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24 Seniors

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick,alt.pagan
From: (nagasiva)
Subject: 24 Seniors
Date: 10 Jul 1997 14:20:40 -0700

[from alt.magick.order: (David R. Jones)]
[numbers in parens refer to notes at end of file; slight reformat -- tn]

Extract from a working to call forth the 24 seniors. (1)

     	After calling the name and making the invoking hexagram for
Mars of Air, a figure begins to appear in the crystal ball.  He is
turned away from me and is bent over, and seems to be occupied with
something.  He is garbed very much like a priest in the Gnostic Mass:
a scarlet cloak with what appears to be a white gi (2) underneath.  On
his head appears to be a serpent crown with wings.  On his back are
five gold stars, of differing sizes, in a pattern like a
constellation.  But one which I do not recognize (3).
        He turns towards me.  I see that his cloak is buckled on the
right shoulder with a glittering star shaped clasp.  His white
undergarment is embroidered after the oriental fashion with a golden
devise I cannot quite discern.  The head of the serpent crown hangs
over his third eye.  He is tall and thin, and dark like a Persian or
Dravidian.  But though he appears to be about 50, he is stooped as
with age.  He has a somewhat evil looking smirk on his face.  I draw
the hexagram and repeat the name (to my mind it is communicated that
the "H" is here silent.)  
	He speaks (in a deep very loud voice, as if in mock anger (4):
"These forms are but protocols and pageantry.  Though as thou
knowest etiquette is essential when dealing with thy elders.   The
true key to understanding their attribution is in the lights that come
forth from the prism, and in the Rosicrucian speculations of the one
you call Newton." 
	The conjurer asks: "What were you doing before you turned
	He replies: "I have prepared your way and provided you with a
key."  He hands me a key made of crystal.  It has a spherical handle,
a triangular prismatic shaft, and a head formed by a tetrahedron the
sides of the base of which are perpendicular to the angles of to the
prism.  "Take this and when you have evoked all my peers as you have
me you may return and we shall speak again."
	As I make to take to the key my sight is overwhelmed by a
bright light which resolves itself into a prismatic wheel of colored
light rotating slowly: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and
back to red counter clockwise about to the circle.  I see now that the
light proceeds from his third eye. In which there glows an eye of
Horus.  He pulls a black robe over his cloak and as the radiating
light dims.  I seem to rise and the radiating spokes of light recede
outward to form a circle of hooded and black robed men.  I count them:
24.  They are facing inward and they all bow.  A red glow proceeds
from one of the hooded figures and I recognize Habioro from his
posture.  He looks at me and for a moment I am blinded by a red ray of
light like a laser.  He draws his sword and makes a cross in the air
in front of him and shouts:  "Proceed!"
	The conjurer calls Aaoxiaf with the Jupiter of Air hexagram.
The next hooded figure to the right touches his left shoulder.
Lightning flashes behind him, then crackles about the circle, he bows.
	The conjurer calls Htmorda with the Moon of Air hexagram.  He
opens his robe and I see that it is a naked black woman without any
hair at all on her body.  A wind proceeds from her opened garment, and
a whirlwind appears in the midst of the circle.  She closes her robe
and it ceases.  She bows.
	The conjurer calls Ahaozpi with the Venus of Air hexagram (5).
He/She? (6) pulls a golden chalice from her left sleeve.  It is filled
with a shimmering white fluid.  She drains the cup and conceals the
chalice rapidly, then bows.
	The conjurer call Hiptoga with the Saturn of Air hexagram.  He
has a long wooden staff and makes with its base a peace sign before
himself.  As it fades from sight he pounds thrice upon the ground and
an owl is heard to respond with three hoots receding in the distance.
He bows.  
	The conjurer calls Avtotar with the Mercury of Air hexagram
(7).  He brings forth a rod about a foot in length and draws in the air
the figure of the Hieroglyphic Monad.  All the colors in the scene
change rapidly through the spectrum and become silver, then fade to
normal.  He bows.
	The conjurer calls Laidrom with the Mars of Earth hexagram.
He brings a dull iron rod from beneath his cloak, and makes with it
the sign of the cross.  He grips it in a fist before himself and it
flattens and begins to shine.  It seems to become sharper as he grips
it tighter, blood begins to flow up! its surface.  He laughs
maniacally as he conceals again his hand and rod.  He bows.
	The conjurer calls Aczinor with the Jupiter of Earth hexagram.
He raises a sceptre, but it seems to be hollow as he pulls out a short
sword.  He plunges the sword into his heart , there is no blood.  He
lets out a jolly laugh and bows.
	The conjurer calls Lzinopo with the Moon of Earth hexagram.
She brings from below her garment what appears to be a stone or
ceramic bowl.  It is filled with the clearest water.  She makes a
cross, horizontaly, with the bowl, sips then pours the contents on her
feet.  As the bowl empties it dissapears.  She bows.
	The conjurer calls Alhctga with the Venus of Earth hexagram.
She parts her garment so that I can only see the left side of her
body.  She is naked and her skin is very white.  Her leg is long, her
hip voluptous, and her breast full with a large aureole.  Both her
pubic hair and the long hair upon her head is ruby red.  She winks her
green eye, reconceals herself and bows.
	The conjurer calls Lhiansa with the Saturn of Earth hexagram.
He bringeth forth from behind himself a sickle, and as he does so I
can, see as in an X-ray, the bones of his skeleton.  Oh it must be a
woman, for there seems to be the skeleton of a babe in the womb.  She
withdraws the scythe and all is back to normal. She bows.
	The conjurer calls Acmbicu with the Mercury of Earth hexagram.
He barks and the whole vision becomes dim and shimmering.  A chorus of
howling replies and all returns to normal.
	The conjurer calls Lsrahpm with the Mars of Water hexagram.
He makes the sign of benediction.  There is a thunderclap from within
the circle (then it thunders loudly outside the apartment in which we
are working.)  He bows.
	The conjurer calls Saiinou with the Jupiter of Water hexagram.
He raises both hands and a rain of flowers descends and covers all.
These become the eyes in the tail feathers of a peacock, the feathers
become a tree (8), and the tree becomes the man who is the Senior, all
in smooth transition.  He bows.
	The conjurer calls Laoaxrp with the Moon of Water hexagram.
She makes the sign of the rending of the veil and all becomes black.
It begins to lighten and she is invisible save for her reddish eyes
(9).  She closes her eyes and all becomes black again.  And as the
light returns again to normal I see that she is making the sign of the
closing of the veil.  She bows.
	The conjurer calls Slgaiol with the Venus of Water hexagram.
She makes upon herself the sign of the cross, a dove descends.  She
lifts up her head and it flies whole into her mouth.  A baby is heard
to cry from within her robe.  She lifts the lower portion of her
garment to reveal a swan.
	The conjurer calls Ligdisa with the Saturn of Water hexagram.
He bringeth out a shiny hook, like a boat grappling hook.  He tosses
it spinning into the center of the circle.  It sticks and the earth in
the vision seems to quake. He bows.
	The conjurer calls Soaiznt with the Mercury of Water hexagram.
He takes from beneath his garment a strangely shaped glass bottle that
is filled with quicksilver.  He pours it over his head and dissolves
leaving only the bottle.  The quicksilver flows outward and then back
into the bottle.  The bottle seems to expand and brighten.  It breaks
and in a flash he reappears and bows.
	The conjurer calls Aaetpio with the Mars of Fire hexagram.  He
makes with his left hand the sign of the horns.  With his right hand
he lifts his robe and reveals a young lamb snuggled against his thigh.
With a swift motion he pulls a dagger and slits its throat.  Its blood
makes a pool beneath his feet.  He covers the sheep and closes the
robe again.  He reopens the robe to reveal a goat.  The goat licks up
the blood.  He covers the goat and bows.
	The conjurer calls forth Adoeoet with the Jupiter of Fire
hexagram.  He brings forth a metal disk from his left sleeve and shows
it forth with his right hand.  Inscribed on the circle is a cross, the
lines of which magically begin to move and form a square.  The lines
begin rapidly dividing and recombining into polygons and the stars
that can be inscribed therein, until the detail is so small that it
cannot be discerned.  It becomes clear and reflective.  He puts it
away and bows.
	The conjurer calls forth Alndood with the Moon of Fire
hexagram.  He takes a bow and arrow from beneath his robe and shoots
it upward.  As it rises stars and then the galaxy forms around it.
The arrow enters the black hole at the galaxies heart, a flash and all
is back to normal.  He bows.
	The conjurer calls Aapdoce with the Venus of Fire hexagram.
She opens her robe and all that can be seen is a star alone in space.
It shimmers and glitters, and recedes until it is gone. The robe
closes and she bows.
	The conjurer calls Arinnap with the Saturn of Fire hexagram.
The figure in the robe expands until its garment bursts and a dragon
is revealed.  It breaths a blast of fire and smoke.  The smoke
obscures all.  The smoke dissipates and the senior is back to normal.
He bows.
	 The conjurer calls Anodoin with the Mercury of Fire hexagram.
He lifts a staff with a brazen serpent.  The serpent comes alive and
devours every senior in turn.  He then devours his own tail, forming a
circle, which like a wheel begins to spin.   And as it turns it
becomes the wheel of prismatic light first seen.
	From the glare of the light the Seniors reappear.  They form
into companies 3 wide and 2 deep.  In each company the right in the
first row steps back as the row moves forward and the left in the back
row steps forward and the companies become two wide and three deep.
They pass through each others columns like a drill team and split
forming, like the petals of a flower blooming, the circumference of a
circle.  They bow outward, revolve and kneel inward, genuflecting as
the substance in their robes seems to evaporate.  A wind enters the
crystal (10) and the apparently empty robes appear to become one
swirling indistinct liquid mass.  
	A voice in the wind: "Shalom." (11).
	Another voice.  It is Habioro, but from behind me: "It is
	The Crystal brightens and I see the eye of Horus.  It winks
and in a flash the eye is gone and the Crystal Ball is clear.  We
banish and are done.

1.  This operation took place during the day of September 21, 1992
C.E. in Oakland CA.  There were three magicians:  a conjurer who
executed the geometrical forms and read the prayers, a scribe who
recorded and read the Keys in English, and a seer who read the Keys in
the Angelic tongue and scryed.  These were soror A.D., frater K.D. and
myself respectively.  
	The first 6 Keys were read, and a method of integrating John
Dee's prayers with a modified and elaborated form of the Golden Dawn
mechanics was used.  The attribution of the cardinal directions to the
Tables of the Elements was according to the arrangement of the
Seniors, as they  appear in their table in Sloane MS. 3191.  This
arrangement was used because of previous instructions given by the
Angels, wherein the Autumnal Equinox was given as one of the occasions
when this alignment was appropriate, as opposed to the generally
applicable attributions of the Reformed arrangement.  See The
Hieroglyphic Monad: Theorem XXIV.
	I had previously charged, according to the VIIIth and IXth
degree methods of O.T.O.,  the first name of a  6 X 7 tablet
containing the names of the Seniors of the Air tablet.  This may
explain why only this senior chose to speak to us.  The tablet is as
follows though it was executed in the Angelic characters.
 h A b i o r o
 A a o z i a f
 A h a o z p i
 h i p o t g a
 A V T o T a r
2.  As are worn by the practitioners of the Martial Arts.
3.  From the sketch I made at the time I now believe this to be the
principle stars in the constellation Bootes.
4.  My fellows were in fact startled when I inadvertently screamed his
5.  The 6th not the 4th Senior here answered.  As this out of order
response only occurred with the Air Seniors its cause is somewhat of a
mystery.  It fits a bit better with Copernican cosmology, and we have
speculated on it at great length.
6. Gender seems to be a difficult matter here, I make mistakes about
it and could be mistaken in many of my assignments thereof.
7. This was the 4th that answered, see note # 5.
8.   Like the cedar on the flag of Lebanon.
9.  It is communicated to me in an interior way that this has
something to do with lunar and solar eclipses, but the message is not
quite clear.
10.  A wind blew a strong gust outside, shaking the windows and a hard
rain began to fall.
11.  The scribe having thought he heard something said ask "what?"


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