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Tarot Metaphysics/Efficiency

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Subject: (O) Tarot Metaphysics/Efficiency
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 13:28:47 -0800 (PST)

49980315 aa2 Hail Satan!

re explanations for how tarot 'works' (e.g. due to cards, reader,
        querent, their expectations, the world, or illusion):
'reading tarot' is an ambiguous activity, people do it in differing
ways.  as a divinatory device cards are usually either assigned
general meanings according to the reader's or some authority's
scheme and then the cards and the way they are laid out are
interpreted with respect to the issues presented by the querent
and by the style of the reader.

the essential question, therefore, is what 'works' means,
and issues such as reliability, consistency of result, overall
interpretation or internal structure have been mentioned as
possible criteria to measure this functionality.

as a purely reflective device, tarot 'works' when it continues
to function as a backdrop for important projections of our deep
mind, irrespective of which cards come up in readings.

tarot 'works' in this way because it is sufficiently vague or
complex that we may discern through strict projection or grasping
at key imagery a pattern or configuration of significant symbols
which are indicative of our present state and the elements of it.
attunement to a deck and familiarity with psycho-spiritual
conditions of trance, as can be effective for any divinatory method,
therefore become paramount.  deck design and content are much less
important as compared to oracular or instructional usage.

as a prophetic device, tarot 'works' when it can be used to
divulge synchronistic expressions reflecting the condition of
the future.

the prophetic efficacy of tarot may depend on many variables,
inclusive of the reader's psycho-spiritual state, hir skill
at connecting with and perceiving expressions of the collective
unconscious, and the querent's openness to connecting with the
reading as a whole.  essentially the reader (and/or the querent)
venture into the realms underlying all of consciousness, wherein
reside the preliminary or seedling precursors to future
unfoldment.  extending this through careful projection along
lines of energetic potential, the cards become windows into
possible and likely futures, interpreted according to the
direction of continued persistence in personal affairs.  the
design of the deck has a role but is less important in oracular
as compared to instructional usage.

as a meditative focus or guide to assimilation of the mysteries,
tarot 'works' when it is used to communicate a coherent set of
symbolic and esoteric secrets to the aspirant, presumably from
or through the consciousness of those who designed the deck and
possibly originating in some mystical source or mythical past.

a deck's design, therefore, is here an essential factor, since
the designors and artists must have a connection to the cache
of wisdom and insight that is presumably communicated.  it is
for this reason that some designers will affiliate with gods
or agents of wizardry (such as Thoth, Odhinn or Myrddin) in
order to facilitate the proper channel.

as instructor, every element of the deck must be carefully
arranged in concordance with the aspirant, combining through
ritual or meditative sequencing and trance to effect deep
and lasting changes in their consciousness.  the integrity of
the communication and the conditions under which its
assimilation takes place may be either described in formula by
the organized body making it known or intuited by the student
in a solitary and unique approach to the source.

as with the thousand-petalled lotus, the ways in which tarot
may be effectively employed are endless, though specific paths
or usages may require conformity to strict formulae and a
pre-designated approach.

in the methods described above the commonality is that the cards
must facilitate the activity chosen, this being of a different
nature depending on the intent of the individuals involved.
the design of the deck becomes a more important factor in
reflective and instructive usage (esp. in the latter).  in
comparison, efficiency of oracular and instructional usage
is more acutely affected by the condition of the people
involved (something important to all three methods and a
reason why tarot may or may not be recommended for beginning
divinatory or magical practice).

blessed beast!
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