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To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.christnet.demonology,alt.divination,alt.magick
From: nagasiva 
Subject: Re: Necromancy?
Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2001 00:29:08 GMT

50010407 Vom

"Joseph H Peterson" :
>There is a necromancy operation described by Ebenezer Sibly, which is what
>A.E. Waite used in his Book of Black Magic.
>See  Also the Grand
>Grimoire has one, and there are a couple in Reginal Scott's collection of
>magical texts as well as
>(pseudo-?)Agrippa's Fourth Book:

which is:

   In our third book of Occult Philosophy, we have taught how and by what
   means the Soul is joyned to the Body; and, what hapeneth to the Soul after

   Thou maist know further, That those Souls do still love their relinquished
   Bodies after death, as it were a certain affinity alluring them; as are the
   Souls of noxious men, which have violently relinquished their Bodies, and
   Souls wanting a due burial, which do still wander in a liquid and turbulent
   Spirit about their dead carkasses; for these Souls by the known means by
   which heretofore they were conjoyned to their Bodies, by the like vapors,
   liquors, and favours, are easily drawn unto them.

   From hence it is, that the Souls of the dead are not to be called up
   without blood, or by the application of some part of their relict Body.

   In raising up these shadows, we are to perfume with new Blood, with the
   Bones of the dead, and with Flesh, Egges, Milk, Honey and Oile, and
   such-like things, which do attribute to the Souls a means apt to receive
   their Bodies.

   It is also to be understood, That those who are desirous to raise up any
   Souls of the dead, they ought to do it in those places, wherein these kinde
   of Souls are most known to be conversant, or for some alliance alluring
   those souls into their forsaken Body; or for some kinde of affection in
   times past, impressed in them in their life, drawing the said Soul to
   certain places, things, or persons; or for the forcible nature of some
   place fitted and prepared for to purge or punish these Souls. Which places
   for thr most part are to be known by the experience of visions, mighty
   incursions, and apparitions, and such-like prodigies seen.

   Therefore the places most befitting for these things, are Church-yards. And
   better then them, are those places wherein there is the execution of
   criminal judgements. And better then these, are those places, in which of
   late yeers there have been some publike slaughters of men. Furthermore,
   that place is better then there, where some dead carkass, that came by a
   violent death, is not yet expiated, nor ritely buried, and was lately
   buried; for the esxpiation of those places, is also a holy Rite duly to be
   adhibited to the burial of the bodies, and oftentimes prohibiteth the souls
   to come unto their bodies, and expelleth them far off unto the places of

   And from hence it is, That the Souls of the dead are not easily to be
   raised up, except it be the Souls of them whom we know to be evil, or to
   have perished by a violent death, and whose bodies do want a right and due

   Now although we have spoken concerning such places of this kinde, it will
   not be safe or commodious to go unto them; but it behoveth us to take to
   what place soever is to be chosen, some principal part of the body that is
   relict, and therewith to make a perfume in due maner, and to perform other
   competent Rites.

   It is also to be known, That because the Souls are certain spiritual
   lights, therefore artificial lights, especially if they be framed out of
   certain competent things, compounded according to a true rule, with
   congruent inscriptions of Names and Seals, do very much avail to the
   raising up of departed Souls.

   Moreover, these things which now are spoken of, are not alwaies sufficient
   to raise up Souls, because of an extranatural portion of understanding and
   reason, which is above, and known onely to the Heaven and Destinies, and
   their power.

   We ought therefore to allure the said Souls, by supernatural and coelestial
   powers duely administred, even by those things which do move the very
   harmony of the Soul, aswel imaginative, as rational and intellectual; as
   are Voices, Songs, Sound, Inchantments: and Religious things; as Prayers,
   Conjurations, Exorcismes, and other holy Rites, which may very commodiously
   be administred hereunto.

======== (end of book)

the text is PD. critique it in this newsgroup. is this what you were
looking for as far as 'Necromancy'?

-- ; ; 
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