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Black Arts References/Advice

From: nagasiva 
Subject: Black Arts References/Advice
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 18:03:31 -0800 (PST)

49990106 IIIom

you wrote:
# I'm sorry to bother you so close to Christmas (if you celebrate it; 
# still, the energies are good), but I am in desperate need. I 
# can't tell you the specifics of the need on the 'Net (AOL being 
# as nosy as it is), but please, trust me. I need a kind of magic 
# I don't perform, and I need it *now*....

I received this a while back and had it in my email box, intending
to respond to you.  instead you called and spoke with people at
Lucky Mojo Curio Company for a little while, so now I know more 
about your particular desires.  :>  I am going to cc the bottom
portion of this missive to public forums for the benefit of 
students of the Dark Arts everywhere.  thanks for your inquiry.

I am much more comfortable discussing things in public (in email
lists and Usenet newsgroups), and you may find items in the 
Hollyfeld Archive

to be helpful in basic research (esp. the Satanism directory).
if you want more in-depth information about the subject of
Satanism I would also refer you to the following URL:

which is only the beginning of what I'm trying to create there,
inclusive of an archive of antagonistic and manipulative magick.

----- to be send out to public forums:

# ...I am a sister/child (at least, a child in these forms of 
# the Arts) in great need [for magical revenge/assault].
here are the details I would recommend:

	* be sure that what you are doing is truly
	  what you want to achieve; underestimate
	  the limits of your will in the matter,
	  prepare for the waning of your anger and
	  come to better understand the nature of
	  your feelings of desire for revenge, so
	  that you can save yourself any regret in
	  the future should your will prove
	  sufficient to seriously damage your target.

	* once you are sure what you want, throw
	  yourself into study and learn the ropes
	  of struggle, trying to anticipate all
	  possible repercussions in advance; do not
	  omit key assessments such as physical
	  differences in strength, skill in personal
	  struggles, the availability of weapons, or
	  the possible breakdown into sociopathology
	  of those you may target for revenge; make
	  a list of your weak points, vulnerabilities,
	  and set about bolstering these or drawing
	  them far from the reach of your adversary.

	* let the magical work be an APPENDAGE
	  to your work in the world, rather than
	  a substitute for it; that is, if you
	  want to hurt someone who hurt you,
	  don't just cast spells to effect it,
	  also set about doing what you can 
          to sabotage and disrupt the lives of
	  those who deserve your revenge; e.g. if 
	  you want to cause a break-up of two people,
	  consult the variety of really nasty
	  films and books depicting methods for
	  revenge and select your route of choice;
	  communicating secrets that the two have
	  withheld from one another, sowing the
	  seeds of discontent through suggestion
	  inducing paranoia and suspicion, and
	  generally inciting dissatisfaction between
	  the two people in any way you can would
	  multiply the power of any Break-Up spell
	  you may desire to cast; the spell can be
	  a prelude to or a seal upon the revenge
	  you see fit to exact.

	* protect yourself with the implements of
	  your craft; whether this be talismans
	  and amulets or kevlar vests and helmets,
	  if you are going to enter into a conflict,
	  be prepared for more response than you
	  anticipated so as to put down resistance
	  to your vengeance and strike the final blow.

	* use the law and social assistance support
	  to achieve your ends; make complaints
	  of abuse known to legal authorities as
	  soon as possible, report thefts and use
	  mechanisms of restraint and separation
	  to benefit you; study up on these options
	  and bring them to bear when it will most
	  benefit your position (like in a game,
	  timing is very important, especially if
	  you aim to cause the most damage in your
	  revenge that you can).

	* wherever possible secure guarantees against
	  backlash such as defensive maneuvers to
	  theaten or control the enraged adversary;
	  this could be as simple as manipulation
	  ("You said you loved me!") or as complex
	  as extortion ("If you do that I may take
	  the opportunity to mention our affair to
	  your wife, asshole!"); be tactful, always
	  try to keep your final play in the 
	  struggle a secret and be clever enough 
	  never to have to use it.

for reflection on practical application of these suggestions
I would recommend the following internet forums, within which
you may be able to contact individuals who have experience
with and may be interested in performing for you a variety of 
revenge-oriented magical acts (be careful, get to know the
field and get references wherever possible; be wary of 'experts'):

	Usenet: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.lucky.w,alt.satanism,
	IRC: #witchcraft, #satanism, #magick

	Email: Darkpaths-L (
	       Malefica-L (
	       Occult Elist (

	     and search on "Satan" or "Dark" for links

blessed beast!

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