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Darcy KŁntz and the Black Pullet

To: alt.magick,alt.magick.tyagi
From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: Darcy KŁntz and the Black Pullet
Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2002 10:33:52 GMT

Sar Draconis wrote:
> Holmes publishing group has published a very interesting volume
> copyright 1999 by Darcy Kłntz and Holmes publishing group, entitled
> "The Black Pullet or The Hen with the Golden Eggs", subtitled "The
> Science of Magical Talismans."  The 2nd page of the book states that
> it is a translation of "La Poule Noire" from the Paris edition of
> 1880, made by Gryffon Turner.
> The attribution of the title of the Grimoire is erroneous; the text
> furnished by Kłntz and Turner is in fact from a different french
> grimoire than La Poule Noire; in fact, they have provided instead a
> translation of the french grimoire entitled "La G»nie et le Tr»sor du
> Viellard des Pyramides, Veritable Science des Talismans", or "The
> Genie and the Treasure of the Old Man of the Pyramids, the True
> Science of Talismans."
> There is a 1972 french publication published by Pierre Belfond (in
> their "Sciences Secrňtes" series) entitled "Grimoires et Rituels
> Magiques" which presents a comprehensive set of french grimoires,
> including both "La Poule Noire" and "Le Genie et le Tresor du Viellard
> des Pyramides", and a careful comparative study of these texts shows
> that undoubtedly the publication of Darcy Kuntz is definitely
> misattributed as explained above.  The grimoire texts provided in the
> edition of Pierre Belfond in their entirety are:
> "Le Livre des Conjurations" du Pape Honorius
> "Enchiridion" de sa Saintet» le Pape L»on III
> Le Dragon Rouge
> La Poule Noire
> Le G»nie et Le Tr»sor du Viellard des Pyramides
> La Chouette Noire
> "Rituel de Haute Magie" de Cornelius Agrippa
> I give here a portion of the text of "The Black Pullet" or "La Poule
> Noire", which is the correct grimoire appearing under this title, as
> taken from the Pierre Belfond edition:
> "Prenez une poule noire qui n'ait jamais pondu et qu'aucun coq n'ait
> approach»e faites en sorte, en la prenant, de ne la point faire crier,
> et pour cela vous irez ż onze heures du soir, lorsqu'elle dormira, la
> prendre par le cou, que vous ne serrerez qu'autant qu'il faudra, pour
> l'empÕcher de crier; rendez-vous sur un chemin dans l'endroit o* deux
> routes se croisent; lż, ż minuit sonnant, faites un rond avec une
> baguette de cyprňs, mettez-vous au milieu, et fendez le corps de la
> poule en deux, en prononŃant ces mots par trois fois . . ." (words of
> power omitted out of respect for Almighty God.)
> On the other hand, also from the same edition, the opening lines of
> the Old Man of the Pyramids read:
> "On me saura gr», je pense, avant de faire conna”tre ż mes lecteurs
> comment ces secrets merveilleux m'ont »t» communiqu»s, et comment la
> divine providence, en me faisant . . ."
> Although Darcy Kłntz has performed the reading public a valuable
> service in providing an english edition of the very interesting book
> "The Old Man of the Pyramids", I fear that it has mislead the reading
> public by erroneously titling it "The Black Pullet" (french "Le Poule
> Noire"), which as stated above, refers to  a completely different
> grimoire, and actually one of quite a different character.

Sar, forgive my tardiness in replying to your very interesting post.
This matter of the Black Pullet is of great interest to me but i am
hamstrung by my inability to read French. 

Are you familiar with the Samuel Wiser edition of "The Black Pullet"?
This is translated by an anonymous hand and it accords with A. E.
Waite's sketchy description of "The Black Pullet", being attributed to
one "A.J.S.D.R.L.G.F. in Eygypt -- 740." It tells the tale of a French
man who is rescued and educated in "the Science of magical Talismans and
Rings" by an old hermit who lives in a pyramid. The old man gives the
narrator 22 talismans (which are pictured in the book) and then
describes how to raise and train a treasure-finding Black Pullet. 

Since this book contains both a Black Pullet *and* an "Old Man of the
Pyramids" i wonder what the differences between the two grimpires may
actually be, and also which book the Wieser translation is, exactly. 

Can you describe in greater detail (in English) the differences?


cat yronwode 

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