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Plebeian Tarot and Metaphysics

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From: nagasiva 
Subject: Plebeian Tarot and Metaphysics
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2003 20:19:54 GMT

an explanation of Theosophical ideas inspired the following:
> the symbols we have available to us (spoken words, writings, etc.). 
> [getting in touch with the Secret Doctrine or basic laws behind
> the universe (possibly tying into the Universe Trump] requires 
> not only reading from books, but introspection (to get in touch 
> with the basic Unity behind what we can perceive), and putting what is 
> learned into action. In Tarot, they can be symbolized by the Hierophant, 
> the High Priestess, and Temperance (for those into Kabballah, check out 
> the correspondences).

it appears important to occultists to regard their selections as the
realistic or solitary theoretical Solution to longstanding philosophical
issues. in this case the issue is metaphysics (the laws behind the
universe). in my essay here and in many others in the future, I'll
respond in a manner alike to tradition but from my own constructions
which I've made plain here and would elaborate upon if called to do so.

it is my intent to replicate the state of consciousness and import
whereby such expressions as have become traditional arise, thereafter
relegating their dogmas to explanatory models of varying quality in
terms of elegance and insightful inspiration. it is my contention
that this is the more mature manner of attitude with respect to 
Tarot and to sefirotic symbolism -- turning the method scientific.

[and elaborating on this last paragraph:]

# Relegating anything anywhere in terms of elegance and
# insightful inspiration cannot possibly be scientific;
# it is perforce subjective and personal.

in general, I agree. it is important, however, that dogmas such as
derive from this manner of exposition (decisive, certain) somehow
be provided equal stature to their competitors so that scientific
comparisons between different structures in application MAY arise.

my aim is less to equate the parlour with the laboratory than to
make possible the unbiased comparison of mystical disciplines and
their foundations using ceremonial magic and sefirotic symbolism
in an approach to what have for some time been called Mysteries.

when symbolism sets and tools of mystical endeavour are enshrined
and provided with romantic and plainly fabulized origins, this is
obstructive to observable results and peer reviews in the mystical
community. instead, what is deemed provided by cosmic authority
and considered sacrosanct is retained less for its practical 
value and more for the legendary character it has acquired.

while it is true that elegance and insightful inspiration are what
might be characterized as subjective and personal qualities, the
identification of standards by which quality may become known in
aesthetic evaluation (with criteria of logic, coherence, beauty,
and symmetry) are not MERELY subjectively-derivable.

this kind of argument (regarding quality) may be fruitfully
pursued in a more philosophic venue within the wonderful context
of the quasi-fiction work of Robert Pirsig (particularly in his
"Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", which deals with
the subject of quality in education and art, his later "Lila" 
extending to the comparable philosophical field of ethics).

my contention, which is borne out minimally in scientific studies
on the nature of consciousness attuning itself to foci of attention
in meditation, is that those occult symbolism-structures that are
more elegant, internally-consistent, and (most importantly)
reflective of the NATURAL, REAL WORLD, will be that from which the
most reliable results will be derived. if nothing else, they will
constitute a minor education less confusing to those examining it.

it is for this reason that I have improved upon the Occult Tarot
so as to orient it to the language of exposition (English in my
case), zodiacal and astronomical symbolism reflective of modern
scientific convention, and an obvious and extremely well-known
overall geometric structure (in the tetraktys: Pythagorean).

thank you for your correction. I welcome further input/feedback.



shalom alechem, my kin!

Plebeian Tarot Metaphysics

A Consideration of the Witch (/High Priestess), Guide (/Hierophant),
and Art (/Temperance) Keys in Understanding Metaphysical Principles



having had selected for me as indicative of metaphysics
the cards High Priestess, Hierophant and Temperance Keys
as somehow essential to an explication of metaphysical Laws, 
I will explain how this resolves with Plebeian structures of the 
tetraktys and the Romanized Sefirotic Tree described elsewhere.*

C -- Witch

as the completion of the Primary Triad, the Witch underlies the 
Universe (Y) in a manner which makes of it a valuable selection
for the basic laws of the cosmos. her personal aspects give us
challenge excepting certain traditional associations between
her and what is called 'the Law', presumably translated within
a holistic framework as the principles by which the cosmos 
operates. her association in the Tetraktypiscesefiroticus as
the focal Present not only points to the present zodialogical
Age through which we are passing (Sunsign at rising Spring
Equinox, etc.), but also the main character of principles
through which the whole of the universe comes into being. 

the Witch's Path (C, crossbeam between Numbers 2 and 3) is as
much the pattern by which the whole 10 are arrayed (a kind of
proto- or mini-tetraktys) as the character by which the whole
grows and manifests (within a relation encompassed by Pisces
as a Mutable Water sign, whose foci tend to be spirit, that
experience which is integral to spiritual activities, and 
the interactive dynamics of all things).

observe, for example, the base-6 pattern of triangles within 
the Plebeian Tree (*for a concise illustration of this 
taro-sefirotic construct, please consult the following URL:

and detailed within:

where you will find the English alphabet meshed into a tetraktys
form in a manner elegant and reflective of natural sciences). the
paths A-B-C form an equalateral triangle whose ratio of proportion
matches exactly that of not only the entire Tree, but the other
5 that might be said to form the skeleton of the entirety 
(composed of Paths A-B-C, D-E-J, H-I-K, L-M-X, Q-R-Y, and V-W-Z). 

the transception by Path C of the false sphere 11, Knowledge, 
makes familiarity with such an intelligence necessary for any 
science or metaphysics to exist. the *transcendance* of Path-C 
over that false sphere is an indication of the limitations of 
models generally, and the super-rational category of the Witch 
in connecting the two Numbers 2 and 3 (traditionally named 
things like Wisdom and Understanding, respectively).


comparable to the completion of the Witch, the Guide (tradition
applying the title 'Hierophant') extends an identity of triangular
form to the Third Order (initiating the Number 6) via a novel
Path trajectory across the midpoint of the Tree. this is also
reflected in the culminating metaphysical Path (Art), but from
a differing (elemental) sphere (4) rather than that originating
both previous Paths (2->3, 2->6) and at a differing angle. 

the zodiacal attribution of all 3 signifying metaphysical Keys
(Pisces, Taurus, Sagittarius) implies the universal and grandiose
extent of their influence through 2 Mutable and 1 Fixed signs.
the Guide in particular implies an external personage akin to the
preceding terrestrial monarchs (D-Queen/E-King), and yet with a
very specific role with respect to the perceiver (director, and

whereas Witch (C) represents a largely internal quality and 
intelligence, the Guide is as much the dynamics of potential
manifestation as a pointer to greater and lesser possibilities.

though the Witch resonates a culmination by which the whole is
developed, the Guide has a complementary Key, Love (G), that 
immediately follows and resolves with internal attraction 
what may be seen as external requirement. its Earthy character
(Taurean, Fixed) is comparable to a skeleton by which further
growth is allowed, a shell against and from which a hatchling 
may emerge (in the form of a Tertiary Triad enabling movement 
in the combination of Cart (H) and Will (I) which make rotative
and dynamic properties (in Will (I) and Wheel (K)) possible.

inasmuch as the principles by which the cosmos arise are
guided, so the Guide regulates by direction the paired
complementary and contending forces manifest in the Queen (D)
and King (E) that might be said to perfectly symbolize the
Number 2 (traditionally called Wisdom). 

the Guide is a dualistic precursor to the trinitarian composite 
that derives from Number 3 as Love (G), Cart (H), and Will (I), 
which 3 form the Thelemic image contained within the Cart Trump 
in a number of Tarot decks (usually called "Chariot" that is
pulled by a pair of black-and-white-complementing sphinxes or 
steeds). it therefore bears a service of extending through some
esoteric connection with Number 3 (by multiplication with the
source of its power: 2 x 3 = 6) from the simple implication 
of its dual-character (implying Number 5 in 2 + 3 = 5). 

that the Guide has a Fixed character attributed to it is 
probably why a kind of hierarchical exoteric rulership has
traditionally been ascribed to its nature, though in the 
Plebeian Tree we can witness its transition from its usual
mediation of Numbers 2 and 4 (a decidedly Earthy progression) 
to administering the Path between Numbers 2 and *6*, 
a role that is usually provided to the King (E). this solar
contribution (inasmuch as the Number 6 is solar) makes the
Guide a rough analogy to the Light usually exalted by mystics
and by which those with eyes are led to see the Beauty that
lies in Number's 6's sphere of influence.


the dense foliage of the Plebeian Tree mimics the style 
of plant with which I am familiar -- its internal branches
being of comparably lesser volume and less integral to
catching the light of that Sol which is presumed to lie
above and beyond its uppermost reaches, its leaves and
newest growth establishing itself in abundance nearest
to the manifestation and novelty which comes during 
the Spring of the Quaternal Cycle.

Art is PROCESS, where the Guide was ACTOR and Witch the
INSPIRATION that allows the others in the burgeoning of
the Universe's apparent culmination (superceded by some
unknown final Reality implied by the Blank (Z)). while
the Witch patterns the whole, the Guide provides banks
of transmission by which Art may come to pass, creating
the final tetraktyl form in the arising of Number 10 
that Art makes real. 

in the Plebeian Tree, it is Art (O) which is directly
responsible for the arising of that called Number 10,
the 'Kingdom' or manifest world. this is directly
parallel to the function of Witch (C, which inspires
and seals the Number 3), and Guide (F, which inspires 
and is responsible for the arising of that called 
Number 6 within the Tree as a whole).

where tradition does not always account for it, Art as 
the Path between the Numbers 4 and 10 as once more a 
unique trajectory (angle) of development in the character 
of Mutable Fire (Sagittarius). it argues that the Big 
Bang presented a coalescing fabrication along the lines 
established in the Witch (patterning to the whole) and 
the Guide (set into rules by which the whole might come 
to be). 

whereas the Witch transcends the Knowledge that 
approximates its holistic conception, the Guide rises 
above this holism in order to bring a fixation to the 
Leonine Will (I) and the Terran Wheel (K; Earth), 
which later transcends them all in kteisic resolve,
completing the Second World. 

the Guide (F) submits to oversight of trinitarian
extensions in Love (G), Cart (H), and Will (I), as 
well as the Wheel (K) -- the Element and Planet Terra.

comparable to the completion of the Witch, the Guide 
extends an identity of triangular form to the Third 
Order (initiating the Number 6) via a novel trajectory. 
it is across the midpoint of the Tree at an oblique 
angle (45'), rather than 90' from the Vertical Axis.
as had been the Witch. 

the culminating metaphysical Path (Art) exhibits
the final transcendental attitude (60'), but from a 
differing (elemental) sphere (4) rather than both previous 
Paths (2->3, 2->6) that originate at a differing angle.

just as a horizontal (C) might not come from the original 
Number 1, so the skipping of 2 sefira (from 2 to an extended
7) beyond the attitude of the Guide (F) is meaningless, 
as are extensions into the Next World beyond the bounds 
of Virgin Earth. this extension takes place on the next 
metaphysical Path from the Number 4 through Art to 10. 


identifying the Plebeian Tree's metaphysics by virtue 
of initial unique paths that cross the mid-line is a
sensible and insightful method that yields explanatory
power and sufficiently accounts for the dimensions of
the tetraktyl whole. from changing inspiration (C) to 
a dynamic manifestation in the artistic process (O), and 
provided guidance by the fixed terran modality (F), it is
evident how and why these Keys are exemplary selections.

peace be with you!

hara, Plebeian School of QBL 

   copyright (c) nagasiva yronwode 2003; all rights reserved;
   quotation in posted forums with proper attribution allowed; 
         other usages require the author's permission.


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