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Tarot Correspondences

Subject: Tarot Correspondences

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May 20, 1989 e.v. key entry by Author:
Bill Heidrick, I.T.G. of O.T.O. --- needs further proof reading
Copyright (c) 1976 and 1989 by Bill Heidrick
Correspondences: Hebrew Translit. Value of Tarot Meaning of Path Letter: letter: Letter: Trump: Letter Name: Number Aleph A 1 The Fool. Ox 11 Bet B 2 The Magician. House 12 Gimel G 3 The High Priestess. Camel 13 Dalet D 4 The Empress. Door 14 Heh H 5 The Emperor.* Window 15 Vau V 6 The Hierophant. Nail 16 Zain Z 7 The Lovers. Sword 17 Chet Ch 8 The Chariot. Fence 18 Tet T 9 Strength. Serpent 19 Yod Y 10 The Hermit. Hand 20 Koph K 20 The Wheel of Fortune. Closed Hand 21 Lamed L 30 Justice. Ox Goad 22 Mem M 40 The Hanged Man. Water 23 Nun N 50 Death. Fish 24 Samekh S 60 Temperance. Prop 25 Ayin a'a 70 The Devil. Eye 26 Peh P 80 The Tower. Mouth 27 Tzaddi Tz 90 The Star.** Fish Hook 28 Qof Q 100 The Moon. Back of Head 29 Resh R 200 The Sun. Head 30 Shin Sh 300 Judgment. Tooth 31 Taw Th 400 The World. Cross or Mark 32 * Crowley sometimes used the Star in this place in the Thoth Deck ** Crowley sometimes used the Emperor in this place in the Thoth Deck Tarot Hebrew Traditional "Direction" Trump Letter Tarot Trump from the Number: Name: Title: "Sepher Yetzirah" 0. Aleph The Fool. Above to Below. I. Bet. The Magician. Above. II. Gimel. The High Priestess. Below. III. Dalet. The Empress. East. IV. Heh. The Emperor (var: Star) Northeast. V. Vau. The Hierophant. Southeast. VI. Zain. The Lovers. East-above. VII. Chet. The Chariot. East-below. VIII. (XI) Tet. Strength. North-above. IX. Yod. The Hermit. North-below. X. Kaph. The Wheel of Fortune. West. XI. (VIII) Lamed. Justice. Northwest. XII. Mem. The Hanged Man. East to West. XIII. Nun. Death. Southwest. XIV. Samekh. Temperance. West-above. XV. Ayin. The Devil. West-below. XVI. Peh. The Tower. North. XVII. Tzaddi. The Star (var: Emperor) South-above. XVIII. Qof. The Moon. South-below. XIX. Resh. The Sun. South. XX. Shin. Judgment. North to South. XI. Taw. The World. Central point. Hebrew Yetziratic Intelligence Musical Note Letter: (Golden Dawn Version): (Paul Case Version): Aleph Fiery Intelligence E Natural Bet Intelligence of Transparency E Natural Gimel Uniting Intelligence G Sharp Dalet Luminous Intelligence F Sharp Heh Constituting Intelligence C Natural Vau Triumphant and Eternal Intelligence C Sharp Zain Disposing Intelligence D Natural Chet Intelligence of the House of Influence D Sharp Tet Intelligence of the Secret of all E Natural Spiritual Activities Yod Intelligence of Will F Natural Koph Rewarding Intelligence A Sharp Lamed Faithful Intelligence G Sharp Mem Stable Intelligence G Sharp Nun Imaginative Intelligence G Natural Samekh Intelligence of Probation G Sharp Ayin Renewing Intelligence A Natural Peh Exciting Intelligence C Natural Tzaddi Natural Intelligence A Sharp Qof Corporeal Intelligence B Natural Resh Collecting Intelligence D Natural Shin Perpetual Intelligence C Natural Taw Administrative Intelligence A Natural The musical correspondences developed by Case associate the Hebrew letters with the black and white keys of the piano in the same order as the King Scale colors. Hebrew Astrological Attributes from the "Sepher" Traditional Tarot Letter: Symbol: "Yetzirah" (Golden Dawn version): Trump Title: Aleph Air, Uranus Breath of life, Spirit. Fool Bet Mercury Attention, Life and Death. Magician Gimel Moon Memory, Peace and Strife. High Priestess Dalet Venus Imagination, Wisdom and Folly. Empress Heh Aries Reason, Sight. Emperor (or Star) Vau Taurus Intuition, Hearing. Hierophant Zain Gemini Discrimination, Smell. Lovers Chet Cancer Receptive Will, Speech. Chariot Tet Leo Suggestion, Digestion. Strength Yod Virgo Response and Union of Hermit Opposites, Touch. Koph Jupiter Rotation, Wealth and Poverty. Wheel of Fortune Lamed Libra Equilibrium, Action-work. Justice Mem Water, Neptune Reversal, Suspended Mind. Hanged Man Nun Scorpio Transformation, Motion. Death Samekh Sagittarius Verification, Wrath. Temperance Ayin Capricorn Bondage, Mirth. Devil Peh Mars Awakening, Grace and Sin. Tower Tzaddi Aquarius Revelation, Meditation. Star (or Emperor) Qof Pisces Organization, Sleep. Moon Resh Sun Regeneration, Fertility and Sun Sterility. Shin Fire, Pluto Realization, Decision. Judgment Taw Earth, Saturn Universal Consciousness, World Dominion and Slavery. Hebrew King Scale Queen Scale Emperor Scale Empress Scale Letter: Color: Color: Color: Color: Aleph Yellow. Sky Blue. Blue Emerald Emerald flecked Green. Gold. Bet Yellow. Purple. Gray. Indigo rayed Violet. Gimel Blue. Silver Cold Pale Blue. Silver rayed Sky Blue. Dalet Emerald Sky Blue. Early Spring Bright Rose Green. Green. rayed Pale Green. Heh Scarlet. Red. Brilliant Flame. Glowing Red. Vau Red-Orange. Deep Indigo Deep Warm Olive. Rich Brown. Zain Orange. Pale Mauve. New Yellow Redish Gray Leather. inclined to Mauve. Chet Orange- Maroon. Rich Bright Dark Greenish Yellow. Russet. Brown. Tet Yellow. Deep Purple. Gray. Reddish Amber. Yod Yellow- Slate Gray. Green-Gray. Plum. Green. Koph Violet. Blue. Rich Purple. Blue rayed Yellow. Lamed Emerald Blue. Deep Blue-Green. Pale Green. Green. Mem Blue. Sea Green. Deep Olive Green. White flecked Purple. Nun Green-Blue. Dull Brown. Very Dark Brown. Livid Indigo Brown. Samekh Blue. Yellow. Green. Dark vivid Blue. Ayin Blue-Violet. Black. Blue Black. Cold Dark Gray. Peh Scarlet. Red. Venetian Red. Bright Red rayed Emerald. Tzaddi Violet. Sky Blue. Bluish Mauve. White tinged Purple. Qof Red-Violet. Buff flecked Light translucent Stone Color. Silver-White. Pinkish Brown. Resh Orange. Gold Yellow. Rich Amber. Amber rayed Red. Shin Red. Vermilion. Scarlet flecked Vermilion flecked Gold. Crimson & Emerald. Taw Indigo. Black. Blue Black. Black rayed Blue. Some of the more unusual color names derive from the tube labels on Winsor & Newton Designer Gouche opaque water colors. That was the brand used by the Order of the Golden Dawn, still available. Variant Titles of the Tarot Trumps: Tarot Traditional Thoth Atu Trump Tarot Trump Title Number: Title: Crowley Deck: 0. The Fool. The Fool. I. The Magician. The Magus. II. The High Priestess. The Priestess. III. The Empress. The Empress. IV. The Emperor The Emperor (var: Star). V. The Hierophant. The Hierophant. VI. The Lovers. The Lovers. VII. The Chariot. The Chariot. VIII. (XI) Strength. Lust (XI). IX. The Hermit. The Hermit. X. The Wheel of Fortune. Fortune. XI. (VIII) Justice. Adjustment (VIII). XII. The Hanged Man. The Hanged Man. XIII. Death. Death. XIV. Temperance. Art. XV. The Devil. The Devil. XVI. The Tower. The Tower. XVII. The Star. The Star (var: Emperor). XVIII. The Moon. The Moon. XIX. The Sun. The Sun. XX. Judgment. Aeon. XI. The World. Universe. Thoth (Crowley) Deck titles for the Minor Atus Wands: 1. --- Root of the Powers of Fire. 2. --- Dominion. 3. --- Virtue. 4. --- Completion. 5. --- Strife. 6. --- Victory. 7. --- Valour. 8. --- Swiftness. 9. --- Strength. 10. --- Oppression. Cups: 1. --- Root of the Powers of Water. 2. --- Love. 3. --- Abundance. 4. --- Luxury. 5. --- Disappointment. 6. --- Pleasure. 7. --- Debauch. 8. --- Indolence. 9. --- Happiness. 10. --- Satiety. Swords: 1. --- Root of the Powers of Air. 2. --- Peace. 3. --- Sorrow. 4. --- Truce. 5. --- Defeat. 6. --- Science. 7. --- Futility. 8. --- Interference. 9. --- Cruelty. 10. --- Ruin. Disks: 1. --- Root of the Powers of Earth. 2. --- Change. 3. --- Work. 4. --- Power. 5. --- Worry. 6. --- Success. 7. --- Failure. 8. --- Prudence. 9. --- Gain. 10. --- Wealth. COLORS ASSIGNED TO THE MINOR TRUMPS These colors were given to the number cards by the Order of the Golden Daw n. In the Thoth (Crowley) Deck, they can often be seen to dominate the backgro und of the corresponding card. WANDS These ten colors are derived from ancient Qabalistic speculation. In "Sep her Zohar" they are mainly composed of mixtures of red and white to suggest dif fering proportions of severity and mercy. Touches of blue and yellow are added from astral study to increase the variety. The allocation of blue to the deuce also comes from "Sepher Zohar". ACE ----------- Brilliance TWO ------------- Pale soft blue THREE --------- Crimson FOUR ------------ Deep violet FIVE ---------- Orange SIX ------------- Clear pink rose SEVEN --------- Amber EIGHT ----------- Violet Purple NINE ---------- Indigo TEN ------------- Yellow CUPS These ten colors and groups of colors are obtained from the Qabalah and th e theory of color pigment mixing. They also reflect the traditional planetary and Alchemical correspondences to the Tree of Life. These are: 3 - Saturn - Le ad - Black; 4 - Jupiter - Tin - Blue; 5 - Mars - Iron - Red; 6 - Sun - Gold - Yellow; 7 - Venus - Copper - Green; 8 - Mercury - Orange; 9 - Moon - Silve r - Violet. Most of the colors come from common ores or compounds of the corre sponding metals, e.g. Mercuric Chloride is reddish orange and Silver Chloride i s purplish. The three shades: ACE --------- White Brillance TWO -------- Gray THREE ------- Black The three primaries: FOUR -------- Blue (Cyan) FIVE -------- Red (Magenta) SIX ------------ Yellow The three secondaries: SEVEN ------- Green (Blue+Yellow) EIGHT ------- Orange (Red+Yellow) NINE ----------- Violet (Red+Blue) The tertiaries or earth colors: TEN --------- Citrine, Olive, Russet and Black Citrine = Orange+Green Olive= Green+Violet Russet = Orange+Violet Black = all three primaries mixed or all three secondaries mixed or Citrine+Olive+Russet SWORDS These ten colors are obtained by mixing the two colors of the same number in Wands and Cups. This is in accord with Qabalistic method: Fire and Water mi x to form Air, the Y and the first H of YHVH combine to produce V, the next let ter. ACE ------ White Brilliance TWO ------ Blue Gray THREE ---- Dark Brown FOUR ----- Deep Purple FIVE ----- Bright Scarlet SIX ------ Rich Salmon SEVEN ---- Bright Yellow-Green EIGHT ---- Red Russet NINE ----- Very Dark Purple TEN ------ Citrine, Olife, Russet and Black, all flecked with gold. COINS These ten colors are often derived from the colors for the same number in Wand and Cups, especially the latter. They add a flecked color which may repre sent a secondary correspondence to one of the colors in Cups or Wands not other wise suggested by the dominant color. The colors for Coins are vaguely linked to a variety of theories about the meaning of the earthly aspect of each number . They are also often the result of astral visions of auras encountered in kno wn situations or seen about the astral bodies of people of know character. ACE ------ White flecked Gold TWO ------ White flecked Red, Blue and Yellow THREE ---- Grey flecked Pink FOUR ----- Deep Azure flecked Yellow FIVE ----- Red flecked Black SIX ------ Gold Amber (no flecking) SEVEN ---- Olive flecked Gold EIGHT ---- Yellowish Brown flecked White NINE ----- Citrine flecked Azure TEN ------ Black rayed with Yellow. THE MINOR TRUMPS AND ASTROLOGY The Order of the Golden Dawn allocated Aces to the four elements and the r est of the Minor Trumps to decans of the zodiac. A decan is a ten degree divis ion of a zodiacal sign. Thus each sign has three decans or 30 Degree. All twe lve signs total 36 decans. In assigning ruling planets to the decans, the Gold en Dawn used the method of Ptolemy. Modern astrology frequently uses a much le ss elaborate method. Both are given here. In the Thoth (Crowley) Deck, this i nformation is marked on the cards themselves for Two through Ten. In the Rider or Celtic (Waite) Deck, these factors are sometimes translated into correspond ing Major Trumps and used as a basis for the design; e.g. the Two of Wands has Aries ruled by Mars. This is the Emperor (Aries) and the Tower (Mars), so the card shows an Emperor standing on a Tower. The Key Expression used by the Orde r of the Golden Dawn usually derives from this Astrological correspondence. Tarot G.'. D.'. Decan or Element Alternate: Card: Key Expression: and Ruler (G.'. D.'.): Wands Ace Root of Fire Fire Sun by day Jupiter by night Wands Two Dominion 0 Degree-10 Degree Aries, Mars Mars Wands Three Established 10 Degree-20 Degree Aries, Sun Venus Strength Wands Four Perfected Work 20 Degree-30 Degree Aries, Venus Mercury Wands Five Strife 0 Degree-10 Degree Leo, Saturn Mars Wands Six Victory 0 Degree-20 Degree Leo, Jupiter Venus Wands Seven Valor 20 Degree-30 Degree Leo, Mars Mercury Wands Eight Swiftness 0 Degree-10 Degree Sagittarius, Mercury Mars Wands Nine Great Strength 10 Degree-20 Degree Sagittarius, Moon Venus Wands Ten Oppression 20 Degree-30 Degree Sagittarius, Saturn Mercury Cups Ace Root of Water Water Mars+Venus by day Mars+Moon by night Cups Two Love 0 Degree-10 Degree Cancer, Venus Saturn Cups Three Abundance 10 Degree-20 Degree Cancer, Mercury Saturn, Uranus Cups Four Blended 20 Degree-30 Degree Cancer, Moon Jupiter, Pleasure Neptune Cups Five Loss in 0 Degree-10 Degree Scorpio, Mars Saturn Pleasure Cups Six Pleasure 10 Degree-20 Degree Scorpio, Sun Saturn, Uranus Cups Seven Illusionary 20 Degree-30 Degree Scorpio, Venus Jupiter, Success Neptune Cups Eight Abandoned 0 Degree-10 Degree Pisces, Saturn Saturn Success Cups Nine Material 10 Degree-20 Degree Pisces, Jupiter Saturn, Happiness Uranus Cups Ten Perpetual 20 Degree-30 Degree Pisces, Mars Jupiter, Success Neptune Swords Ace Root of Air Air Saturn by day Mercury by night Swords Two Peace Restored 0 Degree-10 Degree Libra, Moon Venus Swords Three Sorrow 10 Degree-20 Degree Libra, Saturn Mars, Pluto Swords Four Rest from 20 Degree-30 Degree Libra, Jupiter Jupiter Strife Swords Five Defeat 0 Degree-10 Degree Aquarius, Venus Venus Swords Six Earned Success 10 Degree-20 Degree Aquarius, Mercury Mars, Pluto Swords Seven Unstable Effort 20 Degree-30 Degree Aquarius, Moon Jupiter Swords Eight Shortened Force 0 Degree-10 Degree Gemini, Jupiter Venus Swords Nine Despair and 10 Degree-20 Degree Gemini, Mars Mars, Cruelty Pluto Swords Ten Ruin 20 Degree-30 Degree Gemini, Sun Jupiter Coins Ace Root of Earth Earth Venus by day Moon by night Coins Two Harmonious 0 Degree-10 Degree Capricorn, Jupiter Moon Change Coins Three Material Works 10 Degree-20 Degree Capricorn, Mars Sun Coins Four Earthly Power 20 Degree-30 Degree Capricorn, Sun Mercury Coins Five Material 0 Degree-10 Degree Taurus, Mercury Moon Trouble Coins Six Material 10 Degree-20 Degree Taurus, Moon Sun Success Coins Seven Success 20 Degree-30 Degree Taurus, Saturn Mercury Unfulfilled Coins Eight Prudence 0 Degree-10 Degree Virgo, Sun Moon Coins Nine Material Gain 10 Degree-20 Degree Virgo, Venus Sun Coins Ten Wealth 20 Degree-30 Degree Virgo, Mercury Mercury thod of Ptolemy. Modern astrology frequently uses a much less elaborate method . Both are given here. In the Thoth (Crowley) Deck, this information is marke d on the cards themselves for Two through Ten. In the Rider or Celtic (Waite) Deck, these factors are sometimes translated into corresponding Major Trumps an d used as a basis for the design; e.g. the Two of Wands has Aries ruled by Mars . This is the Emperor (Aries) and the Tower (Mars), so the card shows an Emper or standing on a Tower. The Key Expression used by the Order of the Golden Daw n usually

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