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WTF6: Siva Eye Topples Tower, I Change, Create Satanic Mahakala Amulet

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.satanism,alt.divination,alt.magick,alt.occult.methods
From: (SOD of the CoE)
Subject: WTF6: Siva Eye Topples Tower, I Change, Create Satanic Mahakala Amulet
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 10:58:47 GMT

   Aeon of the Adversary Year VI 
      (note progression: I(1):VI(6);XVI(16);LXVI(56);CLXVI156;DCLXVI(666))
WTF6                                                          Hail Satan!
Weirder Than Fiction VI                                          O M
Siva Eye Topples Tower, I Change, Create Satanic Mahakala Amulet

I wasn't going to record this tarot reading to usenet, even though
part of why I did it was for this purpose, as an example of 
divinatory methods, at least not until I once again saw the Tower
card sitting on Kali's altar. now I feel strange about it and will
type it in complete, along with the I Ching reading if I can find it.

it was 8/22/01, the 22nd day of the 8th month Kali Yuga Year 5001.

in my notes I called it "Autumnal Divinatory (Tarot/I Ching) Reading",
first solitary ceremonial I consultation testing a draft of the method
I was devising. I preceded this with a reading of tarot, with which I 
was completely familiar.

routine ritual preliminaries including Nag Champa, sacred music 
by Saint (Syd) Barrett); cutting deck multiple times, I laid the cards 
out before Kali's altar toward the West in the following pattern and 
sequence, face down with the Unicursal Hexagram (note resonance of
Hexagramic constructions in two divinatory events) up as 'Querent' 
on the top of the deck, asserting in my head what meaning the 
placements of the cards would have when I turned them face up:

           -----          ----- |       -----
	  |     |        |     ||      |     |
          |  1  |        |  4  ||      |  3  |
          |     |        |     |       |     |
           ~~~~~          ~~~~~         ~~~~~

		         |  2  |
		         |     |

     (spontaneous, cards other than Qurent face down)

     1 -- (single card) Past Circumstance
     2 -- (single card) Present External Circumstance
     3 -- (single card) Future Circumstance
     4 -- (single card under the Unicursal Hexagram, 
	   the deck was below these two cards, face down) 
	   top understood as Querent, 
	   card under top Present Internal Circumstance
     5 -- (single card) 
           deck's bottom card, added to reading: 
           "What I am not looking at/What is far from me"


     ACTUAL CARDS (face down after shuffling)

     1 -- IV: Emperor - sitting in power; forging ahead, in past
     2 -- 4Cups: Luxury - having an easy time of it, presently
     3 -- PrinceWands - Air of Fire; dynamic warrior, doer, maker
     4 -- 6Cups: Pleasure - ecstatic, pleased in harmony
     5 -- XVI: Tower - conflict, upset of the presiding harmony

     reflection on interpretation

     the first of these cards (1-4) indicated to me a positive 
     reflection on the present, past, and future conditions. 
     not only this, my internal reflection on the accuracy of the 
     reading was quite in consonance (often the case, but not 
     always this positive a reading; I was nearing the end of a 
     draft on an ASCII I Ching Oracle using coins. 

     I have not ever studied more than the lines of I Ching and had
     been constructing a minimalist method of consulting the oracle 
     in a ritual manner, an alternative to Yarrow stalks, yet the 
     same odds as the stalks. my energy was high, and it did seem 
     to me that I was drawing near to completion. this was not so. 

     in part I was getting a sounding for my progress on the oracle 
     document with a divination tool I found familiar (Thoth Deck 
     Tarot, my original deck, of more than 20 years) in order to 
     commence properly the interpretation of my first hexagrams 
     generated using the method of the draft and in order that the 
     Change Classic might itself have a say in the timing and 
     content of my reflection of its consultation. I am becoming
     astounded at the result. there are many patterns of resonance
     between my divinations and with the world around me.

     by the Emperor I felt I was confirmed in my gradual approach
     (focussing on the structure of the hexagrams moreso than the
     oracle's book). I felt this was proper respect and focussed my
     attentions on the mathematical and morphological aspects that
     were more to my liking (and prevalent interest, as throughout
     my life). the Prince of Wands has been a common card describing
     my future state, and I deem it well that it sports the sigil
     of To Mega Therion and is so active, Chariot-like in structure.

     luxury and pleasure were certainly my conditions, and so it was
     with curiosity that, after revealing all of these cards I then
     considered the card on the Other Side, the Shadow of my present 
     circumstance. on the bottom of the deck, the Tower struck me as 
     odd. was this near to me now and I'm not seeing it, I wondered,
     (ruin around me and a delusion of enjoyment)? or is this what
     is farthest from me (ruin and destruction, the overturning of
     a construction? 

     I decided that I would meditate upon it (the card and meaning)
     for some time and see if I could perceive which of these, or 
     some other meaning, it might have. I braced it against an Indian 
     anklet on the corner of Kali's altar, resting atop a box of
     "The Visconti Tarots", which has a blind angel of the Wheel of 
     Fortune visible through the box's front opening. the box sat
     at the northwest corner of the Kali's altar, at its foot.

     I then pulled out my draft of the coin oracle and used a cinder
     block from the library for an altar (reminding me of many
     rituals in the past where this was the formal structure I used
     precisely, though never for consultation with the I oracle). I
     covered the block with my solar robes, and threw the coins and
     drew from the hexagram deck I'd constructed for recent studies.
     the coins flew off the table as it was too small and bouncy. I
     threw sufficient times to get all three coins on the in a single
     throw and know they'd been mixed. the combination of small table 
     and large coins were in conflict but with skill I managed. 

     using this method I generated the requisite lines, Hexagram KW15,
     "Ch'ien", "Modesty", "Humbleness", with *four* changing lines,
     being all internal, moving toward Hexagram KW47, "Weariness, or
     "Exhausting". I discovered its Inner Hexagram was KW 40, "Relief",
     and concluded that I was moving too fast, should reconsider my
     choices to date and hold before concluding, lest I risk an
     error in my project and doom it. I put it on hold until this
     evening, as I finally considered the card's relation to the
     World Trade incident on September 11th, 5001, Kali Yuga.

     I must scour the project's papers in order to reconstruct the 
     tarot and lines readings as I write WTF (a record peculiar of 
     great importance to me, which typically become essays that I 
     publish when I understand their import; sometimes I leave them 
     as is for later publication).
     tonight, for the first time, I contemplated the significance of
     the Tower in my card reading that night. its buried placement
     was 'the Other Side' (as the continent), and my condition in
     comparison to it was completely luxurious and pleasant. the card 
     was a temporal marker of what I understood I was avoiding or far 
     from. I didn't mind being far from it either. 

     the resonance between the World Trade Center incident (unique in 
     many respects, with people jumping to their doom from a flaming 
     tower, a complete replication on Lady Frieda Harris' card XVI 
     (a relative of DCLXVI -- 666), Siva's Destructive Eye emanating 
     an aeonic markers of Dove and Lion-Serpent brings me to again 
     pick up Change Oracle, and renew my composition of method, the 
     quite early in the morning 9/15/01, first Saturday (Saturn/Satan) 
     after the Tuesday (Mars) attack 4 days ago. 

     having completed my corrections on the method after a discussion 
     with sri catyananda and a consultation of Hook's Advanced I 
     references, I ascertain that the Hexagram obtained on 8/22/01
     would become KW61, "Innermost Sincerety", moving to KW58, "Joyful",
     and an Inner Hexagram of KW27, "Nourishing", deeming this a very
     beneficial result.

tonight I replace the only card I had saved out from the deck that I 
might meditate upon it (my Eye bathing it, the Falling Tower aka War), 
to the deck. donning my newly-constructed Amulet of the Adversary (a 
Mahakala talisman-locket (Buddhist) silver and newly containing a 
fragment of my blood pact with Satan), wondering awe at Kali's games. 
I have been through a period of turmoil, rested, refreshed, and ready
to prepare a method deriving hexagrams for interpretation (practical) 
composed of 0s and 1s.

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