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Merlin's little piggy

To: alt.divination
From: (David Dalton)
Subject: Merlin's little piggy
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 21:02:27 GMT

From 1991 to 1994 I had five waning crescent highs, three of which were
preceded by a waxing gibbous moon trial period.   Beginning on Jan. 29, 1996
I entered into a period of delusion and paranoia which I labelled the low
years and which I think will last seven years, or until eleven years 
after my first high.   After I went back up to 1800 mg/day of lithium
carbonate in July of 1997 my delusions were minor and the main one was
a theory of eyebrow matchmaking (matchmaking by comparison to divined
example matches of eyebrow types).   After I started olanzapine in early
1999 the minor delusions went away and I just had some minor symptoms 
including a light invisible pressure on my head and base chakra area 
muscle clicks/jerks whenever I focus my consciousness, especially when
I focus it on the invisible pressure but even when I focus it inside
my own body.

During 1996 and 1997 I went into delusion and paranoia by blindly
believing base chakra area muscle click divination.   This seemed
to work for local intuitive things like judging how much spice
to add to soup or adjusting the graphic equalizer on a sound
board or stereo but it certainly doesn't work for me for remote
matters.   I also used it for the eyebrow matches, with a click
at the supposed correct example match.  I advise anyone trying it
to test it on answers you can check first, such as somebody's age.
For types such as me I strongly advise you not to believe it,
I think it is like false knowledge of the serpent and the apple
in the bible, that causes a fall from grace into delusion.  I myself
will never believe it again, if I am again capable of doing it 
(right now I can't get a click for possible answers to a question
but I might again be able to a sunspot cycle of 11 years after
1996, so in 2007).

Has anyone heard of this base chakra area muscle click divination
(with the click or jerk or short period mulabhanda marking the
supposedly correct answer) in the past?   If so I am interested
in learning more about the past individuals who used it who may
have been types such as me and whose stories can help me manage
my mood cycles.

Myrrdin, who is one historical basis for the mythical Merlin,
is said to have consulted his little piggy in the forest.
I think the little piggy is the base chakra area, or perineum,
or area between the genitals and anus, and that Myrrdin was
doing base chakra area muscle click divination and was being
lured into delusion during his wilderness years or low years
by blindly believing in the divination results.
   I found a mention of Myrddin's little piggy on p.201 of
Taliesin: Shamanism and the Bardic Mysteries in Britain and Ireland
  by John Matthews (with additional material by Caitlin Matthews).
  The Aquarian Press/an imprint of Harper Collins, 1991
  ISBN 1-85538-109-5.

More about my cycles is on the Salmon on the Thorns web page


From: (David Dalton)
Newsgroups: alt.tarot,alt.divination,alt.chinese.fengshui,alt.meditation
Subject: Base chakra area muscle click as magickal closure
Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 19:00:30 GMT
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I didn't get any followups to my 16 group crosspost of this so
I am assuming it was filtered out or blocked in some way (for
example google allows crossposts of up to 4 groups only) and
I am reposting it as four posts of four groups each, with
some minor additions.   Apologies if you saw this before.
Basically I am looking for any evidence that any present figures or past
historical religious or mythological figures other than me have
attempted base chakra area muscle click/jerk divination and/or
have used involuntary base chakra area muscle click as a closure
to a magickal working (a directed working of will) or a bioenergetic
working (which I consider to be a subset of magickal workings).
Such workings may be delusional as the divination proved to be.
(See the end of this post for a definition of the base chakra area.)

I have found the hard way that click (which in yoga circles may
be known as a short period mulabhanda) divination, while it may
work for local matters such as how much spice to add to soup or
how to adjust the graphic equalizer on a stereo, stuff that you
already know subconsciously already, it fails miserably for 
remote matters, and led me into strong delusions in 1996 and 1997 
when I believed it blindly without checking it on an answer
that could be checked (e.g. someone's age).   The divination is
done by focussing on a question and then on possible answers
and then the supposed correct answer is the answer after
which you get a click.   But I advise others from doing this
type of divination, which was false divination for me and
which led me into delusions.

I am no longer able to get the click for a possible answer.
I still get the click/jerk occasionally but not associated with
a question.   It happens when I focus my consciousness in any
way, especially if I focus on the light invisible pressure on
my head, but even when I focus inside my own body.  I think
this click/jerk or short time period mulabhanda might go away
when the low years end, which I hope will be after seven
years, or eleven years after my first waning crescent high,
so early 2003 or late 2002.

I also get the base chakra area muscle click/jerk/short period 
mulabhanda as closure to a magickal working (a directed working
of will) or bioenergetic working.   For example, if I imagine 
charging a musical venue by imagining a counterclockwise (in the 
northern hemisphere) circle of chi around the room, I know the 
working is complete when I get a click.  Also, when I am boosting 
someone, when I focus on one of their chakras, when I get the click 
I know that that chakra is balanced, charged and cleared of congestion.  
And if I imagine a link from one musical venue to others where
I have had really good experiences, when I get the click I
think the link is complete.  Or if I imagine a link to one of
my deities, when I get the click I know the link is complete.

You might say that the divination with click didn't work so
why should the click as closure to a magickal working be 
anything but false.   I don't know, but I hope it isn't 
false.  But I don't believe too strongly in the workings

Do you know of any past or present figure other than me
who uses the base chakra area muscle click (involuntary)
as closure to a magickal working?   Or for divination?
I believe that Myrddin, one of the historical figures that
the legend of Merlin may have been based on, did this false
divination when he consulted his "little piggy" in the 
forest.   That is, I think that his "little piggy" was his
base chakra.

Oh, I forgot to define the base chakra area muscle click or short
period mulabhanda to those who don't know what a base chakra

Basically the base chakra area is the perineum, or area between
the genitals and the anus.   I think in a chicken this is known
as the pope's nose (correct me if that is some other area).

The click or jerk or short period mulabhanda is a clenching
of the muscles in this base chakra area.   For a longer
period mulabhanda the muscles are held clenched but for
this click they are clenched and quickly released.

For more information on my cycles see my web page
though I should really add more information to that soon on
my magickal workings, particularly my boosting of others.
Salmon on the Thorns

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