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Thothbook Sleuthing

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From: 333 
Subject: Thothbook Sleuthing
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 08:52:43 GMT

50030918 viii

frater virgo :
#> Are you referring to p. 278, as in the subject line, the first
#> 777-style table of correspondences in Appendix B? Or do you really
#> mean p. 287, "The Vital Triads"? (At least those are the page numbers
#> in my edition: Weiser paperback, 1974 (printed 1978).
#> I'm inclined to think it's a simple copying error (whether by Crowley
#> or an editor I have no idea) rather than a deliberate blind. As I see
#> it the inconsistencies in the correspondences given in _The Book of
#> Thoth_ require changes in exactly two places to be reconciled: under
#> "General characters of the trumps as they appear in use" exchange the
#> verses (but not the keywords) under IV (p. 255) and XVII (p. 259),
#> and in the table of correspondences on p. 278 exchange the Aries and
#> Aquarius glyphs. The order of entries on pp. 278 follows that of the
#> numbers on the trumps, IMO only natural in a book on Tarot; other
#> than the accidentally (?) switched glyphs, and the appearance of the
#> Spirit attributions (31') at the bottom instead of under XX, they're
#> only "jumbled" in comparison to _777_, where the paths are ordered
#> according to the "Key Scale", i.e. their position on the Tree of
#> Life. The arrangement of the colour scales on pp. 279-80 is a bit
#> confused, with rows 28 and 15 switched to follow the trumps as on the
#> preceding page, but 19 and 22 not; again I attribute this to
#> editorial carelessness rather than some deep motive.
#> AFAICT everything else in the book regarding the correspondences of
#> _The Emperor_ and _The Star_ (pp. 9f, 39f, 77f, 109ff, 219f, 255,
#> 259, 266, 268 & 279ff -- have I missed any?) is quite consistent.
# siva and others are having it out on Thelema 93-L (yahoo) on this topic.
# makes for some interesting reading.

the gist of what I found so far:


my contention based on cyphered tables 278, 284 (1981 Weiser):

Thothbook implications:
                                 *-->indicates supports my assertion

  THp9-10  Star=He=15            *
    p9-10  Emperor=Tzaddi=28     *
    p77    Emperor=Tzaddi=Aries  
    p78    Emperor=Tzaddi=15     
    p109   Star=He=Aquarius      
    p203   Star=He=15            *
    p203n  Star=15               *
    p203n  Emperor=28            *
    p219   Emperor=Tzaddi        *
    p226   Emperor=Tzaddi=Aries  
    p229   Star=He=Aquarius      
    p220?  Star=He               *
    p255   IV=Star               *
    p259   XVII=Emperor          *
    p266t  He=15                 *
    p266t  Tzaddi=28             *
    p268t  Star=He=15            *
    p268t  Emperor=Tzaddi=28     *
    p278t  Star=He=Aries=15      *
    p278t  Emperor=Tzaddi=Aqu=28 *
    p279   [Emperor]=28=Scarlet  *
    p280   [Star]=15=Violet      *
    p284t  Aries=15=[He]         *
    p284t  Aquarius=28=[Tzaddi]  *
    p287t  IV=[Emperor]          
    p287t  XVII=[Star]           
   MWTp310 Star=He               *

changes to presumed Roman Numeral and 284t values calculated.
corrections? additions?

material on topic from Eq I:8 and Harris omitted as 
inconsequential but strangely-resonant with data.

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