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Cleansing Your Tarot Deck

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.tarot,alt.divination
From: (nagasiva)
Subject: Cleansing Your Tarot Deck (was Re: Tarot)
Date: 16 May 1997 13:33:49 -0700

49970516 AA1  Hail Satan!

on alt.magick.chaos! (Rouque) writes:
>Someone did something rude to me.  In the same day, she began using a
>new deck of tarot cards.  Every reading she did for me came up with
>cards meaning and/or pointing to trickery and deception, which didn't
>make much sense for my question.  When I left her, I did another
>reading for myself, for the same question, and came up with completly
>opposite results.  I then found out (by other means than the tarot)
>that she had been lying to me.


>It seems that she has 'tainted' her cards with negative energies, and
>therefore, will never get a clear reading again, unless she admitted
>her guilt (which that seems unlikely).  Anyway, does anyone know of a
>technique for cleansing the cards? or can some one point me in the
>direction of a solution?

to cleanse a tarot deck there are countless ways to go about it depending
on what kind of background you have (one way to look at this is that it
isn't the *cards* which need the cleansing but your connection with them
or even you that needs the refit).

some who see the world in terms of 'perfect quaternistic elementals'
enjoy some purification ritual involving what symbolize for them the
essentials of one or more of these elements: fire/air/water/earth.
passing them quickly through flame, sunlight, incense, breath,
fresh or saltwater are possibilities.  due to ease and the preference 
for understanding tarot in terms of the intellect, incense is popular 
("smudging").  alternatively you might try burying the deck in the
soil for a while.

if you think of yourself as a 'nature-worshipper' then taking the deck
on some sort of pilgrimmage to a 'power-point', some nexus in cosmic
energies, can also effectively 'initialize' (like a computer disk)
the deck of unwanted energies.  possible spots include crossroads,
forests, the beach or waterfalls ("negative ions"), the desert, or a 

magical containers or restitutive agents are also popular.  place the
deck in a special box, bag or wrap it in fabric (often silk).  not
only is this something which could be done once to enact a cleansing,
but many keep their decks from 'unwanted influences' via this method
whenever they are not playing cards.  I like to keep mine in some old
jeans fragments.

alternatively, if you don't like enlisting 'natural' or 'elemental'
sources for your deck-cleansing, then you might get some nonmaterial
entity to do it for you: a spirit, daemon or god.  perhaps what has
been called 'the angel of the deck' (HRU?), or perhaps creating a
telesmic image (a kind of imp, designated subset of spirit or
consciousness, there's a name for it which escapes me presently) will
suffice.  in this way you could even make an agreement with the
entity to cleanse it on a regular basis, perhaps in exchange for
some of your blood, effluvia, prayers, offerings of chocolate, for 
some service to it in return, etc., etc.

there are also human authorities to be considered.  some powerful
mage or witch or priest or priestess could be consulted to do the
job for you (perhaps in trade for something, compare this to the
previous paragraph ;>).

and there is also technology of a mechanical sort: items which
generate some sort of electromagnetic or other type of field, a 
huge magnet, x-ray machine, or perhaps a microwave (?) might be 
good bets here, as well as those which could spin the deck 
widdershins (turntable, kiddie-merry-go-round, etc.).

but the best way to get and keep your deck clear of unwanted
energies is to treat it with very diligent respect and kindness,
perhaps playing music to it or petting it when it's feeling low,
or taking it out playing with it when it gets ansy or restless.
talk it up, treat it as the prized friend it is, and study with
its assistance when you are able.  it'll love you forever.

see  and  call: 408/2-666-SLUG!!!
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