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Astrological Magick FAQ

To: alt.magick.tyagi
From: jake 
Subject: Astrological Magick FAQ
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 01:25:29 +0100

Astrological Magick FAQ.

As there have been a few inquiries on this newsgroup, posting this
information seemed more worthwhile than inviting inquiries.

This is not arranged as Question and Answer as the main question people
ask  about astrological magick  is "where can I get information?" and
the answer is not in the traditionalist or the modern camps of
contemporary occultism. Anyway, this is a condensation of material used
by an English Order who researched it for themselves.  20 plus years of
research went into the short but concise statement of rules here,
accordingly any use of it should credit the source. Most of it is quoted
from "The Equinox - British Journal of Thelema", of which I am an
editor, where you can find out about "Astrologically Timed Tantric
Worship in English" at greater length. JSK.

A good astrological handbook will help with any unfamiliar terms.

The Reconstructed Principles of Magical Astrology.

At least one group of "Thelemic Astrologers" engaged upon the task of
establishing a method of optimising the factors "infinite & unknown", by
the astrological timing of magickal acts.

Initially faced with a bewildering array of rules and interpretations
from the fields of Horary and Electional Astrology, a basic "modus
operandi" quickly emerged, and has now been in use for several years
with remarkable results.

1. Firstly, it should be understood that major aspects yield the
greatest power. The Sun-Venus, Sun-Jupiter, and Sun-Mercury conjunctions
are to be celebrated as feasts, i.e. whenever they occur. Apart from
these, it is wise to peruse the ephemeris for at least a month ahead,
noting any major aspects with a view to possible magickal events
commensurate with the astrological configuration.

For example, a Moon-Venus conjunction may be used for attracting a
desired person. Sun-Jupiter trines can yield favours from those in
authority, a Mars-Pluto opposition SHOULD be a neat time to wipe out
your enemies, but the consequences of fucking that one up are a little
more severe!

2. Having matched the "Primary Significators" and their configuration
with the aim, the magickal act may be timed more effectively by careful
positioning of the house cusps. Planets are strongest when angular,
weakest when cadent. Placing the Primary Significators on the angles and
any contra-indicatory planets cadent is as sure a way as any of at least
achieving a result, although there are indications that aspects which do
not perfect before the planets change sign are ineffective.

3. At this point, the chart is examined for radicality by horary rules.
The Ascendant must be in neither the first nor the last three degrees of
a sign; neither the Moon nor Ascendant must be in the Via Combusta; the
Moon must not be Void of Course and Saturn should not be in the
Ascendant unless she be a Primary Significator.

4. The aspect or configuration must still be applying to perfection at
the proposed time, which may necessitate moving the event [back] a day
and restarting the process. Otherwise, if the chart is found to be
radical, and the Moon's last aspect before changing sign be favourable
to the end, the chart may now be fine-tuned according to the following
and other considerations, but without altering the basic elements as
outlined above.

5. It may be that there appears some similarity between the chart and
the natal of the magician or the object. If so it may be accentuated by
placing this point in a position of prominence - the Midheaven or
Ascendant perhaps.

6. The Part of Fortune - or Pars Fortuna. [The position of] Fortuna
(gematria value 93) is calculated by the formula:- 

It is a curious entity, and has been well enough researched in recent
years to form the basis of a future article.

In the space available, suffice it to say that its Graal formula
enhances the initiate's ability to invoke the planetary forces.

7. The Dragon's Head and tail are phenomena used to evoke the planetary
forces - to inflame the masses etc.

8. Finally, a word about retrograde planets. Results have indicated that
magickal acts timed with retrograde significators merely pile up goody
points with the gods, until the planet reassumes direct motion. This can
be used with effect as a series of workings with a given retrograde

Having selected the moment whose astrological qualities match a given
magickal desire, any method of charging the moment (leaving a "stain" on
the THE ALTAR = 93 = TIME) may be used, be it ritual, ecstatic,
shamanistic, or tantric; if it be commensurate with the Stars and Thy


DO try to place primary significators as strong as possible by both sign
and house.

DO try to weaken malefic influences by placing in cadent signs.

DO try to include helpful aspects from the Moon.

DO pay attention to the Moon's forthcoming aspects, especially the last
before she changes sign.

DO try to achieve harmony with those planets involved by the fullest
possible use of appropriate incenses, colours, symbols, plants, etc.

DON't do anything during a ritual which is not in accordance with the
natures of the planets involved.

DON'T perform rituals with the Moon Void of Course, unless you do not
want a result.

DON'T perform rituals with the Moon in Via Combusta,  unless you mean to
destroy your work or dissolve something.

'he that professeth magic without astrology, doth nothing, 
but altogether is in error'    Cornelius Agrippa

The Gnostic Alchemical Church  of Typhon-Christ

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