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To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.divination,alt.magick
From: Seyfert-1 
Subject: Re: Numerology (from a Gematria discussion elsewhere)
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2002 09:34:56 GMT

50020905 VII om  (going on 7 years; I notice a peculiarity in my dating)

Taliszanna :
> ... base 9 rotation system (a=1, i=9, j=1)....
> ... straightforward valuation system (A=1, Z=26)....
> ... yet another system, according to this site -
> :
> 1) which number do I go by -- 3 or 7 which I scored twice?

go with the system you see as more elegant and necessary. 
this will yield a 3 or 7 or something else.

> and 2) what are the meanings of 3 and 7?

the true issue in a numerological study. the best system of
numerology is one you devise yourself. the referents ought
reside in a system conducive to your objectives and character.
it helps to have some familiarity with mathemetics and number
theory, perhaps even set theory, but these are not necessary.

a beginning of an answer to your question here is to point
out the various qualities typically ascribed to these odd
numbers. see if there are any commonalities in the systems of
your study, consider how well they reflect your own thinking
on the subject of number-character, and whether they seem
arbitrary (numerology may not be for you, it may *all* seem
arbitrary -- it might just *be* all arbitrary ;>).

> Unfortunately, every numerology book I have read gives a 
> different message for a given number. 

then you're not looking very hard. there are some traditions
of number-meaning assignment, including those which may be
found within symbolism dictionaries and encyclopaedia.

> If anyone out there has a book whose theories for each number 
> appear to be correct, 

there is no Correct Book of Shadows. it is a variable suited
particularly for the adept and reflector. cultural trends have
enshrined certain assignments as sacrosanct or truthful, but
only those which are vague and delve so deeply into culture as
to lose the aspirant in the detritus of outworn concepts have
power to initiate and reveal the mysteries (as an example I'd
recommend text such as Crowley's "Book of Thoth" as beautiful,
even if it has no power for you for practical purposes).

> I wouldn't mind knowing what 7 and 3 are 

if you ever find out what *you* think they are, post it here.
I enjoyed naming the numbers at one point in my studies, giving
them noun-names and sigils (e.g. 5 is "Bios" and symbolizes 
living and growing process). occasionally I'll run across
someone who has done likewise and our assignments may overlap!
it can be exciting. mostly, however, the Magus accepts that hir
system and work will be unique and unobserved by the mass, so
never revealed as "correct" on account of its lack of popular
support. the problem with the One True Divination Tool is that
divination doesn't have to work that way. tools can be fudged
and still be effective for what *I* want to use them (reflection
on my own condition and orientation to present circumstance,
magic, communication devices).

> and what your thoughts are on the systems used above: is one 
> more correct than the other and is there a point to English 
> numerology when it originated in the Middle East?

those aren't systems of numerology proper. they are numero-
linguistic value-assignment systems. in order to delve into
numerology you'd have to begin describing meanings to the
numbers at least from 1-9, possibly 0 and 10 as well. there
are many good systems of numerology. if someone has a bias
about what works best, we'll have to find out what they mean
by "works" and compare and contrast perceptions of the real
in order to determine if the numbers reflect it.


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