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AC-SWITCH/GD-SWITCH and He-Tzaddi Problems

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From: 333 
Subject: AC-SWITCH/GD-SWITCH and He-Tzaddi Problems
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2004 08:13:47 GMT


50040104 vii om some settling of contents...

MORE From the Tzaddi/He CROWLEY-SWITCH Series

333 re GD-SWITCH observations in Crowley's data:
#> ok, but I think it is imperative to leave them in any
#> place where they are being compared and/or contrasted
#> with the AC-SWITCH cards. I've tried to show why.
# This is one technique. 

it's not just a technique. Crowley is fairly clearly
linking the two in his Moebius Ribbon (;>) and just about 
everywhere else. more importantly, he futzes with the pair
*consistently* and provides the justification for the one 
with the other at the outset of his book describing his 
Tarot deck as painted by Harris (Thothbook p. 10).

# I am merely looking for the weight of evidence 

that was Fr. AOM's interest also, tallying up marks and then
going with the one with the most points. it is nowhere given
reasonable support by Crowley as a method to understand him.

it also doesn't, absent temporal specificity (which could be
difficult to determine in some cases), analyze how his own
developing notions may have varied. he was clear enough in
spots that he was perplexed on the matter. therefore a focus
on preponderance may be doomed to obsession with dead skin.
you don't seem to be addressing this, just forging ahead
along this trajectory in a faith that it will yield results.


aggregation is no measure of intention by itself, especially 
where a diversity obtains. as I have adequately explained 
this diversity (notably giving you at least 3 exceptions 
within this very posting), it becomes difficult to assess 
any overall intention. were there the mere few you have 
discovered, I could somewhat understand the trajectory 
that you are taking with respect to the material. any 
body of data can be found to be consonant with one's 
desired results, of course.
# Crowley consistently lists the Emperor in the fifth 
# position of any list (...0=I ...IV).

here are some exceptions I came up with before:

    Thothbook        Implication
      p268t          Star=He=15
      p268t          Emperor=Tzaddi=28

# ...the table on page 278.

which lists when arighted.

      p278t          Star=He=Aries=15                   *reversed*
      p278t          Lust=Teth=Leo=19                   *reversed*
      p278t          Adjustment=Lamed=Libra=22          *reversed*
      p278t          Emperor=Tzaddi=Aquarius=28         *reversed*

unless published editions vary mightily, we'll have to 
presume that the table on 278 was jumbled if it is not 
ciphered (something I haven't seen disproven as yet), except 
the Roman Numerals ("Title and Number Printed on Cards" 
[also see below]).

as I've recently added to Liber Tzaddi, here is what 
is required to fix that table (the Wheel is, as you've
correctly indicated, quite properly configured; it is
the table *below* the Wheel which is ciphered):

$ in "The Essential Dignities of the Planets" (p 284)
$ the standard within the Table therein to be used is
$ Exaltation of the Planets, and the natural sequence of
$ zodical signs, indicated correctly by the Wheel depicted
$ thereon. the dimensions jumbled in that table are the
$ *KEY SCALE #*s (which is unmarked and focussed on the
$ AC-SWITCH) and "SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC" (marked and the
$ rows for the GD-SWITCH are exchanged).
$ the corrected rows look like this, centered on GD-SWITCH
$ and AC-SWITCH cards (the only ones ciphered yet again):
$         --------------------------------------------
$           THE PLANETS   RULING      SIGNS     SCALE
$         --------------------------------------------
$             SUN 19'    MARS           ARIES   15
$          URANUS 19'    SUN              LEO   19
$          SATURN 21'    VENUS          LIBRA   22
$         NEPTUNE 19'    SATURN      AQUARIUS   28
$         --------------------------------------------
$ here's the method to correct the table:
$         Zodiac row changes (GD-SWITCH):
$                 change URANUS19-SUN-LEO-19 for
$                        SATURN21-VENUS-LIBRA-22
$         Key Scale changes (AC-SWITCH):
$                 change Key Scale 15 for 28
$                                  28 for  5
$ {note the consistency of the switch-mechanism here!
$  falling along Key # and astrological lines:
$                 15 for 28 and 19 for 22.}
$ that the table switches were intentional is obvious,
$ they are only meaningful and informative as a cipher,
$ an emphasis on their content and orientation.
$ ------------------------------------------------------
$ "Liber Tzaddi: Practicus Data (GWB: AA)", by 333,
$  published online, copyright 2003 nagasiva yronwode.
$ ======================================================

corrections welcomed!

both of those tables [p. 278 "Tarot Correspondences" 
and p. 284 "Essential Dignities of the Planets"] are 
ciphered and must be deciphered in order to yield their
proper results. the standards of rectification are available
to those using logic and a comprehension of occultism. see 
above for the correct adjustment to them from Liber Tzaddi.
examining these charts does give me some exceptions to 
popular contentions, as they are *correct with respect to 
Hebrew letters and inclusive of the GD-SWITCH*, fucking up 
the zodiacal signs AND the Roman Numerals, while leaving 
the *GD cardnames* as is:

yet *another* configuration! 

# ...- see the text on page 267.

which is:

%	This diagram illustrates the conventional theory 
%	of the structure of the Universe adopted as 
%	convenient for the purpose of calculation in
%	the Book called *The Tarot*. ... The lines 
%	joining the circles represent the twenty-two 
%	numbers of the Hebrew alphabet with the actual 
%	meanings of their names and their numerical value. 	
%	-----------------------------------------------------
%	"The Book of Thoth", Crowley, Weiser, 1981, p. 267.
%	=====================================================

his mention of the paths is as Hebrew letter-numbers, and
this emphasis indicates that he does care about the consistent 
sequence of Hebrew letter sequence (in fact he expects the
Practicus to solve it with ingenuity or guidance by the wise).

re Emperor/Star switch as put forward by many Crowleyans:
#> i.e. it fucks up the zodiacal signs.
counter-argument against this result:
the Golden Dawn never did that. they based their attributions
on their predecessors who never did that either, no matter
what else they may have done with the Trumps, back to the
Sepher Yetzirah.

re Harris/Crowley:
#> ...her catalogue for her showing
#> of the cards has yet *another* fucked up letter
#> attribution set in which *DALETH* is given for both 
#> the Empress *and* for the Star! Emperor has Tzaddi
#> and is given Aries (Star Aquarius).
NOT a typo, apparently, as I make plain in the document
that I sent you privately. here are the details:

   EXHp9            Empress=Venus=Daleth                      1942+
      p10           Emperor=Aries=Tzaddi
      p11           Adjustment=Libra=Teth              *duplicated*
      p12           Lust=Leo=Teth                      *duplicated*
      p14           Star=Aquarius=Daleth               *duplicated*

this is in part why I say you have to watch *both* SWITCHES.
the Exhibit Catalogue's GD-SWITCH cards are *also* fucked up. 
Crowley appears to have been LEAVING A TRAIL OF CONFUSION 
SURROUNDING BOTH SWITCHES. this can only rationally be 
resolved by some additional indicator of intention, 
which the ciphers in his Thothbook exemplify. 

# Do you know what the first mention of the actual Switch is? 
# Since it was added into 777 by someone else, where does it 
# first appear?.... depends on what you're looking for. his earliest mention 
(ciphered!) of card switches is in his "Tarot Divination":

    TDp6             61=4=Emperor=He=Aries                    1912+
      p6             65=11=Fortitude=Teth=Leo          *reversed*
      p7             68=8=Justice=Lamed=Libra          *reversed*
      p8             74=17=Star=Tzaddi=Aquarius

whose character of publishing is:
        TD -- "Tarot Divination", by Aleister Crowley
               Samuel Weiser, 1976...1994; changes?
                publishing history:
                    1912 -- within The Equinox, 1:8
                            as "A Description of the Cards of the Tarot"
                            [subt.: With Their Attributions; Including
                             a Method of Divination by Their Use" -- 333]

                    1976 -- retitled  (by Weiser?) "Tarot Divination".

              NOTE: 65(/11/Fortitude), 66(/9/The Hermit), ...,
                    68 (/8/Justice) imply the GD SWITCH, but the
                    61 (/4/The Emperor) and 74 (/17/The Star)
                    do *not* imply the AC SWITCH -- 333
all from

# The path order can be clearly seen in the TofL+Tarot 
# diagram on page 268. Crowley doesn't list the paths 
# anywhere in BofT in straight numerical order.

isn't that interesting?

by virtue of *omission* alone, then, something is afoot, 
or very strangely out-of-whack. drugs? his scripture 
*does* say something about the esoteric nature of the 
trump-letter set! in his descripts of the ToLs he is very
clear that the letters are important. given his increasing 
value of his scripture to him, why doubt that he'd try 
to fulfill this and conceal his intentions? 

suggestions re weighted emphasis lead to these results: 
#> 	a) corrupt the zodiacal sequence by performing
#> 	   the AC-SWITCH as you've described it.
#> 	b) leave the GD-SWITCH behind, *despite*
#> 	   his desire to use it to support his 
#> 	   switch with the Moronic Moebius.

# You are the one who insists that Crowley's material 
# match a particular theory of your own.

not sure which theory that might be. here's my thought 
on the whole: 

granting a diversity of data, prioritization must take 
place in order to discern which data is most important. 
aggregate and temporal schemes have been presented, and 
you may well have established some aggregate primary. 
I'm not trying to argue you away from your priority-
selection, just saying that temporal is more convincing 
to me than aggregate, and cipherment more convincing 
than temporal.

preponderant data are important to aggregate selection.
there is no prioritization within such an analysis given
the evident expression of confusion and interest in 
somehow resolving this by the individual involved. you
might, for example, establish an overwhelming deluge
of expression on some particular configuration, but I've
shown that this is in no way entirely consistent, and
thus the possibility exists that a solution was reached
late in the construction of the data and no attempt was
made to reconcile the material to coherence. strike one.

earliest and latest expressions are important to priority
selections involving temporal analysis. from what I can
tell, the earliest card-switch material comes from his
1912 the repetition of GD attributions, *ciphering* these. 
the earliest AC-SWITCH material (i.e. that involving the
IV-15/XVII-28 cards) appears to be July of 1942, in the
Harris Exhibition Catalogue, which is at *odds* with all
other attributions, involving *DALETH* rather than HE.
the latest expression appears to be in his letters that
were compiled as part of "Magick Without Tears", in which 
Star=He, a bare pittance of material to go by. strike two.  

intentionality of emphasis is the most rational analysis
where aggregate is diverse and temporal is confused.
I've shown that from the first expression in 1912 to the
latest expression in MWT that these conditions obtain,
and that a clear delineation of intention 


the material to which I was pointing is the undergirding 
explanation for how the card switchES ought to be carried 
out, based on the argument he provides. the ToL diagrams 
give the Hebrew correctly. his tables in Appendix B 
("Tarot Correspondences") give the proper configuration
in cipher.
#># I believe that two astrological attributions on page 278 
#># are in error, where IV (says Aquarius) and XVII (says 
#># Aries)....
#> why do you think that this table is run backward for 
#> only these four cards (GD-SWITCH/AC-SWITCH)?
re-examine p. 278 and you'll find that the letters LAMED 
and TETH are so switched in the following overall 
Number/Title on Card    Letter  Value   Attribution      Key Scale
IV           EMPEROR    TZADDI  90,900  AQUARIUS         28
VIII      ADJUSTMENT    LAMED   30      LIBRA            22
IX              LUST    TETH    9       LEO              19
XVII            STAR    HE      5       ARIES            15

which, when corrected, yields:

Number/Title on Card    Letter  Value   Attribution      Key Scale
XVII            STAR    HE      5       ARIES            15
IX              LUST    TETH    9       LEO              19
VIII      ADJUSTMENT    LAMED   30      LIBRA            22
IV           EMPEROR    TZADDI  90,900  AQUARIUS         28

ultimately, intention overall can best be ascertained through
explanations where variation from tradition obtains, making
other exceptions for those materials which are somehow 
emphasized through cipher. beyond this, there is no 
sustainable way to discern overall intention. 

the Practicus must wend hir way through the puzzles and
proliferation of variety espoused by the confused and/or
wily Master. that support from a document considered primary
by the author in question contains no clear resolution makes
aggregate coherence meaningless, inference beyond this which
proceeds without superior insight and knowledge misguided.
this is what Aiwass conveyed, Crowley interpreted, and
thereafter presented to those who follow via occult means.

the mechanism of secret initiation and obedience oaths 
in pursuit of arcane information is not the delimiter of
wisdom any more than supposition by virtue of aggregation,
which may be applied by anyone with but means to procure.



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