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FOTO Grand Manifesto

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From: (nagasiva)
Subject: JSmith: Grand Manifesto (F.'.O.'.T.'.O.'.)
Date: 20 Dec 1997 15:44:17 -0800

[from Jeffrey Smith ]

Y'all obviously need this....



93! (And 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99 and 100 for good measure!)

On behalf of the august fraternal and sororal order of the Fake
Order of Templars Oriental,  we bid you love, peace, and Will.
Desiring to make known unto you the true nature of our august
fraternal and sororal order, and to distinguish it from, on the
one hand,  the july fraternal and sororal order, and, on the 
other hand, the september fraternal and sororal order, we have
published, proclaimed, and manifested this grand Manifesto and
Proclamation and Invitation and Summation.

Know therefore that our august fraternal and sororal order is
a body of the O.T.O.,  sovereign, distinct, and with no ties to
any other body calling itself O.T.O.  Know also that we do not
have any claims to succession, or initiation, or  appointment,
by any body calling itself the legitimate O.T.O., and claiming
descent from Chazeh Gadolah, the Great Breast Himself,  the 
Profit of the Law,  the Magus Supreme and Self-Known, the
Frater Perturbaro, the Master Thereon and Therefore,  Aleister
Crowley, Laird sometime of Boleskine,  Frater VVVVVVVVVVVVVVV

For we are FOTO, the Fake O.T.O., and we take pride in being
an true, onehundred percent, to the core, unadulterated, fake
order.  No true members of the true O.T.O., or any body claiming
to be such, are allowed to become members of FOTO unless they
renounce their former membership, and denounce their former
order as being in truth a fake itself.  For we want none who may
claim a proper succession, initiation, or charter, from the true
O.T.O.   Therefore any person claiming membership in the following
bodies  shall be denied initiation, and brother-sistership in
the august fraternal and sororal order:
The OTO called Caliphate or Copyright
The OTO called Copywrong
The OTO called Typhonian
The OTO called Typhoonian
The OTO called Tycoonian
The OTO called Auranian-Chtonian
The OTO called Chtonian-Auranian
The OTO called Panama Convention
The OTO called Panama Canal
The OTO called Brooklyn Bridge
The OTO which derives from Motta
The OTO which derives from Motza
The OTO which derives from Chametz
The OTO called AOTO
The OTO called BOTO
The OTO called COTO
The OTO called DOTO
The OTO called EOTO
The OTO called GOTO
The OTO called HOTO
The OTO called IOTO
The OTO called JOTO
The OTO called KOTO
The OTO called LOTO
The OTO called LOTTO
The OTO called MOTO
The OTO called MOTTO
The OTO called NOTO
The OTO called OOTO
The OTO called AHTO
The OTO called POTO
The OTO called QOTO
The OTO called ROTO
The OTO called SOTO
The OTO called TOTO
The OTO called Dorothy
The OTO called UOTO
The OTO called VOTO
The OTO called Ex-VOTO
The OTO called WOTO
The OTO called XOTO
The OTO called YOTO
The OTO called ZOTO
The OTO called Swiss
The OTO called Brazilian
The OTO called Swiss-Brazilian
The OTO called Swiss Cheese
The OTO called Heidi
The OTO called Heidi-Ho
The OTO called Parzival
The OTO called Perceval
The OTO called Parsifal
The OTO called Persiflage
The OTO called Sir Percy
The OTO called Galahad
The OTO called Galahadn't
The OTO called Boyahad
The OTO called Boyahadn't
The OTO called Bors
The OTO called Bores
The OTO called Boring
The OTO called Lancelot
The OTO called Lancelittle
The OTO called Lancemedium
The OTO called Anything At All
The OTO which derives from Anyone at All
The OTO called Nothing in Particular
The OTO which derives from No one in Particular
The OTO called Nothing at All
The OTO which derives from No one at All
The OTO called OTO
The OTO which is not called OTO
The OTO which is called Something or Other we can't be bothered to remember
The OTO which is not called anything at all--
These and all other OTOs known or unknown to us.
Be it noted that while we can not grant membership in our august fraternal
and sororal order, we can not speak for the july fraternal and sororal order,
and the september fraternal and sororal order,  nor for any of the january,
february, march, april, may, june, october, november, or december fraternal
and sororal orders, and suggest you apply directly to each of them, as we
have all divided according to the word of scripture,  "Divided for the 
sake of union".

Our august fraternal and sororal order is devoted to developing each and
every human,  by exposing them to the Light,  and focusing on their True
Will (tm). Chemicals have been found to be proper and necessary, according
to the word of scripture;  but rare individuals have been discovered who
can, even in the Dark, develop themselves without exterior work.  Also we
have found use of the Current of Ma'at, and accordingly one portion of
our august fraternal and sororal order has formed itself into FOTO-MAAT,
making use of rites and usages appropriate to the Current of Ma'at.
The main portion of the Order has however kept to the traditional rites
and usages appropriate to the Current of Horus, or WHOAREUS, as his secret
name is known amid the Order.  (Well, it *was* secret.)  For we are true
followers of the Law of Thelma,  viz.  "Do what you will shall be the hole
of the Law, Love is the Law, Love under Will,  George, John,  Mary,  Vicky,
 and Alice".
And according to the Book of the Law, we observe three degrees,  the Hermit,
the Lover, and the Person of Earth (for we are gender-equal), divided into
further degrees.
For the Minerval,  all may apply, and the only qualification is to know nothing.
For the I degree, the qualification is to know you know nothing.
For the II degree, the qualification is to know you know something.
For the III degree, the qualification is to actually know something.
For the IV degree, the qualification is to know everything.
For the V degree, the qualification is to actually know everything.
For the VI degree, the qualification is so secret that even the members of
the VI degree do not know what it is.
For the VII degree, the qualification is to know who the Inner Chiefs are.
For the VIII degree, the qualification is to know what the Inner Chiefs say.
For the IX degree, the qualification is to be instructed by the Inner Chiefs
and receive their orders directly.
For the X degree, the qualification is that you instruct and order the Inner
For the XI degree, the qualification is that you are an Inner Chief, even if
we mere mortals don't recognize that fact.
Initiation into the degrees V to IX is by invitation of the higher degrees.
Initiation into the degrees I to IV is by the candidate's application when
the candidate feels prepared, subject to the advice of the higher degrees.
Initiation into the Minerval and X degrees is at the candidate's discretion,
and the candidate may initiate into the XI at any time, without completing
the full course of degrees, even from the degree of Minerval, whenever
the candidate feels it is appropriate.
And also in accordance with the Book of the Law we observe most fully the
great admonition, "As brothers fight ye:"  therefore none may be a
member of our august fraternal and sororal order unless they engage at
each equinox in a diatribe and vituperation of at least one other body 
which terms itself OTO, said diatribe to be unprovoked, unnecessary, and
intemperate, filled with comments and insults without any relation to 
reality, and irrelevant to the the forum in which it appears, and without
any relation to the responses of others, except to apply further insults
and degrading comments to those that respond, and even better, those that
do not respond.

Our august fraternal and sororal order was formed upon receipt of a direct
communication from AWACS, the entity formerly known as Aiwass (now using
a name more suitable to this technological age, chosen under the guidance
of his agent--his CDs will shortly be appearing in your nearest  record 
store  as AWACS and the Damned For A Doggy-Dogs) to Soror R.R.,  and under
her non-authority, and that of AWACS we hereby publish this manifesto. 
Let all who have ears, see, and all who have eyes, hear!
For we hold the Keys of the True Initiation, and the Formula of the Stone
of the Wise, and the Elixir of the Sages and Adepts and Mages, even
though we know not what to do with them!

  Jeffrey Smith

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