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   Teresa Shannon (tws@CSD.UWM.EDU)
   Tue, 5 Dec 1995 12:12:15 -0600

As an independent (and novice) student of medieval history, a friend asked
me to find
a German dubbing ceremony, which people on the list helped in finding.
The following is late 13th century from R. Elze, Konigskronung und Ritter
weihe, after the Bibl. Apost. Vat. Cod. Chigi C VI 174, f* 230 r* and the
Cod. Vat. Borghes, 49, f* 114v*.  Problem is I can't read latin, my
schools never offered it, so I have spent several hours with a
latin-english dictionary and the following is what I can come up with.  I
couldn't even find some words and they are still in latin in my attempted
translation.  As medieval latin may be very different from the
dictionary, I would appreciate any help and corrections.  First is the
original and then my attempt.  Thank you for your time and knowledge.

Ad calcaria.  Bene( )dic, domine, chalcaria ista, ut qui ex eis
calciatur, militari hodie officio dechoratus, chalcata nequitia, ad vitam
perducatur eternam. Per.

Ad clippeo.  Precamur, domine, clementiam tuam, ut famulus tuus, qui hoc
clippeum ad honorem militie dechoratur, sic per temporalia transeat quod
non amittat eterna. Per

Ad ensem.  Exaudi, domine, orationem meam et concede famulo tuo, qui hoc
ense accingitur, ut, defendendo iustitiam ecclesie, pupillorum ac
viduarum, sic tibi complaceat quot in die iudicii cum iustis inveniatur
et collocetur. Per.

(Oratio ad benedicendum arma) Omnipotens sempiterne deus a quo omnis
gratia onmis procedit intellectus, quique ad inimicorum tuorum ultionem
armaturam iustitie fideles tuos assumere precepisti   benedic arma ista
que famulus tuus accepturus est, ut sint ad tutamentum corporis at ad
gloriam virtutis adque decoris. Per.

(Alia oratio) Deus honorum dator dignitatum distributor   benedicere
digneris, quesumus, hunc famulum tuum qui ad militie honorem erigitur, ut
iustitie efficiatur defensor et devotus tibi milex et nequitie fiat
expugnator. Per.

(To arm with spurs)
Do well, lord over all, chalcaria this, so as eis from these spurs, for
this official day of knighting do that which is proper, chalcata of
idleness (sinfulness?) For life everlasting. Per.

(To arm with shield)
Precamur, Lord, we ask mercy from you as your servant, qui hoc shield to
honor it proper military use, and if this is to be temporary to go beyone
and so be yours forever.

(To arm with sword)
We obey your lordship, speak meam and we will submit as your servant tuo,
qui hoc gird yourself with a sword as defender of the church laws,
orphans and moreover widows, so tibi to be pleasing wherefore in this
days laws with justice achieve all and shine forth.

(Oration and benediction of armor): All mighty and eternal god to whom
all mercy and all understanding extends, avenge whosoever holds hostile
the armor and laws and preserve the paithful and courageous's prayers,
bless this armor and grant your servant truth, ut sint as defend the body
but for the glory and valor that is proper.

(For the candidate)
God giver of honor and granter of worthiness bless worthily from on high,
hunc your servant of military honor to elevate justice and efficiatur
defend and devote tibi arms and assault/conquer sinfulness forever. Per.

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