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Artist's Interpretations

To: alt.tarot,alt.divination,alt.magick.tyagi
From: (Saileran)
Subject: Re: Artist's Interpretations (was Re: JKarlin: The Haindl Deck, a review)
Date: 15 Nov 1995 01:55:23 GMT

In article <489cej$>,
Surklyn  wrote:
>Ok... this may sound REALLY Naive and ignorant.  But isn't the interpretation 
>of the Tarot up to the author of the Tarot?? 

	No. The final analysis is made by the reader.

	It would be a horrifying world should everyone subscribe to a
	preordained point of view. Homogenization. Very sterile.

>According to his own beliefs??

	You assume all tarot creators are male?
>And aren't we supposed to find our own Meanings within the tarot???

	You ask conflicting questions. Both CAN be true, from a Sufistic
	point of view. Both can NOT be true if you intend to make a POINT.	

> Then why complain that the author is not correctly illustrating the cards?? 

	Freedom of expression runs both ways. One can admire the work of, for 
	instance, Mapplethorpe for its spontanaeity and edginess while at
	the same time disagreeing with the content and moral perversion
	(suit to taste here).

>They are his intpretation... therefore are correct... to him... ?

	There is no one right way for everyone.

	Anyone who chooses strict interpretation of an artist's express
	intentions over a mix of original (by one's self) and established 
	(by the author) intention is left on the wayside on the journey
	of self-discovery.

	What YOU see should guide you in interpreting a deck's symbolism.
	Measuring that vision against the creator's intention is an 
	excellent way of understanding what a deck can mean to you.

	But forgoing the intuitive process altogether to follow strictly
	an artist's intention is unimaginative and imprecise. Imprecise
	because we, as humans, NEED to form our OWN cognito/emotional
	bonds in order to truly grasp something, to make it our own.



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