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Magical Classics?

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From: nagasiva 
Subject: Magical Classics? (was Help with Classic's of magick)
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 10:47:40 GMT

50020530 VIom

Joseph :
> ...the list you give is rather basic formularies most people here 
> are so familiar with as to render discussion of them veritably moot.

and yet what constitutes 'classic'? compare 'Coke Classic' and
'Classic Rock' -- no consistent usage. it is one thing to speak
of 'Classic Grimoires' (because one may focus upon this French
term at least), quite another to speak of 'magical classics'
on account of the relative age of magical traditions throughout
the globe and the permeability of the category of magic as such.

> Though its rather frowned upon by some i would recommend 
> crowleys magick in theory and practice as a good introduction 
> as to what these types of "mystical or spiritual exercises" 
> might be.

here's my correspondence excerpt of late (from Russia! forgive
the Anglese!):

> We are going prepare for print a collection of magick grimoire 
> (Testament of Solomon, Key of Solomon, Le Grand Grimoire, 
> Grimoire du Pape Honorius, Grimorium Verum etc.) 

lovely selection.... 

> ...may be you know if Crowley worked with any more grimoires, 

yes, here I suggest:

Goetia: Lesser Key of Solomon ('The Lemegeton').
or maybe even Crowley's edition of it, if you like him. :>

or even his own grimoire:

     Liber Arcanorum sub figura 231                                        
   {An account of the cosmic process so far as it is indicated by          
   the Tarot Trumps in relation to the Genii of the Qliphoth.}             

which you can get at

and other places....
or perhaps the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage.

> for example with "Clavicula Salomonis". Or may be you can 
> advice any other works about it, other interesting grimoire etc?
"Clavicula Solomonis" or The Key of Solomon is a classic, yes.
consult Shah's "The Secret Lore of Magic" and, if you haven't
yet, Arthur Edward Waite's "Book of Ceremonial Magic" aka 
"Book of Black Magic and Pacts" with added material of this
type. there are probably others available from Kessinger or
Phanes Press. Crowley's version of Goetia may be worth a look.

if you want to range much further out,
consult the sources of Chaos ("Principia Discordia") 
Kali ("The Monkey Wrench Gang") and everyone's favourite
"Mahaprajnaparamita Sutra" and the life of Padmasambhava
(Yeshes Tsogyal, my beloved!) and many other writings and
scriptures. I Ching (e.g. Shao Yang's Circle and Square),
and Taoist alchemy (Lo Shu Diagram, He Tu Picture), and
any number of Arabic (e.g. Picatrix) or Coptic or Jewish
(e.g. Sword of Moshe), 6th/7th & 8th/9th/10th Books of Moses
options may intrigue.

if you wish to maximize your modern material also, I have 
constructed many grimoires myself, among them:

	Kathulu Majik: Luvkrafting the Roles of Modern Uccultizm
	to be found in electronic form (danger level extreme,
	especially when printed flush right, as is required) 
a grimoire on the order of the former only within the minds of 
those associated with this missive on account of intimacy and 
corrosiveness. those interested in mastery of such objects 
consider grimoires on the result of an ordinary art otherwise 
provided authority and power in proportion to the power of the 
mage constructing it. only a truly potent publisher is capable 
of reproducing quality material from powerful magicians. most
powerful grimoires are original manuscripts, but failing that,
those published by the author during hir lifetime. beyond this,
one autographed by the author or with hir memorabilia and power
symbols may be considered comparable in potency.

to be the first to render unto a new language the materials of
magic from the world over, whether starting in European or other 
geographic and temporal contexts, is a glorious pursuit and 
deserves support by arts endowments and the occult community at 
large. thank you for this opportunity to contribute to such a 
noble and admirable cause: kinship, freedom, and compassion.

blessed beast!

frater (i) nigris (666) 333

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