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Occult Tarot Histroy REF

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Subject: Occult Tarot Histroy REF (was alt.tarot FAQ)
Date: 12 Sep 1997 10:24:01 -0700

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49970728 aa2 Hail Satan!

isolating the individuals of the history of OCCULT tarot from the 'FAQ' 
put forward by "J. Karlin"  totalling 1200+ lines:
# Frequently Asked Questions about Tarot and alt.tarot
# Written by Jess Karlin....
# Last revision: 4 December 1996

this post terminates in a summary restatement of time periods and individuals 
important to occult tarot tradition, along with books and decks for which 
they are known, if they are listed or if I knew them, and their known 
contribution.  all modern authors/deck-makers listed in this 'FAQ' omitted.
please contribute corrections/additions and cc me via email.

# ...One of the first questions a novice will ask is 'where did tarot 
# come from'....

and here I am instead asking 

	'who may we associate with tarot as a divinatory
	 and occult device as far as design and technique
	 in its practical occult origins?'

# one can reasonably speculate about what the people who used tarot 
# in the beginning (or prior to 1781) either thought about it, nor how 
# they may have used it, in addition to gaming. 

# This has been a time-honored tradition in tarot since 1781, when Court 
# de Gebelin first looked down at tarot cards and, in a revelation...
# immediately intuited (manufactured?) that the cards were the lost 
# leaves of the Egyptian 'Book of Thoth', containing the secret and 
# 'universal' wisdom of the ages....

# Almost everyone since 1781 has based at least some part of
# their tarot shtik on de Gebelin's 'work'....

an apparently fallacious history constructed by de Gebelin.  still no
substantive occult/divinatory origins identified beyond him.

# ...long time ago ...  France... Etteilla ...card readings 
# with ...a 'piquet' deck (32 cards, plus, for purposes of
# reading, a blank card, called the 'Etteilla')....

who made Alliette's deck?  

# ...Eliphas Levi [made] drawings of only a couple of cards that were 
# ...very influential) 

# ...Eliphas Levi (French 19th-century occultist) is the person 
# principally responsible for making [the] link [between tarot and 
# kabbala] stick as the primary symbolic model by which modern tarot 
# would be interpreted and developed....

shaper of how tarot is seen/used/designed.  valuable influence, yes.

# [A.E.] Waite ...1910 ....  Golden Dawn symbolism, 

# ...Papus

# ...Papus was the last 'great link' in the chain of French occult tarot 
# evolution that had begun with Court de Gebelin. Papus was a student 
# of Levi, a great influence on Waite....

mention of a qabalist (though you don't mention other name(s) by which he
is sometimes known like Gerard Encausse).  

# ...Crowley, Waite and Case....  Paul Foster Case

Case mentioned ("for the occult stuff") in book recommendations.

		[constructed in reflection of this file and Haus library]
        born-dcsd   name (aka), _publication_, pub. date; deck:name

	1728-1784   Antoine Court de Gebelin; _Primitive World_, 1781

       c1750-1810  Alliette (Etteilla);
				_Maniere de se recreer avec le jeu de
					carte nomme les tarots_, 1783

				_Collection sur les Hautes Sciences_, 1780

			Deck: 'Piquet' -- unknown artist

	1816-1875   Eliphas Levi (Alphonse Louis Constant; 
			_Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie_, 1854;
			(later re-issued as translated by A.E. Waite:
			 _Transcendental Magic: 
					It's Doctrine and Ritual_)

			_Histoire de la Magie_, 1860; (as before,
			 later re-issued as translated by A.E. Waite:
			 _History of Magic_)

	1860-1897   Stanislaus de Guaita (pupil/artist: Oswald Wirth); 
					_Serpent of Genesis_, 1902

	1865-1917   Gerard Encausse (Papus); _The Tarot of the Bohemians_, 1889

		    	_Le Tarot Divinatoire: Clef du tirage de 
						cartes et des sortes_, 1909

	1887-now    Golden Dawn (various; Regardie); _Book T_, within
		    _The Golden Dawn_, ed. Regardie, 1937-40

			Deck: 'Golden Dawn' -- various

	?????????   Arthur Edward Waite; _A Pictorial Key to the Tarot_, 1910

			Deck: 'Rider-Waite' -- Pamela Smith/Waite

	1844-1954   Paul Foster Case; _The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of 
							the Ages_, 1929.

			Deck: 'BOTA'  -- Case/??

	1875-1947   Aleister Crowley; _The Book of Thoth_, 1944.

			Deck: 'Thoth' -- Crowley/Lady Frieda Harris

	?????????   Mouni Sadhu; _The Tarot: A Contemporary Course
				on the Quintessence of 
				Hermetic Occultism_, 1962.


others?  corrections?  challenges to this list? (nagasiva)
(emailed replies may be posted);join the AMT syncretism!!;call: 408/2-666-SLUG!
see; "Clement of Rome taught that God rules the world
with a right and a left hand, the right being Christ, the left Satan." - CGJung

(emailed replies may be posted);join the AMT syncretism!!;call: 408/2-666-SLUG!
see; "Clement of Rome taught that God rules the world
with a right and a left hand, the right being Christ, the left Satan." - CGJung

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