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tarot/tree of life and I-Ching

To: alt.magick.tyagi
Subject: tarot/tree of life and I-Ching
Date: Thu, 07 Dec 2000 08:09:37 GMT

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 I am one of, maby 10 or so, occultists who have taken up the subject of
the correspondence of the tarot the cabala and the tree of life.  I am
the only occultist I know of, other than David Allen Hulse who has
worked on it from the "angle" of (in the language of the cabal) 32=64,
which seems to me to obviously be the only "angle" that makes propper
sence to the thinking occultist/perhaps thinking taoist, or
confuscionist, as well.  The other is David Allen Hulse; who, clearly
"knocked it up in his garage" or "dashed it off as an after-thought" (
altho, I must say, David Allen Hulse has much to recomend him, in almost
all other aspects of his work The Key of it All, and I have never
hesitated to reccomend it), and so this may be the first fully developed
correspondence for the tree of life and the I-Ching.  I am somewhat
interested inthe thoughts of those who may know the tarot, the tree of
life or the I-Ching, better than do I; since it is only that I am the
only person who has worked things out this much, that would make me back
away from such criticisms (Part of me is wont to say "what would you
offer in it's stead?").  Altho I am working from the 32=64 angle, and as
I said it makes most sence to me, the more usual 8=10 model, is not
something which I find repulsive, but I hope some can see why I would
consider the former the higher priority.  I have been studying all of
these for about 10 years now.
        My take on the subject is not based apon the King Wen Order.  I
do not wish to Desecrate Wen, but in the tradition of the Taoist
Numerologists (etc.), and in deferance to the fact of the pre-Wen
existence of the "Flux Tome", I have chosen an arrangement who's pattern
is more obviouse.
        Apon saying that, I should, however, note that it is only more
obviouse when considering the new order of the tarot/tree of life I have
posted to alt.magick, under the thread title "New correspondence of the
tarot to the tree of life" (paraphrase).  In that post I mention that
the discovery (which is the correct term, for what is displayed "there")
came as a result of an attempt to align the tree with the book of
changes, but that that attempt had thus far failed.  This is the success
of that attempt.
   The pattern is basically Heaven at the top of the tree and earth at
the bottom of the tree, with the upper trigrams going thru their
"complete cycle", before the lower gua (which makes sence, if you think
about it; especially since we always think of a gua as being built from
the ground up[therefore we should expect the more fundamental
difference3s in hexagrams to be ones in which the bottom trigram is
different, if my way of thinking is correct]), the cycle of which I
spoke is based apon Yang's tendancy to rise and Yin's tendancy to fall.
 That for those who know the subject extremely well, would be the key to
the entire assignation, but for the the question that nagged me: "should
I assign the Sephira of the tree of life a Gua that upsets the pattern,
but makes more sence based on what I know of the Sephira and the
Hexagrams?".  So I tried it both way's.  I came to the conclusion that I
should, but in case I was wrong, I shall also be presenting the more
pattern consistent arrangement.  I shall also present an arbitrary
arrangement, and that offered by Hulse.  The gentle reader will
understand the following far better if they are familliar with my
previouse post, mentioned above.  And so here is the cards arranged on
the tree of life, with the King Wen Gua numbers (2 each of course)

arrangement I like best      fully patterned         arbitrary     hulse
1's    11/34                 9/1                       64/63       1/2
fool   43/14                 43/13                     62/61       21/22
2's    47/64                 5/26                      60/59       3/4
magus  5/26                  11/34                     58/57       23/24
empress28/50                 57/44                     56/55       27/28
3's    63/22                 28/50                     54/53       5/6
pope   28/50                 48/18                     52/51       31/32
4's    7/40                  46/32                     50/49       7/8
chariot46/32                 37/13                     48/47       35/36
lust   37/13                 49/30                     46/45       37/38
5's    49/30                 63/22                     44/43       9/10
papess 36/55                 *                         42/41       25/26
emperor61/10                 *                         40/39       29/30
lovers 58/38                 *                         38/37       33/34
hermit 60/41                 *                         36/35       39/40
justice19/54                 *                         34/33       43/44
6's    9/1                   53/33                     32/31       11/12
wheel  53/33                 31/56                     30/29       41/42
death  31/56                 39/52                     28/27       47/48
7's    51/24                 15/62                     26/25       13/14
h-man  15/62                 59/6                      24/23       45/46
devil  59/6                  31/56                     22/21       51/52
tower  7/40                  29/4                      20/19       53/54
8's    28/44                 7/40                      18/17       15/16
art    42/25                 *                         16/15       49/50
star   17/21                 *                         14/13       55/56
sun    3/27                  *                         12/11       59/60
9's    2/16                  24/51                     10/9        17/18
moon   20/12                 *                         8/7         57/58
eon    45/35                 *                         6/5         61/62
world  8/23                  *                         4/3         63/64
10's   30/52                 2/16                      2/1         19/20
*=same as in previouse collum.

My work is probably not complete.  There is another "angle" that shows
alot of promise, that I have yet to look into, and that is 48 as
64-AND32+...16.  I'll not say more, for a variety of reasons!

amo sapientia                love of wisdom
anhelo scientia                lust for knowledge
cultus apud verum-I                worship of truth
The above is  :left:my attempt at a latin  translation of: right: My
magickal motto.  elist heuristic mysticism :

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