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Paul Foster Case

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                       A D Y T U M   N E W S - N O T E S
       Published quarterly by BUILDERS OF THE ADYTUM Copyright April 1963
   5105 North Figueroa Street, Los Angeles 42, Calif. Telephone CLinton 57141
                    VOL. 4 JULY 1963 - SEPTEMBER 1963 NO. 3

                    By The Rev. Ann Davies, Prolocutor General

   Born 1884 - Died 1954, suddenly and easily while vacationing in Mexico 
        with his beloved wife and spiritual helpmate, Harriet B. Case.

     To portray adequately the Founder of Builders of the Founder of
Builders of the Adytum, Paul Foster Case, is like attempting to describe
the great Spiritual Teachers and Messengers who have from time to time
walked the earth throughout recorded history. A Vast and Eternal Being
looked out from behind Paul Case's eyes, bringing gifts which neither moths
nor rust can corrupt. Because such a Vast Soul was willing to take on the
sacrifice of a body of flesh, this earth has been left with a heritage that
is destined to take on ever greater importance in the spiritual evolution
of aspirants throughout the Aquarian Age.

     Paul Foster Case was born in Fairport, New York, in 1884, of primarily
Yankee stock with a dash of the exotic Gypsy thrown in through his mother's
genetic line, which also included Miles Standish as a direct ancestor.

     His mother was a teacher and his father was the head librarian of the
town library, in which Paul Case was literally born. He could not remember
when he learned how to read, for by the age of four he was surreptitiously
curled up with forbidden books in the attic of the library building,
absorbing the knowledge of the ages with the same fervent eagerness a
mystic experiences in reaching for God.

     Often, throughout his childhood, his consciousness turned inside out,
as he described it, and he would then see the entire universe as existing
within himself, while his center of Selfhood was experienced as being an
encircling periphery . . . Infinite in scope. He could consciously
manipulate his dream states. He corresponded with Kipling, after reading
Kim and other of Kipling's works, at the age of nine. Kipling assured him
of the reality of these supersensory states, establishing an inspiring
friendship between the kindred souls of older man and young boy.

     Paul Case was found to have great musical talent, beginning his
training in organ and piano at the age of three. By the age of nine he was
the organist for the Congregational Church in which his father was deacon.
At the age of sixteen he met Claude Bragdon, where both were donating their
talents to a charity performance. They recognized the mystical significance
of their meeting as Mr. Bragdon asked, "Case, where do you think the
playing cards came from?" From that moment onward came the conscious search
for the answers to the Riddle of the Universe. Paul Case rushed to the
library and discovered that playing cards were descendants of Tarot,
originally called the Game of Man. 

     It was in 1900 A. D. then, that he started collecting every book and
every set of Tarot Keys available. Year after year he poured over these
Archetypal Images of Power, researching, delving, studying, meditating. He
found very, very little in print, and these had blinds which were most
confusing. It was at this point, also, that he started to hear a Voice
guiding him in his researches. The stimulus of the Tarot had opened up his
Inner Hearing to the highest spiritual levels, for the Voice never
interfered with his personal life, never flattered, never gave orders. It
merely spoke up from time to time saying such as, "If you will get the book
on top shelf, third from the left and open it up to page 101, you will find
the reference you seek." Through this study, research and meditation, Paul
Case discovered the true attributions of the Tarot and had them published
before he was 21 years old. This inevitably led him also to the Qabalah,
which he discovered he already knew, Qabalah being the Age-old Secret
Wisdom of Israel. He did not have to study the Hebrew-Chaldean Script, for
he "remembered" it. Immersing himself in Tarot and Qabalah was really like
a review, preliminary to stepping on into new Horizons.

     In Chicago, while still in his early twenty's, he was approached by a
"stranger" in the street, who called him accurately by name, revealing to
Paul Case knowledge of his most secret thoughts, hopes and activities. He
then said to him, "I come from the Master of Wisdom who is my Teacher as
well as yours. He gave me your name, told me where I would find you at this
specific day and hour and sends a message. You are now at a crossroad in
your life. If you decide to continue in your musical career, you will be
successful. You will have a little more of this world's goods than most.
You will have a relatively happy and easy incarnation. However, if you take
the other road, you will be dedicating yourself to fully serve humanity and
play a vital part in its evolution for this coming Aquarian Age. Your life
will be hard. You will be subjected to forces difficult to withstand. Tests
and trials will be with you throughout your incarnation. Sorrow will walk
with you often. You will not receive any recognition or glory. The
recognition of your contribution to the Evolution of Humanity will start to
come only after you have left your physical body. The Masters await your
decision, for it will take them many earth years to find a suitable vehicle
for the Vast Soul who will incarnate for the purpose of continuing the
Great Work which you will have started in its revised phases for this era.
The Masters promise nothing except to give help in all phases of the
Spiritual Teachings. They wish you to know that hard though your life will
be, in the final analysis, you will not starve to death." 

     The decision of Paul Case is apparent. Although he became an
orchestral conductor, every spare moment went into his dedicated service.

     He started to write the B.O.T.A. lessons in hotels and on trains, as
his musical career required extensive travel. While in New York City he was
approached by Michael Whitty, the then Praemonstrator General (Supreme
Head) of the Golden Dawn for the U.S. and Canada. Paul Foster Case was
Initiated into the Golden Dawn, quickly travelling the Grades, or age-old
Mystery School Paths of Return. Within a few years he succeeded Michael
Whitty as Frater Perseverantia (his spiritual name), Greatly Honored
Supreme Head of the Order. 

     Shortly after Paul Case fully achieved his spiritual linkage with all
the required levels of this Mystery Training, one day the phone rang, and
much to his surprise the same voice which had been inwardly instructing him
in his researches for many years spoke to him on the phone. It was the
Master R. who had come personally to New York for the purpose of preparing
Paul Case to begin the next incarnation of the Qabalistic Way of Return.
Dr. Case (by then having earned his degree as a Doctor of Theology)
resigned from the Golden Dawn (which was being dissolved by the Masters),
and after three weeks of personal instruction with the Master R., Builders
of the Adytum was formed. Paul Case then retired from a successful and
lucrative career in music to devote his full time to the service of

     His life was hard. His sorrows were many. Often, he did not know where
his next meal was coming from. Betrayals from disruptive personalities were
often his lot. Less evolved souls stand ever ready to try to destroy what
they cannot comprehend, and vastness of Soul is often frightening to
ignorant, immature mentalities. Such are the sacrifices that the true
Spiritual Leaders of man must face.

     The Heritage Paul Foster Case left to humanity is the Higher College
Level Spiritual Training, now in charge of the writer, Ann Davies, who
incarnated specifically for the purpose of representing and extending this
direct Lineal Order of the Western Mysteries. 

     His erudite scholarship, piercing and discriminating mentality, and
direct Spiritual Awareness are a combination which rarely come to this
planet Earth. And yet his humanness was never absent, expressing itself in
wit, humor, and complete compatibility with people of all social classes,
races and creeds. His mission, to translate the Techniques of Tarot and
Qabalah, extensions of the Ageless Wisdom, into terms understandable to the
modern mind, he more than fulfilled. Because of his sacrifices, coming
generations will have available the most advanced methods for travelling
the Path of Spiritual Return to the Most High. He saw into the hearts of
men and loved them still. He directly experienced the Oneness of God, the
brotherhood of man, and the Unity of ALL Life. Recognized as world
authority on Tarot and Qabalah, such credit being given to him in the
writings of many prominent Occult authorities, including Manly P. Hall, the
greatest recognition we can give him is to undertake to follow in his
spiritual foot steps, so that we, too, may consciously walk with God.

     For a free brochure, sincere students may contact:

     B.O.T.A.                 Telephone: 800-255-0041
     5105-05 No. Figueroa St. Fax:       213-255-4166
     Los Angeles, CA 90042

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