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Powerbooks: Abramelin and Pow-Wows

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From: blackman99 
Subject: Powerbooks: Abramelin and Pow-Wows (AC: 'Abramelin is The Most Evil Book Ever?')
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 08:48:34 GMT

50030115 VII om

>>> A friend told me on IRC that Crowley once called the 
>>> "Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage" the 
>>> most evil book in existence. 

now why would he do such a thing? he based some of his own
ritual work on the text, including his own Augoeides Adventure.

>>> ...I heard it's a staple for all magicians, 

no, just certain ones with interests in Holy Guardian Angels
and grimoires of this type, especially those who like to jam
with Jewish mysticism and magical accoutrements.

>>> and that its power is very real, 

would this be the original manuscript only, or would reading
a published translation of the text make a difference? would
original Hebrew provide some advantage given the character 
of the perceptual envelope accompanying the text? or is this
some kind of charade? what is the reality behind the legends?

some books like Pow-Wows are considered potent in themselves,
across publishing by virtue of its integrity and spell no doubt.

>>> and that some of the symbols shouldn't be shown to 
>>> animals or children.

it's apparently a course on magic. I don't know why looking 
at its funny squares (with repetitious words in them) is 
gonna hurt anyone much. people might take it too seriously
though, and believe the legends about its origins over its
more sober alternatives. same is true of most grimoires. :>
they have an underbelly of slimy goo and a dark crispy shell.

Pearlz :
>Actually, it's a good book on magick, 

they raved on this Dover reprint. many have been inspired 
by its pages to undertake magical operations.

> and historically interesting as well.  

please elaborate, Mystress Peggy.

> There are some magickal squares in it, but nothing to get
> so wooo-woooo over.  You're being very silly.

the Book of Power is supposed to have a localized effect,
by virtue of its pattern, composure, or symbolism. the
Seals enscribed in the Book of Power warp reality around
them; the most potent grimoires must be locked with metal
and bound or encased so that their power is not unleashed
unsuspectingly or without meaning to. they are encased 
yet again by numerous binding or distraction spells to 
prevent the foolish and naive from having easy access. 

in the front of Pow-Wows (which I just happened to grab
when looking for an older copy of Abraha-melanin) we find:

	Whoever carries this book with him, is safe
	from all his enemies, visible or invisible;
	and whoever has this book with him cannot
        die without the holy corpse of Jesus Christ,
        nor drowned in any water, nor burn in any
	fire, nor can any unjust sentence be passed
	upon them.

this is SO crucial in the film "Apprentice to Murder",
because social apprehension and sentencing was culminating
and one might choose from a variety of conclusions, 
including that the sentence being passed upon the Pow-Wow 
was just (apparently so), that his Book was taken from him 
(this is doubtful, but in a rural Penn-Dutch town?), or his 
Book had no real power. the reality is less important than 
the example which it here serves. 


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