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To: alt.necronomicon,alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick,alt.lucky.w,alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic
From: Lord David Jasper 
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001 05:28:26 -0600

Oh, I really must join in on this conversation. I hope I am not intruding.

Dearest Ceasar,

Yes,  I do believe we have touched upon this subject more than once within
these hallowed halls, and let me say this, that truly if enough passion
and thought have been thrown at a subject it will undoubtedly foster a
However, many feel this to be a waste of ones time. Perhaps, perhaps not.
It is not my place to instruct one on how they should spend their time.
As for whether or not it matters if there is or is not a true
Necronomicon, well, a smile gently crosses my lips on that. Claims abound
and furious discussion batters at ones senses, but we all continue.
Truly, Lovecraft never composed that tome, nor did he even give it
credence enough to outline it in any complete detail. Therefore, to look
to his shade for guidance or inspiration is misplaced.
I am not one to toute Mr. Crowley, or any of his ilk for they were mere
children playing with mysterious toys.
But, the Book of the Law does make amuzing reading. Channeled books are
somewhat of a curiosity, but do not flame the fires within me.
No, books from ones own imagining are what makes my heart go aflutter. I
say this to all would be magickians that think they would like to follow
the Necronomicons ways, put down the book of childish invention and pry
open your own devices and grasp pen in hand. Put down your own magickal
writings and walk your own paths. Leave the playthings to those that know
no better.

However, if you wish to dabble with the Necronomicon and Cthulhu, then so
be it. I am sure you will gain some measure of satisfaction.


Lord David Jasper

CEASAR wrote:

> There are many "necronomicons",,but is there an actual "THE"
> _Necronomicon?
>   There is NO such book. Anybody can write one, but there is no
> definitive book....
> ----But, does it really matter?
>   Lovecraft, through dreams, was given the inspiration to write this
> fiction work. However, on the flip side, dreams are a vehicle of
> prophecy and vision.  We hear about Crowleys ' Book of the Law',,it
> wasnt a dream, but a channeling. The 'Secret Chiefs' of Golden dawn
> legacy, was a channeling,,so was Lovecraft channeling?..Maybe...was
> there a mad arab? Palestine is full of them today, and they carry
> bombs,,but do they help pen occult classics,,,probably not unless it
> is in the name of allah...
>  BUT!,,alas,,,does the Necronomicon work...O' hell yeah it does!
> Through morphic resonance, Cthulu lives....He is an archetype of
> Telokh Vovin -Choronzon,,,all the twisted chasms of yesterdays Old
> Ones,,before the days of genesis' Nephilim, in days of zep tepi and
> the Khem Divine Ennead...& before the anti-deluvian eras---
> A simple but true analogy would be this; A group egregore is a unified
> body of consciousness over a magickal lodge that are fed and alive for
> generations,,,so much more for a book as necronomicon,,in which
> literally thousands of aspiring magi worked and empowered it...
> So conclusion is this,,there never was a
> necronomicon,,BUT!,,heh,,there is NOW!
> .....make sense?

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