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Psalm 111 and the Tarot Trumps

To: alt.magick
From: Joseph Littleshoes 
Subject: Psalm 111 and the Tarot Trumps
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 03:05:31 GMT

The following is an attempt to correlate the tarot trumps with Psalm
111.  There are a number of Psalms this may be done with. The following
is but a first attempt to put in writting some speculation i have been
making for a while. Comments are very welcome and i realize i have, of
necessity, stretched a point or two.  Also the Crowley heh, tazddi
switch seemed to make sense at the time i composed this.

I will give thanks unto the Lord with my whole heart,

[the madman, Fool, the ever becoming, being of undifferentiated

In the council of the upright, and in the congregation.

[juggler, magician, magus. Testemony, let us pray, let us demonstrate
our faith]

The works of the Lord are great.

[Papess, Pope Joan, High Priestess. The abstract bounty of infinate
creation, infinate possiblities of infinate combinations creating


Sought out of all them that have delight therein.

[the Empress, Great Mother. the physical expression of the above, the
universe of physical manifestation. The basis of worship being the
generative impulse in all nature and worshioped as such.]

{making the Crowley switch to "Tzaddi" instead of Heh in the 4th


He hath commanded His convenant for ever;

[The Great Father, The Emperor.  the establishment of the creation and
continuence of the universe for ever and ever]


And His righteousness endureth for ever.

[The Pope, Hierophant, Teacher or teaching.  The information, teaching
of the goodness and bounty of the universe,  ultimatly withstanding any
cynical attack there on]


He hath made a memorial for His wonderfull works.

[The Lovers.  The act of Union exemplfying and symbolizing the whole of
creation,  The universal will is of a tendancy twords love]


The Lord is gracious and full of comapssion.

[the Chariot. The peacefull warrior, the great king who tempers justice
with mercy]


He hath given food unto them that fear him

[Strength, Lust. The woman spirit taming the animal man, catch bull at
4,  the essance having understood its own being gently subduing nature,
red in tooth and claw]


He will be ever mindfull of his covenant

[the Hermit, the seeker. Constantly seeking out the truth of ones own


He hath declared to His people the power of His works,

[the wheel of fortune, samsara, the "round" of being from the atom to
the galaxie, as above so below]


In giving them the heritage of the Nations.

[Justice, adjustment. The heratige of the Laws,  from Hanurabi to
Napolians code, Nature is not just merely exact, and in tune with the
great seas pacific swoon, the wold is balanced]


The works of His hands are truth and justice.

[the Hanged Man, whether an execution or a spiritual discipline, a
willed act either voulentary or imposed, which, with time and the
willingness to learn is true and just.]


All his precepts are sure

[Death, the one surity, traditonaly implying rebirth and linked to the
wheel and the fool in this sense, death is as much a part of it as life
and death is not a way out of it]


They are established for ever and ever.

[temperance, art, the self and not self at one and established in its
own glory as an imortal invulnurable being, changing only through the
aquisition of memory.  In the stars we remember, in the planets we


They are done in truth and uprightness.

(The Devil. Despite the temptation to not belive in the perfection of
all, despite the temptation to denigrate the cosmos as a mere accident,
the "Truth" in the "aching discontent" of the suffering of creation to
become not only its physical manifestation, but the desire to know
(gnosis) thyself]


He hath sent redemption unto His people;

{The Tower.  The destruction of flasehoods and facades however painfull
to reveal the "Truth" the ultimatly transcendental nature of being that
the physical universe is a bisis for.]


His work is glory and majesty.

[The Star. Every man and every woman is a a star. Each individual,
ultimate, each makes itself a mist of time and flesh to celebrate some
tender tryst in all its "glory and majesty"]


Holy and awful is His Name.

[The Moon. The dark night of the soul, the fear of "God" that is the
beggining of wisdom in the same way that overvomeing the fear of
anything leads to a understanding and mastry of it, yet still, until
realized, the illusions of fear and darkness]


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom;

[The Sun; Coda on the above, and sure knowledge of it, as a light bulb
going off over a cartoon charecters head, satori]


A good understanding have all they that do thereafter;

[Judgment. aeon. The decision or judgment of all of the above as worthy
of consideration, that however harsh the lesson may seem the student is
imortal and invulnrable.]


His praise endureth forever.

[The world, Universe. Forever]



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