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Tarot and Qabalah

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick,alt.tarot,alt.divination
From: nagasiva 
Subject: Re: Tarot and Qabalah (was ...)
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 08:13:18 GMT

50020324 VI

ahoy Jess.
"J. Karlin" :
> Occult Tarot is based on a (not necessarily THE) 
> Kabbalistic myth.

so do you consider those decks which barely hold to form,
favouring a theme of art or character (Hello Kitty Tarot,
Halloween Tarot, etc.), along with those decks that purport 
to be "occult" or by "occult authors" whose actual content 
doesn't resemble the work of prominent or even unknown 
occultists using Kabbalistic myth as their basis, to be 
'pseudo-Tarot'? how much can a deck stray before it stops
being 'Occult Tarot'?
>> what some people call their tarot was based on what they
>> called their qabalah.
> You can be less restrained than that.

as much as I may wish to defend. I can do so and abide your
preferences, I gather, but we are aligned in a great many areas.

> While I understand that the idea of accepting certain facts 
> as irrefutable makes some people automatically start looking 
> for mind-altering drugs to cope with (or maybe for a lawyer 
> to get them out of it), the truth is that Tarot WAS a card game, 
> then it became ALSO a fortune-telling device, then it became 
> ALSO an occult encyclopedia and Kabbalistic key to the cosmos, 
> then it became ALSO a product to be mass-marketed to simpletons.

well said.

> Of course there's a way in which you might say it was always
> all these things and, in all these manifestations, Tarot has 
> also been a tool for swindlers (of numerous stripes and 
> convictions).

perhaps, but I don't think this is as easily supported as your
other assertions.

> All the while, still a game, and all the while still played
> as a game.

it is actually quite an enjoyable game. friends and I got together
and played Tarocci using a set of rules off a website and the Alice
in Wonderland deck. I recommend a deck with visible corner markings,
for easier reference when holding a good many cards. tarot cards of
an occult type will not always work well for this purpose (it also
depends on how well the players know tarotic ennumeration and 

so I'm imagining a gradation of Tarot:

	Occult Tarot -- composed to transmit the mysteries with
		reference to Kabbalistic myth, e.g. Smith-Waite,

	Playing Tarot Decks (Tarocci) -- sometimes masquerading
		as Occult Tarot decks or mimicking regular playing
		cards in form, e.g. Alice in Wonderland Tarot

	Theme & Celebrity Tarot Decks -- designed to showcase 
	        something other than tarotic imagery or serve a 
		purpose other than gaming or mysticism, 
		e.g. Dali Tarot Deck(?).

non-Tarot decks that aren't intended to be Fortune-Telling Cards
are sometimes quite amusing, some even more popular amongst my 
elder friends than conventional decks (e.g. the Morgan Deck, 
and the Gypsy Witch cards, though the latter can be used as 
player cards also, with some difficulty).

a       B
g      l         b
a     e        e
s    s       a
i   s      s
v  e     t
a d    !

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