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What is I Ching ?

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From: Sznog 
Subject: Re: What is I Ching ?
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 23:50:55 -0400

Ixion wrote:


One of its applications, anyway. There are many more ways that Ye Jing is
used, from martial arts to organizing your house (some have used it to
forecast the markets), the practical applications of this art are immense.
In fact, what you describe is one of the more mundane (but commonly used)
techniques and interestingly enough, the least reliable of them all. Ye
Jing is very much a subtle art form. Predicting the future requires an
artist of profound understanding and even then, Ye Jing seems to work in
hindsight mostly because it relies on very vague and mystical

Btw, the chart on your web page that tries to marry Ye Jing and Kabbalah is
simply ridiculous:

You have three Yangs in Da'ath and three Yins in Malkuth. Malkuth and
Da'ath are middle pillar spheres, extremes are not possible in this
instance, they are unifying realms from two opposing spheres
(severity/mercy). Both Da 'at and Malkuth will need yin and yang lines.
Furthermore, each sphere within the middle pillar is opposed by another
sphere within that pillar. For the diagram to work, you must not only
precisely correlate opposing spheres from left to right but from top to
bottom (and front to back if you wish to express this in 3-d), where the
top is more yang and the bottom more yin. That is the beauty of Kabbalah
and Ye Jing. They have a magnificent balance that allows opposing
structures to interact. Anyone doing pathworking based on the chart on your
web page is likely to go nuts.

Now then, Yi Jing works from bottom to top (eg. tui has two bottom yang
lines and one yin line on top :||). This expresses the transitory nature of
the trigrams or the propensity for yang to become yin and visa versa. Let
us apply this rule to Kabbalah and the former heavenly sequence of the Bua

Kether = Tai Ji supreme ultimate, which is a perfect yin/yang unity. Having
found a singularity, we now need a duality. Therefore, (Binah= |: Chokmah=
:| )
Now we need a trinity (trigrams in Bua Gua and Triads in Kabbalah). To
finish the game, let us look at trigrams: (Da'ath=tui/ Malkuth= ken)
(Geburah= k'un /Chesed= ch'en) (Tiphereth= li / Yesod= k'an) (Hod= chen/
Nezach= sun). This blends the rules of both models without contradicting
the fundamental basics of either model.

If we write this down in a diagram we will see that this configuration also
expresses perfectly the triadic relationship of the Sephiroth. For example,
look at the Geburah/Chesed/ Tiphereth triad-

::: + ||| ~ |:| How cool!!!!!  Note that Tiphereth is higher on the grid
and is thus more Yang.

How about Hod/Nezach/yesod?

|:: + ||: ~ :|: Yesod is lower than Tiphereth and thus more Yin.

Lets look at the polarites Tiphereth/Yesod

|:| + :|:  See, they are balanced 3 Yin lines. Three yang lines.

How about Da'ath/ Malkuth?

:|| + |:: = Three Yang lines. Three Yin lines. Balanced again.

How about Da' ath/ Tiphereth?

:|| + |:| =  Two Yin lines. Four Yang lines. Aren't they part of the upper
triads and thus, more Yang?

So then Yesod and Malkuth should be more yin, right?

:|: + |:: = Four Yin lines. Two Yang lines.

Now we have a marvelous 3-d symmetry with two completely different models.
This creates the cohesiveness you are looking for.

Not that I suggest playing around with this stuff too much. It can drive
you batty and you may never really get any true synergy. Models are
different for a reason, one can tell you one aspect of truth and another
will give you another take on the same truth. Even in the Bua gua/ Kabbalah
example, I am certain that the interpretations differ enough to bring this
formation into some question.


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