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Various: Tarot Attributions

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From: (nagasiva)
Subject: Re: Various: Tarot Attributions
Date: 13 May 1997 23:58:25 -0700

49970513 AA1  Hail Satan
>>...when I see, for example, the Five of Stones (Five of
>>Coins/Pentacles) and read the card's title "Material Difficulties," and
>>read the card's divinatory meaning, I don't just think "ah, this means bad
>>times, what shall I tell this person I'm reading for?" ; I instead see the
>>stones as the Earth symbol, the feminine element, the connection to nature
>>and the seasons, the interconnectedness of all these things with daily
>>work/daily life, the concept of extreme opposites that create *their*
>>opposites (in this card, for instance, a wintry time, either literally or
>>figuratively over to the springtime to come). (MARGARET MARY-THERESA BROWN):
>Very good example, thanks, finally someone posted a good example.
>This is the type of rapport I'm trying to develop with the tarot cards.


>having trouble with the minor arcana though.  The books I've read on
>them and the notes I take have only touched the surface of the meaning
>and don't really get into explaining things deeply enough for it to
>make sense to me.  

I doubt there is much on them written which delves very deeply.  more
often I've seen them related to the conventional Tree of Life's sephiroth
and explained this way.  Crowley's _Book of Thoth_ goes into them in
some depth, from the perspective of the suit and from the perspective
of the numbers of the same rank.  the Thoth deck and some others have
dedicated astrological and planetary signs assigned to them in a systemic
series, and generally the Small Cards are ascribed to the 'realm of 
manifestation', I think, being elemental (as are the Court Cards) rather 
than archetypal (as are the Major Arcanum).  these are supposedly the
immediate forces the querent which she is able to affect, rather than
the Major Arcanum, which is often attributed the quality of being
'massive forces beyond influence'.

one may study numerology, gematria and the attributions of the spheres
of the tree of life, as well as astrological correspondences to get a
feel for the particulars of the Small Cards.  it is also very helpful
to have some mathematical background, but this isn't necessary.

>Does Rachel Pollack give deep explanations for the minor arcana in
>her book?

Pollack favors Jung.  her _78 Keys of Wisdom_ (2 vols.) includes 
analyses of the Small Cards (Vol. 2 is devoted to them).  I find
her work to be quite valuable, if but an introduction to reading.
far superior than the taxonomists like Eden Gray, somewhat more deep
than the writings of Ariennes or whatever his name is, but nowhere
near the breadth or poetics of Crowley.  her style is psychological,
at least within these books, and her insights are sometimes inspired,
if limited to a particular perspective on the deck and its meanings.

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