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Fixing the Thoth Deck

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.tarot,alt.divination,alt.thelema,alt.magick,alt.pagan.magick
From: 333 
Subject: Re: Fixing the Thoth Deck
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2004 08:19:34 GMT

eyeofhoor (my favourite Thelemic prophet!):
#># ...If the Secret Chiefs had intended for Crowley to make the switch 
#># in Hebrew letters as he deemed necessary, how could they allow for 
#># so much confusion on the matter to the point where A.C. appears to 
#># contradict himself? 

#> those chiefs aren't in control of the details of manifestation.
#> human beings get to coordinate or disarray details and data.
eyeofhoor (my favourite Thelemic prophet!):
# If the invisible masters are not manipulating human beings that 
# coordinate specific activities, 

I gather there is a presumption of non-interference for varying
purposes (e.g. moral testing, illusion of freedom of will, etc.).

# then whom or what are they directing or manipulating? 

the apparent cosmos aside from individual stars, or at least
portions thereof.
#> not only are all
#> the ciphered data-tables consonant to a rational, traditional
#> standard, they make possible a rectification and 'activation'
#> of the tarot cards published so that at least the matching
#> you have mentioned becomes possible. reconstruction of the
#> Star and Emperor card colours/symbolism would be necessary
#> for anyone actually interested in completing the AC-SWITCH,
#> but since this is a religious contrivance anyway, only two
#> minor changes are necessary to fix the Harris-Crowley deck:
#> transposing Roman Numerals on VIII / XI (GD-SWITCH)
#> transposing Hebrew Letters on IV / XVII (AC-SWITCH removal)
# Your solution is plausible, yet theoretical and ultimately 
# impractical unless the publisher of the deck is willing to 
# produce modified versions of the cards. 

the aim of those whose stewardship includes publication of
the cards is not to reveal the Solution to the vulgar, but
to persist in making the raw material available. it is *my*
aim to provide the corrective measures based on thorough
understanding of the data, but this won't be reflected in
orderly-issuance (because the membership-bait is valuable).

# There is a simpler and immediate solution to the problem; 
# take the oversized deck to a printer or graphic shop and 
# have the borders of the cards reduced, thereby eliminating 
# the conflicting numbers and letters currently printed on 
# The Star and The Emperor. 
only if one wishes to issue the deck in a rectified format.
if one wants those who are capable to utilize the corrected
deck toward intended aims without initiation into the cult,
then partial revelation will be the mode of operation, 
as is already being published.


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