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Aeonic Self-Aggrandizement and the Wiggy Way

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.gothic,alt.magick,alt.pagan,alt.pagan.magick,alt.thelema
From: nigris333 
Subject: Aeonic Self-Aggrandizement and the Wiggy Way (was ToH Thelemic Elist)
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 22:38:53 GMT

50020812 VIII om 

[X] noses the air:
>> Obviously someone a little bit informed about things, 

Cavalorn :
> I shall give my homonculi an extra Farley's Rusk apiece.

what the ?? the humunculi are referenceable, but what is a
'Farley's Rusk'? please elborate.

> Why don't you use your fabulous 'psychometry applied to people' 
> and find out just how informed? :) Or don't you have that 
> Seekrit Mutant Power any more?

comic-book based? is Wiggy a fan of the New Mutant Wars cosmos?

> ...the 'have you heard what Biroco thinks he's done now?' rumours
> were almost as widely circulated as the 'have you heard what 
> Bertiaux has persuaded Kenny to accept now?' rumours...

Michael Bertiaux and Kenneth Grant. was it the former who got Grant
to extend into faux-Tantrism or faux-Voodisme or something? do say!

>> That was a long time ago when the Force was Dark.
> It's a bit off to try to use the news of poor Tim burnt to death on a
> sofa in Cyprus as a prop for your own ideas of your magical competence. 

completely within magical and occult tradition to do so, unfortunately.

consider Crowley and especially LaVey with the latter's story about 
'accidentally' killing the starlet whose manager was the target of 
LaVey's magical wrath -- it seems rather pitifully possible to issue 
such proclamations after the fact and capitalize on the misfortunes 
of others. it tells us something of the desperation with which these 
folks would prefer to draw attention to themselves and their activities. 

the better grounded see real reflections of their activities as at best 
evidence of synchronicity or the machinations of some overarching or 
powerful deity and communicated insight into this (e.g. my recent
astounded note of my focus on The Tower during the period immediately
prior to and shortly after the World Trade Center incident -- see my
'Weirder than Fiction/What the Fuck?' #6(66), available online now at:

suspending certitude about their fabulous magical power).

> Still, Gerald's finally gone up in smoke some 12 years later, so maybe
> your thaumaturgies took the scenic route, eh?

some sort of temporal criteria should obtain, it seems.

> That whole 'current plus number' thing is just soooo fucking 1989. 
> Does anybody outside of Kensington even talk about 'currents' any more?

you know as well as I do that there are many who favour the whole
93 Current aeonics, or some subsequent numeric supposedly displacing
through 'New Age' revelation what is supposed to be authoritative and
reflective of the Cosmic Operating Principles (COP!!!!)


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