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   AGRIPPA.--La Philosophic Occulte, La Haye, 1727. 2 vols. 8vo. (Bib.
   Nat., Z. 1983, A.2)


   AMARAVELLA.--A theosophic writer known by his fine works in Le Lotus,
   and in the Revue Philosophique.

   APOLLONIUS OF TYANA.--A great initiate and thaumaturge, contemporary
   with Christ 265, sqq.

   ARNOULD (Arthur).--President of the Theosophite Society Hermes, the
   French branch of the Theosophite Society of Adyar (Madras).

   ABBEMA (Louise).

   ADAM (Mme. Juliette).

   ADHÉMAR, D' (Countess Gaston).

   BARROIS.--Dactylologie ou Langage Primitif, Paris, 1850, 4to. (Bib.
   Nat., X. 4,679.)

   ------ Eléments Cartovingiens, Paris, 1854, 4to. (Bib. Nat., Z.)

   BLAVATSKY (ff. P.)--Isis Unveiled, New York, 1884 300

   BOITEAU.--Les Cartes à jouer et la Cartomancie, Paris, 1854, 4to.

   BOEHME (Jacob).--Les Trois Principes, translated by Claude de

   BERTRAND (le F .'.).--Venerable de la. L .'. La Renaissance, a
   conference in defence of occult symbolism in the F.'. M.'.

   BARLET (Ch.).--Editor of the Initiation. The author of the most
   learned works that France possesses upon Occult Science 16, 299

   COURT DE GÉBÉLIN.--Le Monde Primitif, 9 vols., 4to., 1773-1783.

   CAILLIÉ (René).--Lieu et la Création, Paris (Carré), 3 vols., 8vo.,

   CHATTO.--Facts and Speculations upon the Origin and History of Playing
   Cards in Europe, London, 1848, 8vo.

   DOE (Jean).--Monas Hieroglyphica (in Theatrum Chemimun), 1660.

   ELY STAR (Les Mystères de l'Horoscope, 18mo., Dentu, 1884 300

   ETTEILA.--Works by.

   FRANCK (A.)--La Kabbalah, Paris, Hachette, 1889, 8vo.

   FABRE D'OLIVET.--Les Vers dorés de Pythagore, Paris, 8vo., 1816; La
   Langue Hébraïque restituée, 1825, 4to., Paris. (Fundamental works of
   one of the greatest contemporary masters of occult science.)

   GUAITA (Stanilas de).--Au seuil du Mystère, Paris, 1886, 8vo., 2nd
   enlarged edition, 1889 294

   p. 354

   GARY (See Polti).

   GOYARD (Dr.).--Former President of the Vegetarian Society, author of
   several works upon occultism.

   GOUDEAU (Emile).

   HARTMANN.--Works by.


   HOLMES (Augusta).

   HOMER.--The Odyssey 7

   HESIOD.--Op. et Dies p. 104

   KIRCHER (the R. F. Jesuit)--Œdipus Ægyptiacus, 3 vols., fol.,
   Rome, 1622.

   KABBALA DENUDATA.--Frankfort, 1764.. 2 vols., 4to., (Bib. Nat., A.

   KORAN, the.

   LEVI (Eliphas, pseudonym of the Abbé Constant).--Dogme et Rituel de la
   Haute Magie, Paris, 2 vols., 8vo.; Histoire de la Magie, 8vo., Paris;
   La Clef des grands Mystères, 8vo., Paris (Fundamental works) 299

   LENAIN.--La Science Kabbalistique, 8vo. (A good summary.)

   LACURIA (P. F. G.).--Harmonies de l'Être exprimées par les nombres,
   Paris, 1847, 8vo., 2 vols. (Fundamental work.)

   LFJAY (Julien).--Editor of the Initiation. Has made an application of
   occult synthesis to Sociology.

   LACOUR.--Les Œloïm ou dieux de Moise, Paris, 1325, 8vo., 2 vols.

   LOUIS LUCAS.--La Chimie Nouvelle, 1854, 8vo.; La Médecine Nouvelle,
   1863, 2 vols., 8vo.; Le Roman Alchimique, 1853, 8vo. (Fundamental
   works) 226

   MONTIÉRE (George).--Chief Editor of the Revue l'Initiation.

   MOSES.--Le Sepher Bereschit (Genesis).

   MERLIN.--Origine des cartes a jouer, recherches nouvelles sur les
   naïbis, les tarots et sur les autres espèces de cartes, Paris, 4to.,


   MORSIER (Emilie de).

   NUS (Engène).--Philosopher, the author of several works upon
   Spiritualism. Les Grands Mystères, Paris, librarie des Sciences,
   psychologiques, 8vo.

   OLCOTT (Colonel).--President of the Theosophite Society of Adyar,
   which now includes more than 175 branches in different parts of the

   PAPUS.--Traité Elémentaire de Science Occulte, Paris, 1887, 18mo. (4th

   PARACELSUS.--Works by.

   POSTEL (Guillaume).--La Clef des Choses Cachées (Latin), 12mo. 297

   POLTI and GARY.--La Théorie des Tempéraments, 1889, 18mo. (Carré,

   PÉLADAN (Joséphin).--La décadence Latine, Ethopœia, in 7 vols.
   (Edinger, Paris) 299

   POIREL, E.--Occultist, editor of the Tarot de Wirth, and of several
   other reproductions deduced from occult science 300

   RABELAIS (epigraph) 3

   p. 355

   RAGON.--Orthodoxie Maçonnique, followed by Maçonnerie Occulte and the
   Initiation Hermitique.

   ----- Maçonnerie Occulte, with a Treatise on the Planets, 8vo.

   ----- La Messe et ses Mystères, 18mo., Paris, 1863.

   ROCA (Abbé).--Le Monde Nouveau, 1889, 8vo., Paris.

   ROUXEL.--The author of important works upon Magnetism, published in
   the Initiation.

   SAINT MARTIN (Louis Claude de).--Tableau naturel des Rapports qui
   existent entre Dieu, l'Homme et l'Univers, 2 vols., 8vo., Edinburgh,
   1782 298

   SEPHER YETZIRAH, the (translation by Papus), Paris, 1888, 8vo.

   SCHOPENHAUER.--First principles.

   SCHURÉ.--Editor of the Revue des Deux Mondes. Has just published a
   fine study upon esoterism, Les grande Initiés (Perrin, editor).

   SIMON.--La Cité Chinoise, 18mo., 1884.

   SIVRY (Ch. de) 300

   SINNET.--Esoteric Buddhism, 1884, 18mo.

   TRITHEMUS (1462-1516).--A remarkably learned man, the master of
   Cornelius Agrippa.

   VAILLANT (J. A.).--Les Rômes, histoire vraie des vrais Bohemiens,
   Paris, 1850, 8vo. 298

   VIRGIL.--The Æneid 7

   VEDAS, the.

   VAN HELMONT (Mercure).--Principia Philosophique antiquissimæ et
   recentissimæ, Amsterdam, 1690. Mercury Van Helmont is reputed to have
   initiated Leibnitz.

   WEBER (Louis Zénon).--Author of important philosophical works
   published in the Initiation 178

   WIRTH (Oswald).--The Astronomical Tarot (in the course of work). See

   WRONSKI (Hoené).--Le Messianism ou Réforme Absolue du Savoir Humain,
   Paris, 1825, 3 vols., small folio. See the complementary list of his
   numerous works in Occultism Contemporain by Papus.

   WOLSKA (A. de).

   YVES D'ALVEYDRE (Saint).--La Mission des Juifs, Paris, 1884, large
   8vo. of more than 1000 pp. Alcan Levy, publisher. (Fundamental work.)

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