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Gnosticism and Kundalinin

To: alt.magick.tantra
From: "Luis Castillo" 
Subject: Gnosticism and Kundalinin ( to Nagasiva)
Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 14:04:30 -0000

I would like to respond you in a new post. The old ones are getting too
messy. By the way, Nagasiva, interesting name. Nagas, that is the name of
the Serpent-Men in ancient cultures like  old Mexico, and Siva almost like
Shiva from the one derives his spouse Kundalini.

As you know already, I am myself a Gnostic student that is trying really
hard to practice the teachings of a Tibetan Lama VM Samael Aun Weor, who in
his last reincarnation brought a message that he called the "fith Gospel",
understanding it as a key to comprehend and put into practice the hermetic
teachings of the Nazarene that we find in the four Gospels. Everybody agree

that Jesus was very demanding and tought through parables and metaphors and
not even the Gnostic gospels of Nahamagdi were written openly, not even his
Pistis Sophia.

Master Samael summarize the work of Self-Realization in three distintics
a) death of the psychological "I: (Ego or vices and defects)
b) Birth of the being within us
c) Sacrifice for humanity

a) The "I" dies based on rigorous creative comprehension. To work in
ourselves we have the "psycological gimnasium" wich is the everyday life
itself. Rigorous self-observation in our daily life is the foundation of
Self-Discovering. We cannot eliminate wich we do not know and comprehend.

b) The Being is born within us with Sexual Magic (every creation has its
origin in the sexual force). You asked what is the Being? That is a big
To understand this matter a litlle bit, because we are talking of forces
that are beyond of the physical realm, I recomend you to take a good look of
the "Tree of Life" of the Kabalists. In fact, Master Samael says that to
understand the Biblie, we need the help of the Talmud and Kabbala.
The Tree of Life is like a picture of the diferent manifestations of the
Logos (The Being or Logos). This Tree of Life is very useful to know "where
we are" in the universe with its all dimensions and cosmos. The Tree of Life
is the Initiatic Path itself, because it shows you the road that is before
you, the road back to the Being, our particular own Being. That is what some
people call "Reli-gare" (religion).
In the light of this knowledge we understand that the messages of Jesus,
Buddha, Khrishna, etc are the same. All these Avatars came to show us the
road back to our own origins.

Now , when we talked about raising the Kundalini, we are talking of
functions of the "occult aspects" of our anatomy. When someone raises the
Kundalini he put in action certain faculties that are called Chackras or the
"Seven Churches of the Book of Revelation". But also means the building of
the "celestial bodies" of the Being (Astral, Mental and Causal body),; these
are the vehicles of the Being, wich come from the the same energy of wich
our physical body was created, but using a diferent procedure (Sexual
Magic). Every one of those vehicles are related to the diferents dimensions
of the world, like we need this physical vehicle to move in this
tridimensional realm..

About the "vapors", our sexual energy, beside of the physical aspect has
also a tetradimensional one,  energy that we cannot see or measure. This
energy aspect of our sexual hormones rise through the spine. The physical
hormones will enter the circulatory sistem. That is the caduceus of Mercury.
It is a symbol that shows the spine with the two serpents, wich represent
two canals called Ida and Pingala (the two witnesses of the Apocalypses)
where the solar and lunar atoms of the sexual fire ascend to the brain .
and Pingala start from the sexual organs.

Raising the Kundalini is not something mechanical. It is just not simple
sexual connection. The force of Kundalini is very demanding. The Kundalini
never raise if we are not working in the elimination of the Ego.
When we study the Tree of Life we understand that the Third Logos, the Holy
Spirit (called by Kabalist as Binah) is the husband of the Divine Mother
Kundalini. The force of the Third Logos is the Akasha, the force that some
call the "Fohat", wich is kind of a bridge that links spirit with matter,
subject to object. The force of the Holy Spirit is in our sexual organs.
The Bible teach us of the unforgiveble sin, the one against the Holy Spirit.
That sin is fornication, wich means sexual conextion with orgasm. When that
happens we are throwing away the seed that links ourselves with our own Real
Being. Sexual Magic is the key, is the ladder.
This knowledge need to be practiced. We can acept it or reject it. It does
not matter. Walking the path of self-realization is something concrete, 100
% practical.

You want proof of people with inmortal bodies. Well, I am sorry but they do
not go usually to show themselves on talk shows. And it is not revelant,
because what we want is to walk the same road that others did before. That
is why we are talking right now. There is a secret resort that move us to
self-realization. Some are mature enough to star doing it. Some others dont.
If you study diferents books of great occultists, all of them agree in
certain names , as Jesus (wich is recognize as the highest Hierarchy of the
White Brotherhood), Moses, Cagliostro, Buddha, Krishna, ., etc.
About the subject Master Samael in his book The Perfect Matrimony says:
"During these days we have been informed that the Great Master Jesus is in
the Western United States (1960). The Great Master walks through the streets
anonymous and unknown, dressed like any other fellow countryman, and nobody
recognizes him. A tremendous Flow of Christic energy emanates from him and
spreads throught America. The Great Master still has the same body that he
had in the Holy Land............"
Anybody can smile or laugh about these words........but never know.
If the universe is infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent, atemporal, when
someone make him/herself one with the Being...............

Inverential Peace

From: "Luis Castillo" 
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Subject: Re: Gnosticism and Kundalinin ( to Nagasiva)
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"Gandhamaalin"  wrote in message
> Luis Castillo wrote in message ...
> >Now , when we talked about raising the Kundalini, we are talking of
> >functions of the "occult aspects" of our anatomy. When someone raises the
> >Kundalini he put in action certain faculties that are called Chackras or
> the
> >"Seven Churches of the Book of Revelation".
> There are only six chakras, though....
Luis: Chakras are magnetic centers that are in close correlation with the
glands of internal secretion. We can say that there are seven ingredients to
a triple nerve control. These nerves control the gladular septenary as
agents of the "Law of Triangle". Also we can say that the Chackras are the
senses of the Astral Body wich is a marvelous garment of the Soul. We do not
have an Astral body, just a kind of a Astral Gosht, we have to build up one
through Sexual magic.

1) First Chackra or Churche of Ephesus: The Kundalini; This is found two
fingers above the anus, and two fingers behind the genitals
2) Prostatic Chackra, or Churche of Smyrna
3) Solar Plexus. Churche of Pergamus
4) Heart, Church of Thyatira
These are the four inferior churches of our organism, known also as the
fundamental or basic

5) Larynx, Churche of Sardis
6) Frontal Chackra. Churche of Philadelphia
7) Pineal Gland, Churche of Laodicea

> >Ida
> >and Pingala start from the sexual organs.
> Ida and Pingala (as well as Susumna) start from the muladharacakra, which
> not located at the sexual organs (this would be svaddisthanacakra)
Luis: Ida and Pingala start from the sexual organs. Ida is to the left of
the spinal canal, and Pingala is to the right. In the woman this order is
reversed. This two channels end in the medulla oblongata.
This is a very complicated subject. We are talking of semi-etherical
components of our organism. The Hindustanis also say that within the Susuma
there is another called Vajrini, and within this one there is third one
called Chitrini, as thin as a spider web, within wich the chackras are
threaded, like the knots in a bamboo shoot. The Kundalini rises up Chitrini
solely and exclusively with Maithuna.

> >Raising the Kundalini is not something mechanical. It is just not simple
> >sexual connection. The force of Kundalini is very demanding. The
> >never raise if we are not working in the elimination of the Ego.
> It will rise even without the elimination of ego, though it wouldn't be
> to rise all the way.  The lower cakras have to do with basic life
> which are present even in forms of life which have no sense of self.  I
> be misunderstanding here... do you mean it won't rise at all, or that it
> won;t complete its rise?

Luis: I think that I did not explain myself correctly. The Initiate need to
be working in the elimination of the Ego. In fact. the tremendous force of
the Kundalini is the energy that will help him to eliminate the roots of the
animal Ego. Remember the Drama of the Nazarene. The Child-Christ (Horus),
the Savior, the Tipheret of the Tree of Life, is born in a stable. Who is
the stable? The Initiate, because within him there is Ego, represented by
the animals that surrounder the Child of Alchemy.
In the center of the heart lotus there is a marvelous triangle. This
triangle also exists in the coccygeal chackra and in the chackra of the
third eye. In every one of those chackras there is mysterious knot. These
are the three knots. What does they mean? Behold three fundamental changes
in the work with the serpent. In the first knot (Ephesus) we abandon the
system of spilling the seed. In the second knot (Thyatira) we learn to truly
love. In the third one (Philadelphia), we achieve true wisdom and we can see
clairvoyantly. The Kundalini in ascent must untie the three mysterious knots

> a constant state of being matrixed with the universe.  Now, whether we
> realize this, and what we do once we realize it, is another thing
> altogether.
>    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>        Tzimon Yliaster
>         Moksha Marga
>         PO Box 26362,
>   San Francisco, CA 94126

From: (nagasiva yronwode)
Newsgroups: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.religion.gnostic,alt.religion.sexuality,alt.magick.tantra
Subject: Gnosticism and Kundalini (was Raising Kundalini ....)
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50000512 IVom Happy Catyamas!

"Luis Castillo" :
>>>>>The technique for raising the Kundalini .... [is] Sexual [connection] 
>>>>>without orgasm....

"Luis Castillo" :
>>>Just focusing in avoiding the spasm needs a lot of mental concentration.

>>this is a generalization which is not borne out by facts. not only do
>>different men and women find it more and less difficult to avoid
>>orgasm, some find it hard to *achieve* it. of course if you are just
>>talking about within the context of the discipline you describe, then
>>it's quite possible that greater concentration is required.

"Luis Castillo" :
>>>Our imagination also play an important role. Before the physical 
>>>[connection], it is necesary to "light the fire", get enough sexual
>>>[excitation] to start the penetration. Once the couple is in the 
>>>intercouse we have to "see" in our mind how certain energies are 
>>>coming from our coccyx up to our brain, you can imagine something 
>>>like a "golden vapour" is going up slowly.

>>having imagined this energy rising up, then how do you know that the
>>experience of its rising (as well as the supranormal byproducts of
>>the process) isn't also entirely imaginary?

"Luis Castillo" :
>You are assuming that the raising of Kundalini is something
>mechanical, like going to the gym and work out to get big arms. 

I'm assuming nothing at all, except that you maintained that all
that was required was sexual connection without orgasm. you have
since elaborated that visualization is also important, which is
helpful, and I have now asked about what you think the results
truly are beyond the imaginary. you then elaborate that breath-work 
(control and manipulation, apparently) and intonation/chanting
are important elements. so we have in your expression the 
deepening into a complete mystical discipline. I really appreciate
the time you have taken to explain.

>...We are not alone in this work.  As a Gnostic student I kown
>that the work in Sexual Magic is one important factor, but not 
>the only one.

so sexual magic forms a part of what you are calling Gnosticism.
and kundalini is a part of this Gnostic instruction. I think that
I understand what you are saying, thanks.

>The goal is the awakening of consciousness, to walk the path 
>of Initiation.

awakening of consciousness seems similar to Buddhism (whose seed
etymology is 'bodh', to wake). what is meant by the 'walking the
path of Initiation'? is this the Hermetic idea of transiting the
various pathways of the Lurianic Tree of Life through 
visualization and personal discipline? if so, what role does sex
magic play in this system as you understand it?

>In the same way that we have physical parents, we also have, 
>internally, our Father-Mother (Our Particular Elohim, Atam ). 

and do you see these as separate individuals, spiritual entities
like 'godparents' or 'guardian angels'? or do you think of them
in psychological terms, like archetypes, aspects of your own
developing personality? is there a diversity of interpretation
about this in the Gnostic community? why do you use Hebrew terms
in the description of your Father-Mother? is this related in some
way to the Yab-Yum of Buddhism?

>The goal of working in the raising of Kundalini is to be one 
>with our Real Being.

so this differentiates you from Buddhism rather distinctly. what
do you suppose this "Real Being" to be, exactly? is it material,
spiritual, both? does it have particular qualities, or is it

>For having fun, we have TV, movies, parties, cars, drugs, 
>liquor, etc etc etc...........

so for you sex is not for "having fun", or sexual magic is not
"having fun"? do you approach it as a serious affair?

>>>Breathing is important too. You have to inhale profoundly and then
>>>hold it for a few seconds and then exhale. At the moment you hold the
>>>breathing use your mind like ordering to the Kundalini Serpent to raise.

do you think it is important that the Serpent is associated with Shakti,
a goddess, and that one is, when doing these exercises, ordering a
goddess around? why do you think this association is made otherwise?

>>>When you exhale imagine that those vapours come from your brain down to 
>>>your [heart]. Do that until you feel that your sexual [organs] are "empty". 

what do you think these 'vapors' might be? is it more than imagination?

>>>The physical impact in your body is [going] to be the sexual hormone 
>>>(men and women) inundating the circulatory system of the blood and 
>>>reaching the [different] glands of internal secretion (this is what 
>>>is called Sexual Transmutation). Thus those endocryne glands 
>>>superstimulated will produce more and more hormones 

do you think that the visualization and/or spiritual activity is in
some way connected or affecting the physical activity? or is it just
the breathing which facilitates this? does the visualization direct
the kundalini energy up the spine also?

>>>(do you want to find the fountain of the eternal youth, that every 
>>>one has been looking for eveywhere?.........well, it is inside 

do you have any proof that this is the case, some case histories of
people living extended lives? I asked you if you believed in
immortal people alive right now and you failed to respond. this is
another comment which seems to imply such a promise. I've heard it
from many who associated with mysticism of Indian and Gnostic types,
but few would disclose the kind of evidence available to substantiate
their (what I can only observe seem to be very unusual) claims.

>...The sexual hormones, when orgasm is avoided, ...will enter into 
>the circulatory system of the blood. The sexual hormones have two 
>roads: outside (orgasm) or inside (sexual transmutation).

so you are claiming that the avoidance of orgasm redirects the
hormones from the ejaculatory system into the circulatory system?
do you think this is a physical effect only, or are you also
associating with it some kind of spiritual effect?

>>>Mantrans are also important. Use the I  A  O (with their pronounciation in
>>>spanish) Sing the mantram when you exhale of course. First the mantram I
>>>(it will sound as a eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee).
>>>After separated from your couple, lay ddown in your bed and keep doing the
>>>same work, breathin, mantrams I A O etc until your sexual organs are
>>>completely empty. If you did a good job there will be no more sexual
>>>[excitation] but you will feel better than when you reach the orgasm 
>>>because your energies are within yourself.
>...The internal element of the word is prosessed geometrically in the 
>superior dimensions of space. The world and consciousness are really 
>the result of the Word. The Word creates universes. "In the [beginning]
>there was the Word................"

I don't understand "superior dimensions of space". so your metaphysics
includes a sonic-origination such as are described in the "Gospel of
Saint John" or in the "Vedas" (with Logos and Om, respectively)? if this
is so, when what is materiality and why are hormones so valuable as a 
means of changing your mystical state? 

>>>Remember that the Mason have 33 Master Degree?
>>...3 Degrees in Freemasonry, though Scottish Rite has 33 Degrees.
>>>It is because the 33 vertebres of our spine.
>We are talking of the raising of Kundalini: 

so you assert that the 33 degrees of Scottish Rite relate to the
33 years of the life of the story of Jesus and the 33 vertebrae
in the spine? that is extremely unusual and interesting.

>Well......the Kundalini Force raises through the spine. Refers 
>to the Caduceus of Mercury. Every vertebre means degrees and 
>initiation, in other words, spiritual knowledge

is this merely a symbol, or do you think that the Initiation of
which you were speaking above takes place in stages whereby each
vertebra is activated or cleared as a channel for the kundalini?

>>>The 33 is the age of Jesus when he finished his own initiatic process.
>>>Every Initiate it will be, esoterically speaking "33 years old" at
>>>that moment. The Kundalini Serpent need to reach every vertebre very
>>>slowly according to the esoteric work of the disciple.

>In fact, every religion has its own cross. The cross is a symbol of
>the union of the Phalus and Uterus. The synthesis of all religions, schools,
>and sects is Sex. The mysteries of the Cosmic Christ and Sexual magic are
>but one.

this is a FABULOUS cosmology. does it derive from a particular school
or organization, can it be found in specific books of which you are
aware, or is it your own derivation? is it a particular type of

>>>>>The Kundalini is the solar fire enclosed in the seminal atoms. The Kundalini
>>>>>has to ascend through the spinal canal, 

so is the kundalini the spiritual aspect of the hormones which course
through the circulatory system? is there a feminine counterpart to the
seminal atoms which occurs in women?

>>>>>but the Kundalini develops, evolves and progresses according to the 
>>>>>merit of the heart and it is one of the most difficult task for 
>>>>what does "heart merit" mean? how can one tell if one's heart has 
>>>>this merit? what makes the task difficult? how can we tell if we
>>>>are successful?
>>>The Great Law knows.

I don't understand this answer. what is the Great Law? how do we
connect with it?

>>>Serpen Kundalini menas a lot of power. When the Master reach the "age
>>>of 33" he is inmortal, he is a resurrected, He killed the death. Just the
>>>death can kill the death.
>>so you believe that people are walking around being immortal and incapable
>>of dying? do you have any names of people that we could verify?

I'd like a response to this.

>>>That power it is just for the few. Playing with
>>>the forces of Kundalini is like playing with a loaded gun.
>>>Besides, the work with Kundalini include also the psychological work of
>>>eliminating the Ego. If we try to raise the Kundalini without eliminating
>>>our vices, defects, and errors the serpent will not raise but descend (that
>>>is the satan's tail)
>>is it possible that the very extreme things said about this make it
>>impossible to achieve and therefore easy to use as a mark-attractor?

what part of this have you yourself experienced, rather than merely
had described for you?


-- ; ; 
emailed replies may be posted; cc replies if response desired

From: "John B" 
Newsgroups: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.religion.gnostic,alt.religion.sexuality,alt.magick.tantra
Subject: Re: Gnosticism and Kundalini (was Raising Kundalini ....)
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>this is a FABULOUS cosmology. does it derive from a particular school
>or organization, can it be found in specific books of which you are
>aware, or is it your own derivation? is it a particular type of

 I am guessing that it is at the very least influenced by Annie Besant's
"Esoteric Christianity", a sub-set of the general Theosophical movement,
which drew on many religious traditions in an attempt to 're-create' the
lost inner teachings of the Messiah. (based on the theory of a unitive core
of mystical experience, they seem to have been able to justify the

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