press [1968], viii, 102, 35.
          [Bill Sherman, who has just released a book on Dee
          entitled John Dee: The Politics of Reading and Writing in
          the Renaissance is actually planning to do a definitive
          edition of the Dee diaries, the Camden ones...written in
          the margins of almanac s.]
          [maybe also:]
          The Predicted Plague...Queen Elizabeth in Richmond. Her
          Majesty's Book of Astrology and the Diary of her
          astrologer Dr John Dee...By Hippocrates Junior, London:
          Simpkin, Marshall, & Co., 1899).
   VI. Compilations from various MSS
          James, Geoffrey: The Enochian evocation of Dr. John Dee,
          Gillette, N.J.: Heptangle Books 1984, xxvii, 204,
          bibliography: p. 198-204. ISBN: 0-935214-06-2. An
          Heptarchic/Enochian grimoire, with bad Latin but excellent
          Enochian grammar. Probably t he best Keys available.
          Reprinted: St. Paul, Minn.: Llewellyn Publications 1994,
          as The Enochian magick of Dr John Dee: the most powerful
          system of magick in its original, unexpurgated form. ISBN:
          Suster, Gerald: John Dee: essential readings,
          [Wellingborough, U.K.:] Crucible, 1986, 157 p.,
          bibliography: p. [155]-157. ISBN: 0-85030-417-2 (pbk)
   VII. Non-Enochian magical works by Dee
          A magical work of Dee which is not strictly Enochian in
          nature is the Tuba Veneris. The Warburg Institute in
          London has a copy of it at FBH 510. The work is an
          invocation to Venus. An edition in german has been
          prepared by a Dr Joerg M.Meier. There ar e two entries in
          the German books in print:
          Dee, John, Das Buchlein der der Venus (Libellus Veneris
          Nigro Sacer). Eine magische Handschrift des 16
          Jahrhunderts. Hrsg. Komment Uubers v. Meier, Jorg, 1990.
          ISBN 3-926216-84-0
          Dee, John, Das Venus buchlein zur Beschworung boser
          Geister auf eine gottseliget weise. Bearb. u. krbec Horst,
          Ubers v. Leopold. F. 1991 160p. 12 Abb 30x21cm ISBN


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