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Crowley's Tarot Trump Switch

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From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: Crowley's Tarot Trump Switch
Date: Sun, 06 Jul 2003 05:19:31 GMT

nagasiva wrote:
> 50030705 viii om Pisces-Age-Y2006

 Brief comments, the rest snipped:

> The 'Symmetry' Argument
> Crowley's motivation for the switch is nonsensical. that is,
> it derives from his supposed revelation in his scripture. it
> does not resemble the very obviously-rational GD-SWITCH in
> terms of *character or logic*. he attempts to justify his
> motivation by referring to a weak symmetry in comparing the
> 2 name/symbolism switches involving zodiacally-attributed
> trumps, but he fails to mention that his proposed deck does
> *not*, comparably, rectify the NAMES and SYMBOLISM to a more
> rational mesh with Occult Tarot tradition (the rationale of
> support for the GD-SWITCH).
> the fact that his doesn't mesh with conventional zodiacal
> symbolism undermines support for his suggested revision,
> unless one is a convert to his cult. conventionally, the
> STAR is *not* better matched with ARIES than with AQUARIUS,
> and the EMPEROR is decidely *corrupted* in a change from
> ARIES to AQUARIUS. whereas it was obviously an improvement
> for the GD to exchange STRENGTH with JUSTICE.
> he argues that as it involves the exchange of two zodiacally-
> attributed cards about a third, that there is a symmetry which
> somehow serves to further justify the change. whereas the GD's
> is interior to the linear sequence of the Trumps themselves,
> the AC-SWITCH extends *beyond* the Trump-set's termination and
> back around to its beginning (following the zodiacal wheel),
> from XVII through the sign at XVIII MOON PISCES, back to the
> beginning of the trump sequence to the first zodiacal sign in
> traditional Occult Tarot: IV EMPEROR ARIES).
> focussing only on the cards attributed to the zodiac signs and
> remarking on the 'symmetry' of the switches, one is ignoring
> the fact that the GD-SWITCH pertains to 2 Trumps 3 cards away
> from one another, rotated about a sign closer to Number VIII
> (IX HERMIT VIRGO) and that this symmetry only extends to a
> rough consideration of *signs*, rather than cards as a whole.
> Crowley's suggestion pertains to 2 Trumps *8* cards away and
> then only through the end of the Trumps and back to their
> beginning. while it is true that there is a small degree
> of resemblance between these proposed switches of NAME and
> SYMBOLISM, it is not compelling like the GD-SWITCH and there
> are far more elegant and interesting options available (see
> Appendix below: 'Analysis of Proposed Tarot Switches').

The whole notion that "symmetry" is wanted here is a blind.
Consider the visual pattern relationship between the
GD-SWITCH and the analemma, the pattern made by the sun
during the course of a year. I rest my (Paul Foster) Case. 

Oh, all right. I'll explain a bit more:

If you don't know what an analemma is or what one looks
like, see

Now check out the analemma diagram at

Notice that STRENGTH Leo (August) is on one side of the
analemma switch-point, that the switch-point is in Virgo
(September) and that JUSTICE Libra (October) is on the other
side of the switch-point. 

Interesting, huh?

This supposed real-world validation of the GD
JUSTICE-STRENGTH switch was explained to me as a GD and Paul
Foster Case teaching by the woman i have previously referred
to in usenet as the "Mystery Woman from Los Angeles" who in
1967 gave a weekly class at the Six Day School on Lansing
Street in Mendocino, California, on the Western Esoteric
Tradition (the tarots of Waite, Crowley, and Case; the
social history of the Golden Dawn, Stella Matuntina, A.A.,
and prominent members therof prior to WW II; Astrology;
Kabbalah according to the GD scheme; etc. etc. etc.). As i
have mentioned previously, this woman was perhaps affiliated
with the BOTA of Paul Foster Case (she had us each buy and
paint a BOTA tarot deck), and she claimed to be Israel
Regardie's secretary or helper (she certainly circulated
copies of his then-unpublished manuscripts). 

I call the "Mystery Womnan's" use of the analemma as
validation for the GD-SWITCH a "supposed validation"
because, although it does raise some intersting thoughts, it
is not precise. But it is very, very suggestive. 

Interestingly enough, the AC-SWITCH of Aries (April) for
Aquarius (February) around a theoretical switch-point in
Pisces (March) does NOT concur with the analemma of the sun
in any manner, shape or form and is essentially
non-congruent with respect to the analemma. Plot it against
the above=cited diagram to see what i mean. 

Of course, the "Mystery Woman" pointed this out too, when
explaining why she felt that the AC-SWITCH of STAR and
EMPEROR was not valid. 

> ===============================================================
> returning to discussion with JMR:
> your explanation presented at the outset -- that the STAR
> with AQUARIUS at IV is somehow elementally-balancing --
> may be rational, but it is at variance with Crowley's own
> advocation (a minor problem) and completely inelegant as
> it *disrupts the zodiac sequence through the Trumps*
> (which is too great a problem for you to justify).
> ------------------------------------------------------------
>      JMR PROPOSAL                     [traditional Zodiac]
>     --------------------------------------------------------
>         IV      AQUARIUS                      ARIES
>         V       TAURUS                        TAURUS
>         VI      GEMINI                        GEMINI
>         VII     CANCER                        CANCER
>         VIII    LEO                           LEO
>         IX      VIRGO                         VIRGO
>         XI      LIBRA                         LIBRA
>         XIII    SCORPIO                       SCORPIO
>         XV      CAPRICORN                     CAPRICORN
>         XVII    ARIES                         AQUARIUS

HEY! Add: XVIII   PISCES                        PISCES

to complete the zodiacal cards.

There ya go! 

cat yronwode 

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