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Abyssal Oaths Infernal

Subject: Abyssal Oaths Infernal
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 18:35:30 +0100

Anno IV viii, 2000e.v.-1996e.n.      May 3rd  Taurus Event,
Dies Mercurii

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"

	There is no need to sell your freedom to a Masonic Order in exchange for
the discipline that it purports to offer.  The whole of the Degree System of
OTO is available through Naylor/Koenig, so why not Self-Initiate?  The
secret is, there has never been any other kind of Initiation, and in this
Aeon the same is true in the Work of the Transcendent Axis of Magick, as
typified by AA.

	Take the Oaths and Obligations for yourselves, after invoking Hoor, the
Lord Initiating.  Let the Current do the rest.

	What about the fraternity of the Order?  Build your own.  What about the
instruction offered within the Order?  You will find more of it freely
available on the Web than you ever would in the Order.  What about building
a Thelemic Society?  That begins with, and ends with, YOU, in Society and
your dealings with it.  You are the unit upon which Society is built.  What
about Community, and the public rituals that inspire us?  If you really
believe that you need a Masonic Order to allow you to perform the Gnostic
Mass, or whatever, then you have missed the script.  Organise your own group
and get on with it, whatever it may be.  Leave the Officials to their
politics and their misery.  However, a world populated by self-styled
Thelemites of such partisan extremes that they are unable to relate to each
other, does have a certain darkly splendid humour to it, perhaps that is
your intention after all?

	What about the Secret of the Ninth Degree?  How will you have what it takes
to succeed in doing your True Will if you are without the Great Secret?

	First of all get hold of all the Papers that refer to this matter, then set
to at least attempting to put it into practise.  Keep a good Record.

	Then compare your Results with what you would expect of any other species
of Magickal Act and consider in what way you are falling short.

	Change ONE item, and continue the experiments.  As matters improve repeat
this process, with focus on one item at a time.

	For example, if you have ever charged a Talisman using any other technique,
and have achieved a reasonable level of power, then the presence of the
Charge should have been quite palpable.  Handling the physical material of
it will have "burned" with a cool fire, a penetrating rush that leaves the
skin tingling for minutes afterwards.  (If you have not experienced this
then keep at it before moving onto proto-Ninth Degree practices…  )  It may
be that you are not succeeding in building anything like this degree of
manifest charge in your Ninth Degree work…  this would be a good place to
focus, until you do.  There is no point letting the Serpents enter the
Menstruum before both parties are aware of the Charge, and it is the CHARGED
Menstruum that takes the imprint of the Logos.

	When you are ready to put your skill in the Service of the Aeon, then you
may ramp up the power by accessing Binah.

	AC said that when a Ninth Degree was performing on behalf of the Order, and
that Ninth Degree had already taken the PI Degree, (and that Degree had
"worked") then there was no difference in Power between the Ninth Degree and
a Master of the Temple in AA … (the Tenth Degree should manifest as a Magus,
within the Order.)

	The trick to self-initiating into this kind of power is to swear a modified
version of the Great Oath, limited to the performing of Ninth Degree Work on
behalf of the Current.  The limited Understanding that then becomes possible
within the context of the practice itself will push the process of
perfecting of the technique to a level of Understanding OF the Secret
Itself.  The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and if you get Results
that show that you are succeeding with the technique, then in keeping with
"the Method of Science, the Aim of Religion", you HAVE the Secret.  It is in
fact likely that you will have it in a far more solid form than most of
those who are grasping at it in the upper echelons of OTO, whichever OTO
that might be.

	If you have the Knowledge and Conversation of your HGA then ASK!  Just bear
in mind that it is in no way consistent with Thelema as Therion intended it,
to view the HGA as anything other than a fully separate individual, one who
was once a manifest agent upon the Earth, just like you.  To think otherwise
is to disempower yourself with strange notions about how you are only asking
a higher part of you to answer your query.  Unless you happen to be an
Ipsissimus it simply is not going to work.  Then again, if you have the
Knowledge, then you have already successfully performed at least ONE Ninth
Degree operation, since that is what the Knowledge entails!  It is just a
matter of repeating it until you remember enough detail to put it into
practise on the physical plane…  or perhaps you have been fortunate enough
to meet your Angel in the flesh, as happens to some of us.

	Here is the amended Oath:

	In so far as I am acting as an Officer of the Lord of the Aeon and carrying
out the Will of the Aeon in fulfilling my Duty in performance of Ninth
Degree Work, then do I take upon myself the Great Obligation as follows:

I, NAME, a member of the Body of God, hereby bind myself on behalf of the
whole Universe, even as we are now physically bound unto the cross of

That I will lead a pure life, as a devoted servant of the Order:

That I will understand all things:

That I will love all things:

That I will perform all things and endure all things:

That I will continue in the Knowledge and Conversation of My Holy Guardian
Angel:  OR  That I will strive ever unto the Attainment of the Knowledge of
my Holy Guardian Abgel:

That I will work without attachment:

That I will work in truth:

That I will rely only upon myself:

That I will interpret every phenomenon as a particular dealing of God with
my soul.
And if I fail herein, may my pyramid be profaned, and the Eye be closed upon

	Should I come finally to face the Ordeal of the Abyss, then will I swear
this Oath in its fullness, even as I now swear it as an empowerment of
Office in the Work of the Aeon!

	End of Statement.


"Love is the Law, love under will"

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