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Black Magic

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Subject: Black Magic
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 07:26:40 GMT

50000803 Vom Hail Satan!

a correspondent wrote:
>     Are there any people in this society who practice black magic? I
> mean the way Alistair Crowley (sorry if the spelling is wrong) did it,

there are many in the Satanist community who have been influenced by
Crowley. Crowley described his magicK as white, and predominantly
mystical in aims. given that his "Confessions" indicate he was not
spiritually adept (due to his malformed and bigotted character), we
must conclude that he was a failure as a magician of his class.

>     Also I was really shocked to find out that Alistair Crowley was a
> founder of the order that was very close to the "Golden Dawn", which is
> basicly a very ancient and powerfull group of people who are trying to
> reach the secrets of magic. 

if you are talking about the OTO, then Crowley did not found this order,
Theodore Reuss did, after conversations with Karl Kellner. Crowley is
supposed to have received the authority of the Head of the OTO from
Reuss at a certain point, after which time he attempted to shape it
toward his particular tastes ('Thelema'). the Golden Dawn is matricular,
the OTO is a magical initiatic fraternity whose degress subsequent to
those available to all of good report, sufficient age, and properly 
prepared (meager requirements; degrees 0-IVpi) are purely administrative.

> great if anyone could share "privately" his/her experience in magic, 
> and ritual perfomance. Maybe someone is in possess of ancient magic
> formulars, I would really like to get deeper into this question.

'black' magic is typically that which is disdained. even Crowley
used this particular characterization (to describe that which was
not directed toward the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian
Angel). Satanists like LaVey and Aquino adopted 'black magick' as a 
descriptor for manipulation of any type and distinguished between
'Lesser' (ordinary) and 'Greater' (mystical or transpersonal) types.

the way that Crowley described formulae was probably on the order of
Levi or others whom he lauded. these were linguistic descriptors
apparently applicable to meditative and ritual resonance. they are
only metaphorically related to actual chemical or combinatory
formulae which may be found in folk magic today.

black magic formulae tend to include such substances which are
noxious or corrosive. mustard, pepper, sulphur, lye, and dauber 
nests are examples with which I am familiar. it all depends on the
tradition of magic with which one is working (I am most familiar
with hoodoo, though have studied Wicca and popular witchcraft). 
what qualifies as 'black' magic may also include certain types
of 'forbidden' or 'licensed' activities like the summoning of
demons or the dead, and the construction of certain rites such 
as the consumption of the flesh of deities (eucharist), and the

here is an example of a black magic formula from hoodoo

		red pepper
		black pepper
		crushed egg shells or talc
		Hotfoot Oil (optional)

	this is a very simple formula which may be used as a
	kind of 'hotfoot powder', spread on an area with the
	intent of causing certain individuals (or all) to
	vacate. for example, one might sprinkle it on an
	enemy's doorstep in order to get them to move.

	my wife has a web page which describes more concretely
	the composition and methods of using hotfoot powder,
	which ultimately derives from African-diaspora magical
	traditions. you can find it at:

I call this 'black' because it is coercive. by Satanists it
would be considered 'Lesser Black Magick', or dismissed as
either unethical or ineffectual.

blessed beast!

Satanic Outreach Director,
Church of Euthanasia (
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