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AC-SWITCH/GD-SWITCH and Heh-Tzaddi Problems

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Subject: Re: AC-SWITCH/GD-SWITCH and Heh-Tzaddi Problems
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2004 21:49:51 GMT

50040107 vii om -- Liber Tzaddi Confirmed in Liber 418!

for the interested: there are varying contentions as regards
the final contentions of Aleister Crowley regarding his Tarot
deck and the attributions affixed unto his Trumps. this has
traditionally been concealed within secret orders (e.g. the
Golden Dawn) and revealed only to those of sufficient Grade.
Nigris' "Liber Tzaddi" provides out-of-order Practicus info
on this matter, and it is in reflection of this that the
query was put below.

three separate resolution methods have been put forward by
the interested in determining this, and it is worthwhile at
this juncture to explain their logic:

	A) Ciphered Tables -- what is, within Crowley's
	"The Book of Thoth", identified within its 
	Contents list as "Tables of Correspondence", are
	ciphered data that are sometimes misunderstood
	as 'in error' or 'jumbled'; it was the assertion
	of Fr. Nigris that they constitue a very clear 
	indication of *intent*, and therefore should be
	regarded as primary in evaluation of the issue.

	B) Preponderance in Thothbook -- Crowley's text,
	published deck, and other related writings, contain
	somewhat of a diversity of expression on the
	matter, and it is contended by some that whatever
	configuration is most commonplace ought be taken
	as that which obtains.

	C) Temporal Priority -- alike to B) above, the
	logic of quantity ought give way to the logic
	of most recent expression, those previous to it
	forsaken as the chaff of mistaken thought on the
	part of Crowley, updated on the nearer date.

with these in mind, we may proceed to examine the post
below, discovering that one of the citations may well
fulfill both A) *and* C) in the exploration!	  

heya g0rd0n, thanks for the incentive. ;>

g0rg30u5_g0rd0n :
# i am curious, does your theory re: Tzaddi and Heh 

ambiguous. I presume for the moment you are speaking of 
what may be found in Liber Tzaddi concerning Crowley's 
apparent intentions for mimicking the GD-SWITCH as a 
format for effecting the AC-SWITCH (see Thothbook p. 10ff
and reference list below).

thank you for asking about these. I'll look at what I can 
find of the below immediately and reply here as to how they 
fit in. interpretation of the text itself I leave for my 

# find support in books such as Liber Viarum Viae (868), 

I didn't find the text of this immediately. quote the 
relevant portions or at least point me to a copy and
then we can discern it. the rest I found easily.

# Liber Tau (400), 
which I found at:

	Liber Tau sub figura 400

	contains the Hebrew Letters in conventional order, 
	absent Taw, in which the whole appears to be 
	constructed. this is an affirmation, if taken
	as contemporaneous, of the principle of avoiding 
	disruption of the Hebrew in the supposed 
	rectification of the Trump-letter assignments.

	the relevant associations appear to be:

$		HEH    -  Equilibrium on the Cubic Stone
$		TZADDI -  the Unveiling of Love.

	which conform to conventional GD imagery and 
	pre-AC-SWITCH as I've understood it. EMPEROR-HEH

# Liber Arcanorvm (231), 

which I found at:

	Liber Arcanorum sub figura 231                               

	contains numbers (for the Roman 0 and I =>XXI) to which 
	is set poetic expression, the relevant associations 
	appearing to be:

$	  4.  Now riseth Ra-Hoor-Khuit, and dominion is established 
$	      in the Star of the Flame.

$	  17. Transformed, the holy virgin appeared as a fluidic fire, 
$	      making her beauty into a thunderbolt.

	more closely aligned to the pre-AC-SWITCH as I've understood
	it than any kind of rectification. it might be shown to
	support the change of *names only*, making Emperor into
	'Star' and somehow changing XVII to something else. 

# Liber Aervm (418), 

whose text and commentary thereupon I found at:

	Vision and Voice (418) Commentary                          

	dated October 12 1952 
	which may be one of the *latest* contentions on attributes.

	it appears to be a partial CONFIRMATION of Liber Tzaddi 
	(see below) in that it makes a clear distinction between 
	"the general" and "the new Thelemic" attribution of Heh 
	to Star, in accord with: XVII-STAR-HEH-15, but does not
	mention any 'new attribution' with respect to zodiacal 

	the book and its commentary proceed from highest to 
	lowest 'aethyrs' in a long series subtended by paginated
	notation, the most obviously relevant of which are the 
	28th (XVII) and 15th (IV). I searched through it for
	text of pertinence to either Star or Emperor (+IV/XVII, 
	Heh/Tzaddi; Sulphur/Swastika, 'general', 'attibut') 
	and found the following (additions welcome!):

$	  28. "The Vision of the Dawn of the Aeon of Horus (Atu XVII)"
$	  notes: 1.  The general attribution of this Aethyr is to 
$	  Atu XVII.

	this mention of "the general attribution" is an obvious
	discernment from his later "new Thelemic attribution".

$	  November 23, 1909, between 8 and 9 p.m.

        [these dates are those of the initial vision recorded]

	his mention of the Angel having armour on breast is more
	reminiscent of Emperor than Star, but the prominent imagery
	of Binah makes this connection somewhat tenuous.

$  	  15. "The Vision of the rose of 49 petals, and of the Holy
$	      12-fold Table. Examination of the Candidate for 
$	      [Magister Templi]."

	the only connection to either within this aethyr I can 
	discern being text like:

$	  And now am I again rapt in contemplation of that universe 
$	  of letters which are stars.

	as well as other mentions of stars, especially in the crown
	of the Angel of the Aethyr, and yet he also writes:

$	  And the letters of the circumference declare in glory 
$	  of Nuit, that beginneth from Aries

$	  December 3, 1909. 9:15 to 11:10 a.m. 

	which could indicate STAR=ARIES=28 but they are not clear.

$	   The Cry of the 7th Aethyr, Which is Called DEO


$	  ...this is she that poureth the Water of Life upon 
$	  her head, whence it floweth to fructify the earth^2.
$	...
$	[note 2, p. 116] Refers to ATU XVII, "The Star", which 
$	shows this figure. 

	this indicates clearly XVII-STAR and conventional image.
$  	   6. The Cry of the 6th Aethyr, Which is Called MAZ

$	[note 4 p. 119] {Sulphur} is the active Fiery Nature, 
$	and the Microcosm of the Elements. But Atu IV, The Emperor, 
$	refers to {HEB:Heh} = 5, and he forms {Sulphur}, the sign 
$	for Sulphur, by the position of his arms and legs. Then 
$	harmonizes these, being the fiery thunderbolt, the electric 
$	whirling; and also the balance of the elements (its 4 arms) 
$  	in a Microcosm.

	further on in the same notes:

$	[note 5 p. 119] A =  {HEB:Aleph} the Swastika; 
$	V = {HEB:Vau} = Atu V, the Pentagram; E = {Aries} 
$	and Atu IV, {Sulphur}.                                    

	the two very obviously an identification of 
	IV=EMPEROR=HEH=15 (=Sulphur).

	and later:

$	  Accordingly, I wait in a certain magical posture which 
$	  it is not fitting to disclose, and above me appears 
$	  the starry heaven^2 of night, and one star greater than 
$	  all the other stars. It is a star of eight rays. I 
$	  recognize it as the star in the seventeenth key of the     
$	  Tarot, as the Star of Mercury. And the light of it 
$	  cometh from the path of Aleph. And the letter Cheth is 
$	  also involved in the interpretation of this star, and 
$	  the paths of he' and vau are the separations which this 
$	  Star unites^3. And in the heart of the star is an 
$	  exceeding splendour, -- a god standing upon the moon, 
$	  brilliant beyond imagining^4. It is like unto the 
$	  vision of the Universal Mercury. But this is the Fixed
$	  Mercury, and he' and vau are the perfected sulphur and 
$	  salt. 

	and even more succinctly in the notes to this portion:

$       [note 1, p. 120] {Aquarius} = the Man, the Pentagram;
$       A, the Swastika; {Leo} the House of {Sulphur}.


$	[note 2, p. 120] Masloth = the sphere of Chokmah = {Mercury}.  
$	{HEB:Vau} and {HEB:Heh} lead from Chesed and Tiphareth to 
$	Chokmah.                                 

	apparently indicating HEH-15

$	[note 3, p. 120] Atu XVII has the letter {HEB:Heh} in 
$	the new Thelemic attribution. The Star is {Mercury} 
$	(Chokmah), for He is the light of Binah, the naked 
$	woman of the Atu. (Her arms make the Swastika; it is 
$	the sign of the Mourning of Isis. Aleph is the Path 
$	through which the light of Kether comes to Chokmah.  
$	Cheth is said in the Zohar to interpret H; and Cheth 
$	is the Path which conveys the Cup of Binah to the 
$	Inferiors. {Mercury} Unites H and Vau, for they are  
$	{Sulphur} and {Salt} (V = the Kerub of {Spirit}).

$	  December 10, 1909.  7:40-9:40 p.m.

	which is succinct in mentioning "the new Thelemic
	attribution": conventional imagery for Star, *and* 
	mentions it as on Key Scale 15: XVII-STAR-HEH-15
	while no zodiacal attribution is given.

	this is the only mention I've found so far that is
	specific as regards "the new Thelemic attribution",
	and it confirms my assertions about the AC-SWITCH
	insofar as the Roman Number and Name are exchanged.

# or Liber Gradvvm Montis Abiegi (13)?

which I found at:

	Graduum Montis Abiegni sub figura 13                               
	 (A Syllabus of the Steps Upon the Path)  

	in which I saw no mention of any Tarot or related

# if no support, how would your theory modify/ illumine these books?

interestingly it appears to confirm Liber Tzaddi completely,
and it seems that the relevant aspect of such confirmation
will come with temporal assignment to expressions. since the
text *and* commentary of Liber 418 are dated (many of the
other texts/files I've referenced are reprints and therefore
have identifiable timestamp), this is one of the more 
important discoveries for the purposes of supporting the 
Thothbook's ciphered Tables of Correspondence, p. 278.

thank you for encouraging me to look them up. I'll readily
peruse any other of Crowley's works for data on tarotic
attribution, and if they are dated as well this will be
helpful in tracking his most recent expressions on the
matter and discerning how his conclusions changed over time.

	"The Book of Thoth", by Crowley, Weiser, 1944+.

	"Liber Tzaddi"

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Subject: Re: AC-SWITCH/GD-SWITCH and Heh-Tzaddi Problems
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50040119 vii om

# One might call this and other instances re: Tzaddi and Heh, 
# /purposeful/ ambiguity.

I think it is obviously so, yes. it gives the impression of
an intentional morass of differentiated data surrounding the
GD SWITCH and the AC SWITCH cards. this can hardly be called
'typos' or even 'disorganization'.

#># curiously, teth is where lamed should be, and lamed 
#># is where teth should be if they were to follow a 
#># strictly numerical order (i.e. 400, 300, 200, 100, 
#># 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 
#># 4, 3, 2, 1): very coumfusing for the neophyte who 
#># hasn't yet memorized the hebrew alphabet! :)
#> not if you've seen it enough to know he'll futz with
#> the switch numbers. pretty consistent. he often will
#> switch entire rows out for the 4 SWITCHES, or 2 of 
#> them, depending on when he wrote(?), it seems.
# which argues most strongly for a /purposeful/ ambiguity....


# beyond this, all is questionable, at least in my mind.

dunno, when the going gets tough, the tough go to the
reference table that should contain the correct data
("The Book of Thoth: "Tables of Correspondence, p. 287).
# there is also, arguably, a certain awkwardness in placing the two 
# swastikas so close together (the other being associated with the aleph 
# path), as one could do, depending on how one read this whole thing.

not to mention the split-up distance of Empress/Emperor and 

#>#> 	"Liber Tzaddi"
#># and what of Liber Tzaddi (the 'original' received 1911 ev) itself? 
#> I've revised Liber C vel Agape vel Azoth. why not?
# Liber C is class D so, there wouldn't be much controversy 
# there, right?

class schmass. the C/Agape thing was always squashed as 'secret'
amongst the Crowleyans I've met (esp. in (c)OTO). I think it'd
be funny if someone rewrote over the top of all the 'secret'
texts by the *same exact names* things that are more exciting
as secrets and leave the orthodoxy to rot in their bedrooms.

#># You know the 'Book of the Secret Fishhook'? 
#># This book abounds in /Arian/ not Aquarian imagery for the most part.
# ...maybe the imagery is echoed here, where the tzaddi-heh 
# ambiguity iz played to full effect:
# Liber VII, c. iv, v. 1, v. 55-9:
#     1. I am like a maiden bathing in a clear pool of fresh water.
# ...
#    55. I will be like a splendid naked woman with ivory breasts and 
# golden nipples; my whole body shall be like the milk of the stars. I 
# will be lustrous and Greek, a courtesan of Delos, of the unstable Isle.
#    56. Thou shalt be like a little red worm on a hook.
#    57. But thou and I will catch our fish alike.
#    58. Then wilt thou be a shining fish with golden back and silver 
# belly: I will be like a violent beautiful man, stronger than two score 
# bulls, a man of the West bearing a great sack of precious jewels upon a 
# staff that is greater than the axis of the all.
#    59. And the fish shall be sacrificed to Thee and the strong man 
# crucified for Me, and Thou and I will kiss, and atone for the wrong of 
# the Beginning; yea, for the wrong of the beginning.
# and in Liber VII, v. 5:
# 5. Only one fish-hook can draw me out; it is a woman kneeling by the 
# bank of the stream. It is she that pours the bright dew over herself, 
# and into the sand so that the river gushes forth.

very lovely, thanks. it is freshly reminding me of what I've been
contemplating lately: Kwan Yin pouring the Elixir Waters upon the
faithful, or the ground, or the dragons playing beneath Her. there
is Star imagery about the Sea Goddesses in much the same way that
I see it in association with my PISCEAN-C-WITCH ('Sea Witch', a
worshipper of the Mother Mar). 

#># By the way, I relied on H. Alpha's preface in The Holy Books 
#># (1983) for the dates given above.
#> lol. nice. I only read those aloud.
# after i marked up my crowley text for years i started marking 
# up the HBeta (et al) text just so I'd be clear and sure about 
# whose scholarship/ word i was parroting.  Heh  ;)

good idea. thanks for the insights, kin.


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Subject: Re: Crowley's Tzaddi Problem
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   4 1 8
50040108 vii om
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
The word of Sin is Restriction.

#>#> ...if Tzaddi-Star is the only problem child, 
#>#> how is the problem cured by exchanging TWO of the cards, 
#>#> including one of the supposedly "aright" ones?

#> cards aren't switched, by Crowley's solution, names/images are.

particularly in parallel to the GD-SWITCH, around zodiac Signs.
his goes 'around the corner' of the Trumps too, XVII/XVIII/IV,
rather than remaining within a proximate sequence VIII/IX/XI as 
did the .

Joseph Littleshoes  writes:
# It's only an issue if you choose to see it as such....

the premise, in context, was that the scripture was meaningful 
and valuable, and that its interpret might make plain some 
ambiguity with Tahuti's book (Nut's?) otherwise, agreed.

the Master says, roughly, of his scripture (Commentary):
%	Love under will -- no casual pagan love; 
%	not love under fear, as the Christians do.
%	But love magically directed and used as a
%	spiritual formula. The fools may mistake
%	(not here implying [Heb:{Aleph}] fools, 
%	for III, 57 says, All fools despise).

	&	Despise also all cowards; 
	&	professional soldiers 
	&	who dare not fight, but play:
	&	all fools despise.

%	This love, then, should be the serpent love,
%	the awakening of the kundalini. The further
%	mystery is of [Heb:{Pe}] and unsuited to the
%	grade in which this comment is written.
%	The last paragraph confirms the Tarot
%	attributions as given in 777, with one
%	secret exception.
%	"Love is the law, love under will", is an
%	interpretation of the general law of Will.
%	It is dealt with fully in the *Book Aleph*.
%	...
%	I see no harm in revealing the mystery of
%	Tzaddi to 'the wise'; others will hardly
%	understand my explanations.
%	Tzaddi is the letter of The Emperor, the
%	Trump IV, and He is The Star, the Trump XVII.
%	Aquarius and Aries are therefore counter-
%	changed, revolving on the pivot of Pisces,
%	just as, in the Trumps VIII and XI, Leo and
%	Libra do about Virgo. This last revelation
%	makes our Tarot attributions sublimely,
%	perfectly, flawlessly symmetrical.
%	The fact of its so doing is a most convincing
%	proof of the superhuman Wisdom of the author
%	of this Book to those who have laboured for
%	years, in vain, to elucidate the problems of
%	the Tarot.
%	---------------------------------------------
%	"Magical and Philosophical Commentaries on
%	 the Book of the Law", Crowley, 
%	 eds. Symonds/Grant, 93 Publishing, 1974;
%	 pp. 163-165, 279, see also 290.
%	=============================================
basically the same as he stated in "The Book of Thoth",
page 10-11. once again, this supports Liber Tzaddi and
the ciphered "Tables of Correspondence" in Crowley's
"The Book of Thoth" as revealing his secret attribution, 
flatly contradicting Symonds/Grant ("Magick" Tree of
Life, frontispiece) and HBeta ("Magick", Appendix V,
Figure 22c), and DuQuette (his latest), who have all 
apparently installed blinds or lost the keys. ;>

# ...this singular quotidian remains innocuous.

it didn't to him, and some who are interested in coming to 
better understand his deck with Harris seem to think it 
worthy of consideration, given the diversity of his writ.
I suspect that it does not, and appreciate sri catyananda's
interpretation of Crowley's scripture instead. :>

# So don't even get me started on my "cowboy cop in space", 
# taking its place among the sun and moon and universe of 
# stars 
# while moving the healer 
these seem obvious enough his intent.

# to amongst the human archetypes of mother, child, lover, 
# seeker, teacher.


# Cause i just don't concern my self with this bit of 
# crowleyaninty....

ok, I'll try to find something in the rest for discussion. :>

# ...choice between the dove and the serpent would be obvious.

%	Invoke me under my stars! Love is the law,
%	love under will. Nor let the fools mistake
%	love; for there are love and love. There is
%	the dove, and there is the serpent. Choose ye
%	well! He, my prophet, hath chosen, knowing
%	the law of the fortress, and the great
%	mystery of the House of God. All these old
%	letters of my Book are aright; but [TzADDI]
%	is not the Star. This also is secret: my
%	prophet shall reveal it to the wise.

# There is a legendary order 

bunches of 'em, I guess.

# to the numbers and the letters, the dove, 

	12345678910? 0123456789? ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ?
        qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm? 7894561230?

# and changing that order, the serpent.

what if when you buy his cards they don't agree
(the numbers and letters, I mean)?

# Course one has to get it right in the first place, 
# so a small change would probly be more acceptable 
# to more people than turning the whole tree up side  
# down and spend years working with that.

unless one is going on the presumption of symbolic
gravity, it wouldn't seem too important whether the
sefirots were coming up or going down (until one attempts 
to somehow symbolize a *tree*!). whereas, one small change 
might cascade into multiples (witness the case of the 
Levi Genie. shift? transpose? multi-exchange? the Magical
Son wanted to *reverse* Atus to Paths, which freaked the
Master out completely, apparently. "Bad boy!" he said.
Invoke me under my stars!

Love is the law, love under will.

  "The Book of Thoth", Crowley, Weiser, 1944.
  "Liber Al vel Legis sub figura 220"     
  "Liber Tzaddi"


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