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Condemnatory vs. Exaltatory Labels

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From: Re OıStat 
Subject: Re: Condemnatory vs. Exaltatory Labels (was 777)
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 20:43:41 GMT

In article <8t77jj$>, wrote:

> 50001025 Vom nagasivamas
> "Anthra-Andromda":
> >> It is ever the way of the Black Brothers,
> (Ulfheobar):
> > Just who are the black brothers? And use your own words not crowleys.
> magicians whom you do not like and upon whom you would like to
> cast aspersions of amorality, evilness, and depravity. it seems
> to derive from Crowley's expression in reflection of the
> Blavatskyan Black Brotherhood in contrast to the Great White
> Brotherhood of Rosicrucians and Theosophists.

In Magick Without Tears, number 12, Crowley writes (selections):
³The Left-Hand Path
The ŒBlack Brotherı ³

³As far as the achievement or attainment is concerned, the two Paths 
[LHP & RHP] are in fact identical.³

³Mark well this first distinction: the ŒBlack Magicianı or Sorcerer is 
hardly even a distant cousin of the ŒBlack Brother.ı The difference 
between a sneak-thief and a Hitler is not too bad an analogy.³

³Now, if there is any difference at all between the White and the Black 
Adept in similar case [invoking Diana or calling up Lilith], it is that 
the one, working by Œlove under willı achieves a marriage with the new 
idea, while the other, merely grabbing, adds a concubine to his harem of 

³This about-to-be-Black Brother constantly restricts himself; he is 
satisfied with a very limited ideal; he is afraid of losing his 
individuality - reminds one of that ŒNordicı twaddle about 

³Perhaps the Black Brother deserts his [H.G.] Angel when he realises the 
³Perhaps hi error was so deeply rooted, from the very beginning, that it 
was his Evil Genius that he evoked [and not the H.G.A.].
³In such cases the manıs policy is of course to break off all relations 
with the Supernal Triad, and to replace it by inventing a false crown, 
Daath. To them Knowledge will be everything, and what is Knowledge but 
the very soul of illusion?²

Later, AC quotes from his own Vision and the Voice concerning what is 
done by the Black Brothers:

³For Choronzon is as it were the shell or excrement of these three 
paths, and therefore is his head raised unto Daath, and therefore have 
the Black Brotherhood declared him to be the child of Wisdom and 
Understanding, who is but the bastard of the Svastika. And this is that 
which is written in the Holy Qabalah, concerning the Whirlpool and 
Leviathan, and the Great Stone.²

> >> those of the Left hand path, to squelch the truth, and hide the light,
> > I think self honesty is a common enough thing amongst those usually 
> > called left hand pathers... And as far as I know most of the organizations called 
> > left hand path denounce the lies that the right hand pathers promote.
> nah, you don't understand the Way of the Great Martyrdom Cult. taking
> the Demonization Libel on as a positive identifier is how the Cult works.
> the second wave or generation of this cult begins to think that it has
> always been this way and defends the castigation as unfair and poor
> pitiful misunderstandings. this is how it was with magicians and with
> witches and just about all the neuvoreligious other than, perhaps, the
> New Agers. it goes way WAY back, and includes early Christians and 
> many Satanists. try:
> > Squelching truth is something for those who cannot understand that 
> > every motive is in itself a selfish motive.
> well said.
> > Hiding the light? Which left hand path
> > organization/religion/philosophy/individual/group are you refering to 
> > exactly?
> almost any one which is demonized would qualify here, because 'hiding
> Light' is what the scaremongers put out as the Evil Act of Bad Guys.
> >> even if they replace it with nothing.
> > If there is nothing than what do you replace it with? Are the 
> > Hindu's who believe we are nothing left hand pathers?
> no, you're missing the point again. "Left-Hand Path" derives form an
> Indian ritual in which the controversy of the style of the sexual
> element which is part of it is indicated by whether the woman whom
> the man that is the center of the rite sits on his right (a known
> partner) or his left (some random woman, a whore, or some other kind
> of controversial pairing).
> later that term is generalized to mean 'scandalous spirituality', and
> still later, 'evil ritual activities'. later still it is taken up to
> mean 'thrill-seeking occult adventurer with few moral constraints
> interested in wrathful iconography, psychoactives, peculiar sexual
> practices, body decoration, body modification, abstruse philophy'.

I think this may not be completely accurate due to the idea the 
³Left-Hand Path² actually has two meanings.

The first, and most commonly understood, is simply do to the fact that 
the word for ³left² in French and Latin has the same source as the word 
³sinister.² Thus, ³sinister² magick is LHP and is evil.

While you are correct that there is a Tantric Ritual, the nature of 
which is indicated by the side at which the Sakthi sits next to 
practitioner, the difference between Vamamarg (LHP) and Dakshinamarg 
(RHP) Tantra are far deeper than that. Specifically, the Dakshinamarg 
Tantric believes that all descriptions of worship and magick are 
symbolic, meant to be visualized in certain ways resulting in changes of 
the spiritual and physical bodies. The Vamamarg Tantric believes that 
the described physical practices should be performed, and the results of 
that performance are changes in the spiritual and physical bodies.

Traditionally, both were accepted in India. Each person followed what he 
or she needed. However, especially after the Moslem and then British 
control of India, with their anti-sexual attitudes, many have come to 
say that Vamamarg is bad and even question the value of Dakshinamarg.


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