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Psychics and Magicians

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick
From: nagasiva 
Subject: Psychics and Magicians (Floating at 11; was catherine... )
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 04:22:18 GMT

50010727 VI! om Hail Satan!

sri catyananda :
> ...We want folks to
> be educated; he archives dozens of pages per week and i and illustrate
> write a new web page each week, just to get the information out there so
> no one can take advantage of those who are interested in magic but don't
> know much. That's why there are more than FIVE THOUSAND free web pages
> on magic, the occult, mysticism, and religion at 

I'm doing the Devil's Duty, encouraging the growth of occultism and
the healthy exercise of ego that goes along with it. it's all a hook
for Satanism, though, I hope. here's to a fruitful 24 years!

>> ...*any* items they sell can inherently change someone's life 
>> (except perhaps the books).  

why not? why bother being involved in magic? even HAIRSPRAY
may inherently change people's lives.

> Why can only the BOOKS "inherently change someone's life"? 

easy, being conditioned within cultures who pay an extraordinary
amount of attention to books as magical and religious objects,
books are vested by these individuals with special powers
(note that these are the same who will most likely get very
alarmed about the proliferation of "The Necronomicon" because
"it's a fake, dammit!". the Book has been provided with special
abilities by Book-gods to "inherently change someone's life"
("that book changed my life!"), but, since we can't READ a
wand, it can't "inherently" change our lives. it just sits 
there doing nothing, I guess. a boring ceremonial world. see?

you may also notice that these same ceremonialists will not

	* personalize the planets (calling them by their proper
          names and addressing them as people, inclusive of
	  Sol and Luna) nor indeed their magical tools, since
	  there is little need to get to *know* the magical 
	  object -- it's all a mental trick anyway

	* truly understand that magic for mysticism's
	  sake and magic for other purposes are both as
	  legitimate as one another
>Are books a different kind of magical object, with higher power-points 
>than other magical objects you can buy in those store? 

yes, because there is a strong sociocultural history of books that
have magical power (The Bible, The Talmud, The Qur'an, 
The Necronomicon, etc.) regardless of their individual variability 
(none of these is a monolith or has only one form). if you can get 
books from gods then they must be the Most Advanced Magical Objects 
to purchase.  all these other things were demonstrably made by 
other human beings! but the books could be channelled or inspired 
in prayer. 

and just look at the dearth of intelligence which is prevalent in
a ceremonial analysis of modern grimoires such as the Necronomicon.
with indignant arrogance, the ceremonial magician pronounces the
text a "fake!" because it was conceived by a writer of fiction
years ago, and yet the very magic books they love and adore would
have been received WITH less respect a mere 10 or 15 years after
their publication. too often we're first *informed* what are the
"classic grimoires" without a real consideration of what should
be the proper minimum standards for them. someone else sets the
standards from afar and steers the attention toward, ultimately,
conventional religion or personal aggrandizement. taking just a
smidgeon of authority from them through criticism of their abject
failure to address the issues raised above, one is more often
liable to hear about how some things "work" and some "don't" and
"never the twain shall they meet!"
>Who makes the rules?  Who assigns the power-points in YOUR world?  

I assign them for my own ritual objects. I was taking an
inventory recently and still my focus tends to be on my
athame (letter opener) as doing poking needling scraper.

the Psychicism School of Magic has attempted to reduce the number
of rules to very few -- but the first is this: 

	the most advanced kind of magic is done with the mind; 
	all tools are mental props to use prior to being able to 
	 'ride without training wheels'; 

this roughly parallels the same groups' religious counterparts who
tell us all the fabulous rewards which you can have if you but
shut up and do what you are told (you'll get reborn into a place
of plenty and joy!).

too often the Psychicism School of Magic hasn't had enough
training in the physical sciences or enough experience with
the shams and charlatans of the paranormal world.

blessed beast!

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"that which liberates is ignorance"
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