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Tarot and Authority Sources

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick.chaos,alt.magick,alt.tarot,alt.divination
From: 87 rouyh 
Subject: Re: Tarot and Authority Sources
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2002 10:08:09 GMT

aethyr augoeides:
>> ...Who needs _authority_ when the enterprise is largely internal,
>> individual, subjective, etc.?? 

who needs an enterprise?

>> Make your own qabalah and be done with it. Or steal someone 
>> else's and forget about "authenticity" 

a rectification of names is in order. you might as well recommend
that people "make their own god and be done with it", instructing
them all in how to make a little corn-dolly. I find it far more
informative to speak of creating one's symbolic lattice within
which to embark on a Conversation with the Cosmic Will. at least
this is somewhat more original and doesn't play into capitalizing
on the works of others through misrepresentation.

>> except insofar as regular useful standards of truth go....

for those casting their anchor to the winds (I'm one) this may
be very laudible. for those who seek a connection with historical
cultural roots, fabricating in small what is truly a large social
tradition and hoping to 'tap in' may not result in what is desired.
in fact I think it will inevitably prove unsatisfactory.

"Asiya" :
> ...There is no "authentic", One True Kabbalistic key to the Tarot, 
> though some occultists throughout the years "rectify" (in their 
> minds) the previous ideas, claiming *their* Key is the True 
> interpretation. There is a way to justify each attribution I have 
> listed above. Just as there is a way to justify the GD's 
> attributions, Levi's, etc.

if there were such a key, I'm not sure I'd recognize it, 
as I don't really live in a Kabbalistic World. studying
tarot of particular type, contemplating the nature of the
cards, expressing a system of symbol and image, meaning
and integrity, is art, and ought be respected for this.

authenticity requires a referent. when we can say to what a thing
is being examined as authentic, then we are more likley to derive
meaning from the assertion. beyond this, contentions are faith-
based and political. occultists have their motivations for making
these outrageous and important claims. in some cases it may be of
some help to steer initiates and aspirants toward some particular
system or character of magical endeavour. those of similar tone
and character as the fashioners may find greater meaning and use
in the tools created or adapted by those of this character. 

in all cases are these tools becoming more and more subject to
the tampering of the ordinary student of magic and divination.
more and more people will do without traditions of magic and
will strike out on their own to discover what it is, making
what it is in the discovery. this is enjoyable to pioneers
and those without enough discipline to adhere to limitations
other than what suits their unique personality.

order-based magicians use tradition as a necessary and important 
crutch for the weaknesses of those who partake of the culture 
itself (usually intellectual, raised on too futile and fantastic 
a foundation to strike out on their own and yield any reliable 
success which they might exemplify -- far better they take their 
place amongst the sheep and munch grass, hoping for inspiration).
claiming that my Key is superior is hubris plain and simple.
these magicians either know this, and are intending that they
will be forgotten but the system survive, or they do not and
any mystical value associated with the system is thrown into
serious question.

lawdee l7d

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